Amazon HR phone number? How to Contact Amazon Human Resources Department?

In this article, we are going to discuss the HR department of the world’s largest online marketplace i.e. Amazon having a net worth of $1.57 trillion. It is the most prominent and popular one in e-commerce markets places. When even local businesses have their HR departments, how Amazon can ignore it. To control such a massive workforce, Amazon has a highly organized human resource department. The professionals in this department are experts who deal with situations tactfully and strategically to enhance the comfort zone of employees by engaging them. the employees can contact the HR department through the Amazon HR phone number or ERC (that will connect them with the HR department).

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Why HR department is important?

The reproving acts of the HR department are very important. The HR leaders develop one on one relationships with their employees and customers. They focus on solving the problems of their immense workforce and thus solve their queries. They grab their employees in place by a huge network of HR human workforce, that is available round the clock through their helpline number. HR is the nucleus of a business organization because it has to deal with associates and employees. It not only assists in pursuing a better relationship between employees but also improves management and performance. They play the main role in managing the frontline workers and the first layer of managers above them.

Amazon HR phone number

If you want to contact the HR department directly for any reason such as to know about progress on your job application, you want to get information about job requirement criteria (in case you want to join Amazon). you can do it by calling directly on the Amazon HR phone number. The Phone number provided by the Amazon HR department is 001206-922-0880. The employees can also report their problems and any sort of issues to the HR department and ask for a solution or compensation in case of any loss by mistake.

Other ways to contact the HR department

Although one can call the HR department or ERC only during working hours, customer service is available for 24 hours. If the HR phone number is not working, there are still many ways to reach the HR department. You can use any of these ways:

  • You can send an email to the HR department at any time at the following email address:
  • You can call them and if it is not responded to, leave an online message for them to hear later. They will contact you themself.
  • Another way is to seek a job on the career portal to gather the knowledge of interest. In this way, you can open the website of Amazon, go to the Amazon career option, and apply for a job here.
  • You can also visit the nearby Amazon office to search for a job.
  • You can contact them through your LinkedIn account by the following method: Open the LinkedIn website, or install the app. On this app or website, go to the search icon and click it. A search bar will open. You can type whatever you want to search here. So, you can type and search by typing Amazon, Amazon HR jobs, amazon recruiters, etc. Now, you can choose according to your compatibility, interests, and experience. Once you make progress, eventually you will be connected to Amazon and its HR department indirectly. You can also find a relevant person and contact him in a one-on-one chat. In short, you can contact them by typing the keyword and searching for the “people”, “Company” or “job” options.
  • You can also get help and guidance from an employee who is already working at Amazon. You can also get tips from ex-employees of this company. Another option is to seek assistance from the referral employees or staff.

Amazon ERC phone number

The most common and simplest way to contact the Amazon HR phone number is through its Employment Resource Centre (ERC). The ERC contact number is: (888) 892-7180. through this number, you can directly contact the HR department. No matter whether you are an associate or an employee, you can use the helpline. The helpline works between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on all working days except for holidays. More than 3000 clients are hired by Amazon to attend calls and solve queries continuously during working hours. The perfect time to call, when you have the maximum chance that they will attend your call is between 10:00 and 11:00 am. Most probably, the ERC will coordinate with the HR department and solve your problem within a day or 24 hours.


Besides the efficient HR functionality and frequent responses using the Amazon HR phone number, Amazon is still working to improve its policies and provide a better environment to its employees. The company is still striving to develop a more captivating job environment to get the best workforce in the world. The Employment resource center is to solve the queries and problems. While the HR department provides information about new employment vacancies, guidance, and tips. Both departments work in coordination with each other. And this is the secret that Amazon is ruling the online market for many years.

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