Slow Torrents? Easy way to fix it in 2021

One of the most annoying things you may face while downloading anything on Torrent is getting slow download speed. It is so irritating that it makes you want to smash the keyboard into the monitor.

Well, if you are getting very slow download speeds on Torrent, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will tell you some cool methods to fix slow torrents.

A lot of torrent users face the same issue; it could be because of numerous reasons.

For downloading torrent files, you need a torrent app like UTorrent and BitTorrent. Between both of these, UTorrent is the most used torrent application. Torrent users complain that they do not get enough speed to download torrents on uTorrent and blame it entirely on UTorrent, but this is not true.

Easy Ways To Fix Slow Torrent Speed

Torrent speed depends on several factors. Let’s find out. Here are 6 easy ways how you can easily fix slow torrent speed.

1.   Manually Add Torrent Trackers

While downloading any torrent files, in the automatic setting, the trackers of the torrents are from the original site only. But there is an option to select the trackers manually. By selecting this option, you can select the trackers from a lot of sites.

Only by doing this, you can speed up your torrent speed. What this trick does is that it provides more seeders and peers to your existing tracker.

To add torrent trackers, Double click on the torrent file and paste your trackers on the Generate tab. If you don’t have any tracker with you. Don’t worry, as the torrents apps like BitTorrent and Utorrent keep searching for trackers.

They’ll show you a message asking if you want to add trackers to the preexisting trackers. Click on yes, and your torrent speed is bound to increase.

2.     Alter With The Auto Settings

You can manually adjust the settings to improve the speed of your torrents. When you download torrents files from sites like 13377x, it is natural to get slow speed on some torrents. The good thing about torrent applications is that it lets you alter with its settings so that you can use it in your way.

To change settings on Torrent, Click on the options tab on the top left corner. Click on Preferences from the drop-down menu, then select the bandwidth tab on the dialog box. Here you will see global upload rate limiting. Set the maximum upload speed to whatever you would like to get as download speed. There are other similar options to select and tweak.

3.     Set High Bandwidth

If you are downloading a lot of torrents simultaneously, it is natural to get slow speed, but there is always a file that you want to be downloaded first. So what you can do here is to allocate more bandwidth to the Torrent you want to download faster. To allocate more Torrent to a particular file, click on that torrent file, select bandwidth allocation. Click on high to give more priority to the particular Torrent.    

4.     Use A VPN

You may already know how VPN works. When you download torrents from sites like 0123putlockers, it’s always recommended that you use a VPN as these sites are illegal and often banned in many parts of the world.

Downloading anything from these sites such as movies, TV shows, games, and files is highly dangerous. A VPN hides your identity so that you can use these sites safely.

But how can you increase your torrent speed using a VPN, you must be wondering. The issue here is many Internet Service Providers often limit the speed of torrent sites so that people visit these sites less often. Your Internet Service Providers know exactly what you are doing. If they want, they can report you to the authorities, and you might end up serving jail time.

So this is where a good VPN comes to the rescue. With a good VPN, not only can you increase your download speed, but you can also hide your traffic.

5.     Manually Connect Your Torrents Directly To Seeds

If you have an antivirus installed, it’s very likely for you to get slow torrent speed as the antivirus’s protective shields will prevent you from accessing torrent files. Make sure that you have got “Enable pnp port mapping” enabled.

Even though this option is enabled, make sure. Click on Options, Select Preferences from the drop-down menu, then on connections and see if ‘enable pnp porting’ is enabled.

6.     Contact Your ISP and Upgrade Your Internet Package

This could be the least likely reason to get slow torrent speed. However, it is worth noting as a matter of last resort. It could be that your ISP is throttling speed not only on torrent sites but also on regular sites. So it’s about time you got your internet package upgraded. 

Final Thoughts

By using these methods, you can expect your torrents to perform better. I have personally tested these methods, and they are 100% effective. Remember to use a VPN when downloading torrents, lest you want to get copyright notices from the owners and legal authorities.

Your Internet Service Provider could limit your torrent speed, so again make sure you use a Virtual Private Network. Contact your ISP and have your Internet Package upgraded if you are getting slow speeds while downloading torrents.

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