Amazon Prime Shopping Tips- Every Amazon Addict Should Be Aware Of

Amazon Prime Shopping Tips

Always buy products and other items using Amazon Prime shopping tips and techniques to make sure you are not wasting your money.  Amazon Prime also provides audio and video streaming services and tablets, speakers, and displays. Gone are the days when people were hesitant of using online credit card payment methods.  They were not interested in online paying methods due to hidden fees, scams, and fraud. Now, the world has changed totally, shopping online is considered the most secure and convenient way of shopping. After the COVID pandemic world was also transformed into a digital world. People used to purchase things through Amazon Prime. During the outbreak Amazon also contributed a lot to ensure safe and secure online shopping.  People love the experience of buying online. Despite this experience, there are also some tips for the newbies and others that should be necessary to take care of while Amazon prime shopping.

How to Get Amazon Prime

If you’re not subscribed to Amazon prime shopping, you can get it from Amazon’s official website. You can get a free trial of Amazon Prime for 30 days before preceding a payment. If you’re a student then you can also get 6 month free subscription through the Prime Student package. Using Amazon prime during holidays or on a prime day is much more beneficial to saving money. You can get a free trial only one time on a single account. Parents can sign up for the Prime family package. Moreover, Government employees have a specific subscription tier.

Use Amazon App

You should use Amazon App for a better shopping experience. Amazon App helps you in getting alerts of your favorite items. Using the app, during the holidays helps you in catching the product. On your app go to the deal section and check the upcoming deals. By clicking on watch this deal you’ll be able to see the notification of that app when it goes live. The app shows all the deals you are interested in. The app helps you to grab a product before it goes live. Amazon app is also useful while shopping through Amazon’s physical store to ensure the price of the products.

Clip Some Coupons

On the coupons page, a list of coupon items is given with details out of which many products are household items. Electronics and toys are also available in other categories, you can get these by searching in their specific categories. Clip the coupon will cause a saving of up to 15% automatically on the product your buy. This method of Amazon prime shopping will help you in getting more and more discounts. Use the coupon within a limited time otherwise, it’ll be useless.

Amazon Same Day delivery

Amazon Prime users can get same-day delivery in some cities. Prime users will get special delivery over the 35$ shopping. The deliverers will deliver the product at 10 pm if you order at the noon. While ordering in the afternoon or evening your order will be moved into one-day delivery without any charges. Grocer or food items will be delivered in one or two hours. This experience of shopping gives prime users satisfaction and patience towards their orders.

Track Amazon Prices

Every seller on amazon usually increases or decreases its product prices to keep the sale rate in equal proportion. Amazon doesn’t have any feature to inform its buyers about the increase or decrease of any product price. Therefore, in order to stay connected with the price of a product analyze how much it drops. In this way, you should use camelcamelcamel extension to stay connected with the prices of products you’ve subscribed to or added to your wish list. This extension provides you with dropped product alerts and guides you on when and where to buy a product.

Amazon Prime Visa Cards

Amazon Visa Cards give a lot of discounts and often pays you back on gift cards upon approval of 150$. This is the only Amazon visa Card that provides the prime user with too many discounts and purchases at dropped prices. After gift card approval Prime users get a 5% return on amazon and food items while a 2% discount on restaurants and drug stores and also provide a 1% discount on other items.  On Amazon Card, if someone is not registered on Amazon prime shopping, he’ll still be able to get a 3% discount on his purchases. In this way, Prime users also get the benefit of less purchasing prices.

Ask Alexa for an order

People deeply attached to the technology will probably be familiar with Alexa. A device is used to transmit your voice into search automatically. You can also do amazon prime shopping through this device. People with higher shopping experience usually use Alexa for instant shopping procedures. Prime users can also re-order by saying Alexa Reorder and then mentioning the product name, She’ll process your demand automatically. Use voice lock on Alexa to prevent the family and friends from abusing and hidden purchases.

Prime with partner

You should share the cost with your partner and up to four kids of a product. Prime users can utilize this feature by shopping with sharing thorough, without getting into the knowledge of their partner. Kids don’t need any specific account for this procedure, they should do it with their parent’s account also. This is the most convenient way to shop during the holidays, whereas kids will enjoy free shipping.

Today’s Deals on Amazon

Amazon today’s deals are categorized in Amazon Programs and features section. Today’s deals are hot deals and are available only for that day with limited availability. Here you’ll get only minutes to grab a product. There is a lot of categories on the Amazon website, but through App, you can get the Today Deals option only by clicking on the menu. Today’s deals are a better opportunity for the prime user to avail themselves.


Following these tips, you can increase your Amazon prime shopping experience. If you’re tired of your Amazon Prime subscription and want to get rid of it, you can simply cancel amazon prime. But before all that you must follow these above-mentioned tips to increase your credibility of subscription. You can also read, 10 Coolest Things to Buy On Amazon- Gadgets, Accessories and More.

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