How to Implement WebTorrent into WordPress Site? Beginners Guide

What is WebTorrent?

WebTorrent is a free, open-source streaming protocol that enables users to download and stream files from the web directly from their browsers. It is designed to play media content shared via P2P, and automatically re-share (the seeding) while watching or listening to it. Both web users and desktop users only need to know the podcast or streaming file identification on the P2P network. Webmasters can also implement WebTorrent into WordPress site to help users stream, download and share large files conveniently.

It works similarly to BitTorrent or Lime Torrents but does not require a dedicated server or any kind of centralized infrastructure. Instead, files are transferred peer-to-peer (P2P) between browsers without needing to be routed through a central server. WebTorrent can be used for downloading large files quickly and securely, as well as streaming video or audio content in real time.

WebTorrent WordPress Plugin

The WebTorrent WordPress Plugin is a useful tool that enables webmasters to easily embed torrent files into their WordPress posts and pages. It features an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to quickly upload or select a torrent file and then embed it with a simple shortcode. This is a great tool for movie streaming sites built with WordPress as it helps them embed torrent links on the site easily. The plugin also provides support for magnet links, automatic file extraction after download, and fast speeds. With the WebTorrent plugin, users can seamlessly add torrents to their WordPress sites without any hassle. It can also be used to make P2P sharing easier for your website visitors when they need to share large files with others online.

How to Implement WebTorrent into WordPress Site?

The core purpose to implement WebTorrent into WordPress site is to stream videos using torrent files while reducing the usage of hosting resources like bandwidth. This helps you stream movies and other large video files easily on your WordPress site without using any other tool.

To implement WebTorrent into your WordPress site using the plugin, start by downloading and installing the WebTorrent WordPress Plugin from the WordPress plugins library.

After activation, you’ll be able to add torrent files to your pages and posts using a simple shortcode. You can also use magnet links if desired. Once you’ve added your torrent file or link, simply save your post or page to enable the streaming of torrent files on your website.

You can also visit http://webtorrent.io to learn more about this great streaming tool as you can also use it on your desktop PC.

WebTorrent Converts your WordPress Website to A BitTorrent Tracker

When you implement WebTorrent into WordPress website, it converts your WordPress site into a BitTorrent tracker. This means that users can download and share torrents from your site with the highest speed and privacy protection possible. You can also manage torrents on your site, including setting specific access rights for each file and monitoring download and upload speeds. Furthermore, you can define bandwidth limits and throttle rates for individual users or groups to ensure that everyone is getting the most out of their experience. All this is done in an automated fashion, ensuring you have full control over your WordPress site as a BitTorrent tracker.

Implement WebTorrent into WordPress Site to Reap Amazing Advantages

The benefits of using the WebTorrent WordPress Plugin include the ability to:

1. Stream torrent files directly from your WordPress site quickly and easily.

2. Automatically extract archived files after downloading torrents.

3. Due to the distributed nature of technology used in WebTorrent, the burden on any hosting is reduced, making it more reliable than other techniques.

4. Enable users to pause and resume downloads at will and use preview mode for quick streaming of partial files.

5. Access over 500,000+ open-source libraries through WebTorrent with just a few clicks.

6. Enjoy unlimited download speed and full privacy protection thanks to WebTorrent’s decentralised infrastructure.


Streaming never looked so good before. WebTorrent is the cutting-edge torrent client that brings all your downloaded digital media straight to any web browser or desktop. With a unique combination of JavaScript and WebRTC technology, accessing content has never been simpler: no other tools are needed. You are just one click away from enjoying the amazing videos and movies the internet can offer.

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