Launch Your Tech Career with a Software Testing Course

Have you ever considered a career in tech but worried you didn’t have the right background or skills? The key to entering this lucrative field is to take a course in software testing.

As companies rely more on software and apps, they need qualified experts to test their products to ensure they function properly before being released to the market. As such, software testing experts are in high demand at the moment. By taking a comprehensive software testing course, you gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel as QA testers or engineers.

TestPro, a leading bootcamp, offers comprehensive software testing courses for all levels. Whether you’re a total newbie or have some prior tech or coding skills, TestPro’s expert instructors will prep you for a successful career. Their project-based curriculum focuses on real-world job competencies so you can hit the ground running.

Why Learn Software Testing?

Let’s dive into the top reasons to get training as a software tester:

  • High pay – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average software tester earns over $110,000 annually. Top earners make much more, especially at leading tech firms. Salaries keep rising each year as demand for testing skills increases.
  • Strong job growth – Employment for software testers and QA roles is projected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average across professions. The tech world desperately needs more qualified testing talent.
  • Varied work – No two days on the job are ever the same. You’ll collaborate with different teams like coders and product managers, learn new programs and systems constantly, tackle unique challenges, and expand your skills daily.
  • Problem solving – At its core, the job is about investigating issues and devising clever solutions. If you love troubleshooting and puzzles, it can be highly rewarding work.
  • Flexibility – Tech companies usually offer flexible schedules, remote work options, and great benefits to attract top talent. The work-life balance and perks are appealing.
  • No experience needed – Unlike development and engineering roles, testing jobs regularly go to bootcamp grads with no prior experience. It’s a skill and knowledge-focused field.

TestPro’s Software Testing Courses

TestPro is the top-rated bootcamp for breaking into software QA in 3 months or less. They strip away fluff and teach the must-have abilities for the job. Options include:

QA Engineer Course

The beginner program covers SDLC, STLC methodologies, test documentation, SQL, API testing, Selenium, frameworks like Cucumber, building automation suites, and more.

SDET Course

Take testing to the next level by mastering Java, Selenium WebDriver, BDD, algorithms, mobile testing, frameworks, design patterns, and other advanced topics.

Custom Courses

Already have background in the field? TestPro will tailor a program to fill your skill gaps and take you to the next level.

The bootcamp uses real projects and tools used at companies like Google and Facebook to build job-ready expertise. Students gain portfolio pieces, mentorship, and interview prep to confidently earn roles.

TestPro’s Proven Career Results

With its laser focus on real-world skills and employability, TestPro delivers unmatched career outcomes:

  • 100% graduation rate
  • 97% hired within 3 months of completing a program
  • 1000+ alumni hired at leading tech firms
  • Top reviews from Course Report and SwitchUp
  • ISTQB certification exam partnership
  • Featured by CBS, NBC, Fox, and other major media

Many alumni see their income double or triple once gaining experience. The potential is sky-high.

Why TestPro Stands Out

Students choose TestPro because they offer:

  • Experienced instructors – Teachers have years working in QA at big tech companies. They share insider knowledge.
  • Proven method – Their career-focused approach consistently results in grads getting hired fast.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you don’t land a QA role within 6 months of finishing a program, you get your tuition back.
  • Flexible scheduling – Take courses online or in-person at their LA and San Francisco campuses. Learn on your own time.
  • Tuition financing – Pay nothing upfront and start paying monthly after getting hired. They’re invested in your success.

For those serious about beginning a prosperous career in technology, TestPro paves the way.

Accelerate Your Career with TestPro

A software testing course from TestPro lets you gain the skills employers want at a fraction of the time and cost of college. If you’re looking to switch careers or break into the lucrative tech industry, their bootcamps deliver.

Visit and find out how you can go from beginner to software tester in just 3 months. Their expert instructors and career-focused training will empower you to land a high-paying QA role fast.

Don’t just fantasize about working in tech – take control and make it happen today with TestPro’s software testing courses designed for career changers. Apply now and request details!

Brian Wallace

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