The 10 Best Business Blogs to Follow

Blogs in general terms are websites that provide descriptions, information, and commentary on certain topics whereas in business, blogs are made for businessmen to learn online strategies and tactics for entrepreneurship. Business blogs can be of great importance as they provide all the strategies to run any business. These bogs are considered a great source of motivation and learning. Many entrepreneurs are using the web to promote their products by posting blogs.

10 Best Business Blogs

The best 10 blogs that must be followed to reach higher levels of success and get general business ideas that might be a good piece of advice for your journey, here is the list of blogs.


Forbes is a well-known American business magazine name in entrepreneurship as it features reports on almost every aspect of business related to finance, industry, investment, technology, and other market-related topics. Blogs related to tech items, innovations in marketing, leadership skills, small business, lifestyle money, and much more. This is one of the award-winning magazines that provide case studies and details about the lives of the best entrepreneurs. If you are interested in learning new success stories from different entrepreneurs this is one of the best places to follow and read about the tips and tricks.


TechCrunch is an American company that provides news analysis and reports about new tech-related updates and items in blog posts. The News blog focuses on startup businesses and companies. It reaches its audience through news conferences and workshops and provides insights about the details of its tech. The blog provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap of what tech items must be included or introduced in the business. If you are planning to start tech related business this is the best blog for you to follow as it is detailed in a way that explains every aspect of technological development so that startup companies can get benefit from this.


MarketingProf is one of the best educational blogs that provides education on entrepreneurship about free resources, and campaigns. It helps business owners to know what strategies and techniques must be followed in their marketing and campaigns to reach more people and grow more in business. This blog has a separate tab for small businesses and startups. The blog shares and explains trends and marketing techniques. There is a separate library for people to listen to blogs if they are busy and are not ready to read.


Entrepreneurs are shifting their focus to online businesses by following the tips and tricks mentioned in this business blog as knowledge related to sales and business management is accessible to the followers. This blog helps everyone interested in increasing their product sales by following the latest trends and marketing techniques. The authenticity and value of the blog can be seen as it helps businessmen to improve, learn and grow in their marketing in so many ways. It has the perfect way of displaying the details and information with a reading time of 5-15 minutes and is an educational blog with the best content for the readers. 

Science of People

This blog is for businessmen who think they can get done with their entrepreneurship without following some tactics and techniques a businessman should and must follow. It covers various topics such as career, interpersonal skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, intellect, happiness, and much more. Different opportunities are provided as listening audios that help to groom personalities are also mentioned. Also, the blog kinds of motivate everyone who is not ready to face the challenges in the business.

Mark Manson Blogs

Mark Manson is one of the best authors and bloggers who provides the best advice to anyone about anything. His blogs are although lengthy but provide detailed counseling and pieces of advice about daily life situations. All the pieces of advice he shares on his blogs help in business management. His blogs can be found on Instagram, and Facebook with his official accounts.


If you are trying to learn and improve your understanding of software and app development, skill crush offers free and educational content for tech-interested people, they can learn theory and put it into practice by getting done with the projects that are included in the blog posts in the content. These projects can be added to the portfolios if you are trying to make a business profile and want your clients and customers to know whatever you are trying to do.

Harvard Business Review

This is one of the well-managed and intellectual blogs that provides detailed reviews and practices about different entrepreneur activities. The blog includes the reviews and experiences of different people who have worked hard to become leaders. The blog shares details on various topics such as marketing, finance, strategy, negotiation, and leadership. This blog gives inspiring ideas to individuals who are trying to excel and become successful in their businesses.

B Plans

For entrepreneurs who are interested in yielding productive outcomes with a great number of revenue and want to start an agency or an organization but have no idea and are stuck somewhere with no guidelines and proper knowledge, this business blog is the right place to get started. A comprehensive description and an overview of how to get started and how to manage the entire business are mentioned in the content of blogs. The blog posts are posted daily, providing innovative ideas and plans for starting and running the business.

Small business trends

This small business trends blog is specifically made for small businesses to follow different trends and provides details and written content on how to start, run and grow. The blogs are uploaded on daily basis. Ideas about digitalized entrepreneurship are also available on the web. Thousands of articles about small business ideas for any product or service are already compiled and shared. Articles on increasing profit and sales, and business management techniques and strategies, are all there on a single platform Entrepreneurs can read the content and get ideas to get started with their businesses.


As a businessman, you are not expected to step out of your comfort zone all alone and start investing in digital marketing and entrepreneurship without any experience and knowledge about marketing. but these entrepreneurship tips and blogs are going to help you to get motivated as they are sharing personal experiences of a lot of entrepreneurs and they would act as a roadmap to provide you with the confidence of achieving the desired outcome and revenues.

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