How to Delete TikTok Videos On your Mobile

TikTok is a no-brainer when it comes to sharing entertainment value. You will spend a large amount of time creating videos once you have mastered the application of effects, filters, and other fascinating features. Following a few days or weeks of generating films, it may be difficult to navigate your gallery. When you are having difficulty navigating your gallery, you should consider deleting any old videos. Regarding the TikTok app that is a part of most smartphones, the main point to ponder is how to delete TikTok videos from cell phones to maintain storage in optimum condition.

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When your TikTok following grows, you might consider changing your identity. You will have no followers when you start a brand new Instagram account. Deleting outdated videos from your computer is an easy way to remove them. In this post, you’ll find all the information you need about how to delete TikTok videos and other content.

Tiktok Video: How to delete it through Mobile

To post your movie on TikTok, you need to complete a few additional steps. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to add sound effects, text, hashtags, and mentions. The processes allow you to rewind or not record the video based on the options you choose.

On the TikTok Recording Screen

Now the question is how to delete TikTok videos on the recording screen. Video production can be tricky. It is not uncommon to start a video only to discover that it will not work. Follow these instructions to delete the video.

  • Put a checkmark at the bottom right corner of the screen as soon as possible.
  • Instead of pressing the Next button, press the arrow on the upper left.
  • Then, press the X key in the upper left corner.
  • If you decide to start over, you will have the option of discarding all of your data.

On the TikTok Editing Screen

Therefore, recording short videos may result in missing the checkmark above. You should not be concerned about this. Follow the steps below.

  • The upper left corner of the editing window includes an arrow that can be used to return to the previous screen.
  • Press the X at the end.
  • The previous work you have done can be discarded or you can start over.

On the TikTok Posting Screen

Sometimes you mistakenly post the wrong video on the posting screen. Now the question is how to delete TikTok videos from there. When you reach the posting screen, if you want to delete the video, it’s the same as deleting it before.

  1. To return to the previous screen, tap the top left arrow
  2. Tap it again on the editing screen.
  3. Press X to exit.
  4. Press Restart or Discard to start over.

How to Delete Shared TikTok Videos by Mobile

Would you like a TikTok video removed from the site? There is a simple procedure to follow.

Using the TikTok App:

  • You can access your profile by clicking the Me option at the bottom of the page.
  • By clicking on the video, you can remove it.
  • On the bottom right of the screen, click the three-dot More button.
  • To remove an entry, tap Delete next to Cancel in the third row.
  • Press the Confirmation button to initiate this action.

Through TikTok Website:

As well as taking down and removing a video you’ve uploaded to TikTok, you can also take your films down from the platform. Simply sign into TikTok and follow the steps.

  • In the upper right corner, click on the profile icon and select View profile to access your profile.
  • Simply click on the video you wish to remove and it will be removed.
  • By clicking the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and selecting Delete, you can delete a selection.
  • Your agreement to this action is indicated by clicking Delete.

Delete a saved TikTok video:

If you decide not to post a video that you have saved as a draft, you can delete it. In addition to deleting just one video draft, you can delete multiple ones simultaneously.

  • Delete a Draft Individually
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on Me to view your profile.
  • Decide which draughts you want to work on.
  • Swipe from the right to the left and tap the Delete button to delete the video.
  • Complete the process by tapping the Discard button.

Removing more than one draft at a time:

  • Click the Me button at the bottom of the screen to get to your profile.
  • Decide which draughts to use.
  • Press the Select button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • By clicking the corresponding circles, you can remove the videos.
  • On the bottom of the page is a Delete (X) button.
  • Complete the process by tapping the Discard button.

The following are things to consider:

Your videos, favorite songs, videos, and other data associated with your account will be removed if you deactivate your account. TikTok users will still be able to see messages they send to other users. The other thing you will lose permanently is access to all the videos, features, and settings that you have created. Deleting an account cannot be recovered. You will need to register a new account if you ever want to use TikTok again.

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