Top 10 Xfinity Features You Didn’t Know Existed

The telecommunication industry has been flourishing over the years with the integration of advanced technology. Among the top networks currently working across the globe, Xfinity has taken charge of its counterparts because of its seamless entertainment and connectivity experience. 

While you can enjoy exciting perks with this network, there are still many hidden gems that some people fail to identify. I have explained the top 10 Xfinity features that are unique to this platform only. Thus, you can get the maximum out of your subscription.

An Overview of Xfinity

Xfinity is a telecommunication network and is a branch of Comsat Corporation. It offers several exciting services to users, including cable television, telephone, Xfinity Email, wireless services, and the Internet. Hence, you can enjoy comprehensive advantages with the help of its subscription. 

Considering its exciting perks, more than 35.8 million residents in the United States have signed up to this network. These figures are enough to declare Xfinity as one of the most popular broadband providers. Other features based on which it has gained this massive popularity are its reliability and entertainment options.

Hidden Xfinity Features

Although a large number of people are aware of the common features of Xfinity, a few of them don’t know about the more intensive aspects of this telecommunication network. Consequently, they can’t get the most out of their subscription.

Therefore, I have researched properly to create this guide and explained the features, which are unknown to many. You must look at them to determine how many benefits you can grab.

Voice Remote Easter Eggs

One of the most interesting aspects of Xfinity is its voice remote feature. It is something more than controlling your TV. You can simply have your hands on high-quality shows and movies with the help of voice commands. In addition, you can use some iconic lines to get the related content. 

Xfinity Mobile Hotspot

Next, you can pocket the advantage of Xfinity’s internet connection by making it a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Just download or update the Xfinity app and then navigate to the Mobile Hotspot. Afterwards, you have to follow the instructions to turn on your hotspot. However, the connectivity usually depends upon your currently subscribed plan.

Parental Controls on the Go

The next brilliant feature of Xfinity is parental control. You can easily manage the screen time and content quality of your child even when you are not with him. The app is the key in this regard as it can help you determine the schedule and filter the content. Also, its analytics can help you track your viewing activity.

Xfinity Stream App

If you are a movie enthusiast and want to watch different shows and dramas even when on the go, you can leverage the power of the Stream app. Besides movies, you can also watch live TV and on-demand content on your mobiles, smart TVs, and tablets. 

Xfinity Wi-Fi Home

Another hidden feature of Xfinity is its smart home ability. You can turn your home into a smart hub with the help of its Home to manage your devices. Also, you can set your guest network access aside from troubleshooting the network issues. It will give you high-end and seamless advantages.

Xfinity Mobile Features

The following mobile features are associated with the Xfinity subscription in the United States, where this network is available.

  • LTE Data: If you have a device that can support a 5G network, it will allow you to pocket the perks as it is available across the 98% area of the US.
  • WiFi Calling: When cellular service is not available, you can call over Wi-Fi.
  • Call Waiting: Lastly, you can manage your incoming calls without sending a busy signal. 

Xumo from Xfinity (formerly Flex)

Xfinity supports different apps like Xumo, Tubi, and Pluto. In this way, you can stream more than 10,000 free movies and TV shows. Additionally, it includes 200 channels to entertain yourself with your favorite content.

Xfinity Internet

The subscription offers reliable internet and data connectivity to help you stream and browse the web in a more reliable fashion. Furthermore, the hotspot connectivity is an exciting advantage.

Xfinity Bundles

Xfinity bundles often combine TV packages so that you can enjoy more benefits beyond the ordinary landline phone service. The best part about these packages is that they are fast, reliable and have fibre internet options.

Enhanced Speed

While speed is the core feature of Xfinity, it is essential to note that you can enjoy incredible downloading and uploading speed with this network. Moreover, you can enjoy the network even when on the go for entertainment and streaming.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity


  • Amazing speed
  • Reliable connection
  • Excellent customer support
  • Extensive features


  • Price changes abruptly

Winding Up

Xfinity offers a comprehensive set of features that are simply more than basic cable and Internet services. While it offers advanced features like voice control and personalized recommendations, you can integrate it into your home security for a more interesting experience.

Above all, extensive hotspot access and budget-friendly packages are enough to add more value to your subscription. You must know and learn about these hidden advantages to make the most out of your subscription services. It will surely bring more convenience, connectivity, and entertainment to your overall experience with this brilliant network.


What is Xfinity known for?

Xfinity is best for its speed and reliable connectivity, enabling you to have seamless entertainment with this network.

What is the benefit of Xfinity?

This can offer an incredible downloading and uploading speed. In some areas, it can reach up to 3000 Mbps.

What type of internet is Xfinity?

It offers a broadband network that offers multi-gigabit speed over more than 40 countries, as per the latest figures.

Is Xfinity good for streaming?

If you are living in an area where no cable TV is available, it could be the top choice for streaming because of its massive speed.

What is free with Xfinity?

You can get more than 10,000 movies and TV shows for free with the help of Xfinity through different apps like Xumo and Pluto.

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