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How to Create Flawless WordPress Sites with Divi Child Theme Plugin

Websites are the face of the business, as they showcase all that the business is about and what it offers, along with other relevant information. Thus, it’s vital that the website leaves the best impressions on the visitor and turns them into leads and, ultimately, customers.

Technologies like WordPress have made creating a perfect website much more feasible and straightforward. It offers a slew of customizing features, like page builder themes, to make this possible. The divi child theme plugin is a fine example of what’s possible in terms of superior customizability and reliability.

Turning Creation of Websites into Child’s Play

A flawless website has many components that have to go right. Technology and other factors will keep changing, forcing it to adapt accordingly. The Divi child theme plugin assists with that process of staying up-to-date while maintaining the website’s quality.

Install the Divi Theme

Your site must contain the Divi parent theme for the child theme to operate. You must first sign up for and download Divi from its site. The Divi pack can be downloaded as a .zip file.

Open your WordPress site and head to the themes sub-section in the appearance section. Click on the “Add New” button and then choose the “Upload Theme” option. Select the Divi .zip file from the stored location on your computer and click on “Install”. Don’t unzip the file.

Once installed, click on the “activate” to launch it on your site.

Select Your Preferred Child Plugin

One of the easiest ways to create a Divi child theme is to go with a plugin like Divi Children, Child Theme Configurator, Child Theme Creator by Orbisius, etc.

They each work in different ways, with varying levels of difficulty and customizability. You can pick the one that suits your levels of the same factors. Once it’s been downloaded and installed, the child theme plugin will appear as another item in the WordPress dashboard’s settings menu. Provide a new name and description for the child theme and click on “Create child”. A blank child theme will start running on your site.

Breakdown of Plugin Operations

The different plugins function as follows:

Divi Children: This is provided by the people behind Divi. It makes the entire process of child theme creation a simple affair by heavy lifting it. You’ll only need to focus on the creative aspects of your site with this.

Each child theme by this plugin contains plenty of customizability options for your site through the WP customizer feature.

Child Theme Configurator: A product of the WordPress users’ community, this plugin sets its sights on child theme style sheets customizability. It gives you the power to recognize and alter the particular CSS attributes of the page you wish to customize.

Its analyzer function goes through the theme rendered and configures the child theme automatically.

Child Theme Creator by Orbisius: This one allows you to create an unlimited number of child themes with the provision of two distinct editors. They let you add snippets of one theme into the other. This is a total customizability solution.

The perfect Divi child theme plugin selection will help you create the perfect website to suit your business needs and help it reach its goals quickly.

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