How To Pitch A Guest Post And Write Respectable Outreach Emails

Guest posting holds the primary importance to make your blog or website successful in the online market, and you must be very proficient in writing respectable outreach Emails. The success of pitching your post on other sites depends upon the way you reach the respected owners and share your thoughts with them. Therefore, you must look forward to creating well-crafted outreach messages that deliver all your demands to them. We have developed this guide to help you understand all the basic tactics for pitching a guest post and writing respectable outreach Emails. 

What is a Guest Post?

Generally, a guest post is an article or a blog post available on a particular website but not written by its owner or affiliated writers. For example, you are running a blog, and someone reaches you to publish their content on your site to get a backlink to one of the relevant posts present on his website or vice versa. Blog posts are one of the most convenient and white-head sources of getting quality backlinks to boost your site’s ranking and position in the search engine result pages. Additionally, it helps you to a stronger authority in your domain. By providing valuable information and insights in your blog post submitted to another site, you can engage the audience to follow the integrated backlink and reach you for more information.

How To Pitch A Guest Post And Write Respectable Outreach Emails?

Although guest posting is crucial and beneficial for your business, you must be precise and active. Otherwise, you may face unwanted consequences in the form of reduced credibility and SEO appearance. In the under-section, we have listed the step-by-step guide to pitching a guest post and writing respectable outreach Emails to get the desired outcomes. You must follow them in a calculative manner to get the most out of them.

1 – Research the Blogs

Many options are available on the web where you can pitch your guest posts over various blogs. However, not everyone can provide you with the same desired benefits. That’s why you must research well by shortlisting all the available choices. Determine your niche and shortlist the contenders based on relevancy. Next, leverage different tools to check the authority and spam score of the websites.

Always reach the site with less spam score and more authority to submit your articles. It not only helps you rank in the search engine but also brings more traffic to your website. Then, finalize your decision and extract the contact details and Email of the selected site.

2 – Write Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

Secondly, you have to contact the owner to pitch your guest post on his site. The main demand is that you must be very accurate while sharing your thoughts. It is often said, “First impression is the last.” Therefore, you must focus well on writing a compelling subject line to get the attention of the bloggers from the very first look. It will improve your opening rate as well as your response rate.

3 – Warm Greetings and Introduction

Dear [Recipient’s Name]Dear John
Greetings [Recipient’s Name]Greetings Jane
Hello [Recipient’s Name]Hello Robert
Hi there [Recipient’s Name]Hi there Sarah
Good day [Recipient’s Name]Good day Michael
Hope this email finds you well, [Recipient’s Name]Hope this email finds you well, Emily
Warmest regards, [Your Name]Warmest regards, David
I hope this message brings a smile to your day, [Recipient’s Name]I hope this message brings a smile to your day, Daniel
It’s a pleasure to connect with you, [Recipient’s Name]It’s a pleasure to connect with you, Jessica
I trust you’re having a great day, [Recipient’s Name]I trust you’re having a great day, Christopher
I hope this email finds you in good health and spirits, [Recipient’s Name]I hope this email finds you in good health and spirits, Elizabeth
Hello from [Your Company/Organization], [Recipient’s Name]Hello from XYZ Corp, Matthew
Thank you for taking the time to read this email, [Recipient’s Name]Thank you for taking the time to read this email, Olivia
I am reaching out to introduce myself, [Recipient’s Name]I am reaching out to introduce myself, Liam

Next, you should start your Email with a friendly greeting and briefly introduce yourself and your company. The most considerable point is that you must not bring any religious greeting into the Email. Always try to keep things simple and to the point. Another useful way of improving your post’s chances of being picked as a guest post is mentioning any previous interaction or connection you have with the owner. It will not only pump your credibility but also helps you to establish rapport.

4 – Appreciate the Work

After having greetings and an introduction, the next section must involve an appreciation paragraph on the success and working ability of the blog owner. Don’t try to become more flattered, as it produces an awkward situation. Express genuine admiration and compliments for the success of the blog’s content. Following this tactic can go a long way to make your outreach email more personal and beneficial.

5 – Provide Your Idea

After compliments, you should discuss your guest post idea and the benefits visitors will receive. Outline the post concisely and clearly so the blogger will understand its primary purpose. Further, elaborate on some important key points by bulleting them in a small list to give more detailed knowledge.

6 – Showcase Your Writing Expertise

Bloggers are very keen on maintaining their site’s health to sustain their position in search engines. Therefore, you must integrate your expertise and experience in the outreach email to tell them you have fulfilled all the basic SEO requirements. Hence, it will maximize your chances of posting the guest post on the targeted website.

7 – Offer Flexibility

While writing the outreach Email, you must avoid sturdy behavior as it will negatively impact the bloggers. You must be collaborative to ensure the guaranteed benefits to them. Furthermore, flexibility in conversation can help you build stronger bonds with them, allowing you long-term advantages.

8 – Highlight Your Promotion Strategy

Highlight Your Promotion Strategy

As described previously, blog owners are very concerned about the health status of their sites. Therefore, you must provide a precise guide on your promotion strategy for the guest post content. Highlight all the platforms where you will run advertisement campaigns.

9 – Express Gratitude

After putting all the details mentioned above, you should express your gratitude and enthusiasm about the possibility of working together. In addition, summarize your key points and appreciation for their consideration. Keep your tone polite and respectful to leave a positive impression.

10 – Professional Signature

Lastly, mention your name, website, and Email alongside other contact details as your professional signature in the outreach Email.

Final Verdicts

Crafting a compelling guest post and then writing an engaging outreach email requires much effort and strategic work. Otherwise, you will not get the desired outcomes. It is essential to write replicable messages to increase your chances of getting published on high-authority pages. As a result, it will boost your online presence and capture more potential audiences to serve you for an extended period. Further, you must personalize each Email and showcase your expertise alongside promotion methods. All these will show your genuine interest in collaborating with the blog owner.

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