How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

Today our talk is about how to see who liked your playlist on Spotify. It’s pretty quick and simple. If you are using the Spotify app on iPhone then the first thing for seeing who has liked your music playlist, that you have to do is as follows;

  1. Go to the library of Spotify at the bottom right-hand corner ( you can see all your playlist)
  2. Then click on the playlists right at the top left corner here on your playlist
  3. Then you got like on one of the public playlists like on chill
  4. You can go ahead and deduce that person is the person who liked it. Because it’s brand new and so they are probably now following this playlist.
  5. But the only way you can do it right on the Spotify app is just not allowing that kind of access for people to see.

How to see who followed your playlist on Spotify;

When you want to see who followed the chill playlist you will go ahead;

  1. click on play
  2. Then from there, you are going to hit three dots in the middle of your screen
  3. Here you see different options like the name of the playlist
  4. At the right underneath it says the amount of followers
  5. So there’s no way to click on followers and to see who exactly is following
  6. It just gives you the number of followers
  7. That because Spotify doesn’t allow you to actually see who’s following individually each playlist
  8. You can only see who is following your account in general
  9. So the only way you can actually kind of see if who’s following which playlist is kind of keep track of who starts to follow you.
  10. Then another playlist of yours gets an extra follow and to deduce that like. That person is the one who follows your playlist.

But that is the only way to do it you can’t really see who you know is following each individual playlist.

In the middle of the profile, you can see the following or followers, if you click on following. Then you can see individually. If a new person starts to follow. You can see additions and keep track of who is following you.

Use Spotify as personal Profile application

Five secret Spotify tricks;

  • Add podcast in the normal playlist of Spotify;

The first trick is how to make your playlists 10 times cooler than normal playlists from Spotify. In a normal Spotify playlist in which songs look boring. You have got all of the artwork in your playlist like you can see every picture.

 So you have to get the artwork of the songs into your playlist. you have to add a podcast to your playlist. It doesn’t matter what podcasts you choose, it could be any podcast you want.

  • No need for speakers;

Song louder we know that situation we are playing music out of our speakers from our phones. Because we don’t actually have a speaker and it’s just not loud enough. We need a boost of volume.

You have to go to settings, go to playback and then go to the equalizer. Then drag all of those little things up and that’s it now your songs will play louder.

  • Block boring artists;

This trick can make your life better. When you are listening to officials Spotify playlists or Spotify playlists from your friends and stuff like that. It just plays past five seconds of the song and you have to skip it and it just ruins your day. Then you could block artists on Spotify as you do on Instagram, Facebook, etc. this is super simple you have to do is go into the profile of the person you hate. Then you press the free dots at the top and the purse doesn’t play this artist. This will remove the artists from all playlists.

  • Recover the playlists of Spotify;

This trick is actually life-saving and it’s how to recover playlists that you have deleted. The Spotify playlist it’s amazing. somehow we accidentally delete the playlist that is probably one of the worst feelings. But there is an option you have to do is go into your computer, Safari, or whatever browser you have on your phone and go into Spotify and log in. then you have to go to your account and recover the playlists. Then you can see the playlists

  • Listen to the unreleased songs;

On the Spotify app’s playlist, you can listen to the unreleased songs of artists. For this you have to do is t]type in unreleased in the search bar and then go to playlists. Then you have playlists full of unreleased music

Why Spotify app successful;

The amazing thing about Spotify is that the music streaming industry has become very competitive there are at the minimum a dozen famous services. Mainly, google play music, apple music, amazon music are some pretty big companies,
Somehow Spotify a company having similar services is leading from all other companies. the company has Apple Music as its main competitor, without having any difference. They are the same price and contain the same selection of selection features. However, Spotify has 113 million paid members whereas Apple Music has only 60 million paid members according to a report in September 2019.
In the race of competition, Spotify doesn’t gain any profit a little something in recent quarters. But traditionally it’s pretty bad like in the annual report of 2018, saying that they have been suffering from the huge loss of 2.5 billion Euros. These are operating losses- meaning they only included expenses it takes to operate before taxes, interest in everything else.
The main issue is looking at 2018 they collected an estimated 5.2 billion Euros from the subscribe members, they were already paying this amount to their advertisers. That’s from when you pay them that $10 every month or the money that the advertisers are paying them. It all combined 5.2 billion euros. The cost of revenue it’s essentially the amount that they had to pay 3.9 billion euros to their song streaming service which is about 74% of the total revenue. That’s 74% of the revenue detecting the cost of advertising research administration.
The competitive reasons are that they can’t raise the prices. So they need to lower this percentage which they’ve done. 74% is much lower than It used to be. But still not low enough so that’s a major issue that they’re facing moving forward.

How does the Spotify playlist work?  

You have recorded new music, released it into the world, and even started touring. But how can you keep reaching a bigger audience?

One word playlists; playlists reach listeners who love you and people who haven’t heard of you…yet. Which makes them the fastest way for new fans to discover your music.

How does the Spotify playlist work? For this, there are two types of playlists that Spotify serves up in addition to users’ playlists which are editorial playlists and another one is algorithmic playlists.

Editorial playlists are Rap Caviar, Metropolis, butter, playlists curated for every mood, moment, and activity.

Algorithmic playlists are unique to each individual listener. That’s a ton of people. Algorithmic playlists are your time capsule, your discovery weekly, your daily mixes, and your release radar.

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