What Is SmiteSource? The Ultimate Guide

In the modern era, people are becoming more addicted to online games than physical sports. The mainly young generation is involved in the speedy addiction to gaming.  It is a new era of digital entertainment and SmiteSource is the ultimate new reliable for it. It is a website that provides tips, tricks, and strategies for the Smite game. Whether you’re a beginner just starting, or a seasoned veteran looking to improve your game, it has something for you. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to everything it has to offer and show you how to make the most of our resources.

SmiteSource is the third-party genius tool to play the games with the latest and advanced tips and methods. You don’t need to download the games to play on it.

You may improve your game and hone your skills as a player in an arena-like setting provided by such a competitive and exciting program. Having more than 60 gods gives you the option to choose a deity that meets your standards carefully. 

The website is also professionally built and provides detailed information about each god, such as their concept and statistics. Players can customize the game to reflect their style and flair by searching for and downloading builds suited to their characters. You can also find guides for the different game modes, such as Joust and Conquest.

SmiteSource is an independently owned website that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hi-Rez Studios. However, it is recognized as an official Smite partner. This gives access to exclusive content that they can share with their community, such as developer interviews and giveaways.

It is a great website for finding the best portal profiles, Elo ratings, and recommended builds for Smite players. If you’re looking for the greatest way, build to fight against the mythical god with its special characteristics and abilities, this site has it all.

SmiteSource was created in May 2016 by two Smite brothers after almost six years of hard work. The website was designed to be a comprehensive resource for Smite players of all levels. It wanted to create a one-stop shop for all things Smite, where players could come to find the latest news, patch notes, tournament information, and more.

The story of this game is like two brothers who are competing for taking over the world’s gaming control. The game allows players to select and play as brothers, who then have the opportunity to interact with characters that affect how the game will end.

The objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base, and the players can win by blowing up all the opposing towers or seizing control of the enemy position. SmiteSource has grown a lot since then. It holds an active community of thousands of Smite players. The game developers have made several good things into the game to interact with the players with a better user experience.

In the future, the platforms plan to continue expanding their coverage and branch out into other games as well. So whether you’re looking for the latest Smite news, or want to learn about a new game, make sure to check out SmiteSource.

To play SmiteSource, you first need to choose a god or goddess to play as. There are over 60 gods and goddesses to choose from, each with its unique abilities and playstyles. The game is compatible with the PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®.

Once you’ve chosen your god, you’ll be placed in a team of five players. You’ll then need to choose which lane you want to play in Solo (top), Mid, Duo (bottom), or Jungle. After the game starts, you’ll need to work with your team to take down the enemy towers and ultimately their base.

Before playing the game, you should also have explicit knowledge about tier, builds, and God.

  • Tier List: The tier list is further divided into 5 stages based on God. i.e broken, average,strong, poop and situational.
  • Builds: Builds are the set of items that you choose to buy in the game. Each god has a different build, depending on their abilities and play style. You should choose the builds before selecting a god.
  • God: God is the main character in Smite. Each god has its unique abilities and plays style. You should choose a god that fits your play style.

To succeed in this game, you will need a strong and dedicated team that is willing to practice together. The first chapter of the game cannot be won, but if you work hard enough and play as a cohesive unit, you can beat the rest of the game.

Yes, SmiteSource is free to play, but there are also paid items that you can purchase to help you win. However, the overall gaming experience is free for players.


  • Pro Player Builds
  • In-depth Guides
  • Variety of Builds
  • Community Interaction


  • Layout Inconvenience
  • Limited Accessibility

SmiteSource is one of the oldest and most prominent games in the world among the gaming passionate.  This game is free to play an online third-person multiplayer video game. Some of the best features of the game are listed below:

  • SmiteSource is an objective-based, team-oriented game with a third-person perspective.
  • Players control a god, goddess, or other mythological figure and take part in team combat.
  • It is supposed to be high quality.
  • The game is convenient to understand and play for newcomers.
  • It allows gamers to stream their live game-play both on desktop and mobile phones.
  • Users can also buy subscriptions to get ad-free viewing.
  • If you are an extraordinary player, then you can contact serial gaming publishers to stream your game and earn money.
  • It is not an official client or partner of the game.
  • The game is unofficial and not supported by Hi-Rez Studios.
  • It’s a time-consuming game and needs dedicated hours to play and win.
  • The game is not an easy one to understand for newcomers as it has lots of features, characters, controls, and gameplay.
  • There are not many SmiteSource game servers, which makes it hard to find a match sometimes.
  • It is not well-optimized and can be laggy on lower-end computers.
  • It is an unofficial, fan-made website and is not affiliated with Hi-Rez Studios.

SmiteSource is a great game for those who are looking for a challenge and are willing to put in the time to learn it. But they should also never regret that it is safe and secure for the gaming environment. So, overall, It is a great game with some drawbacks too. But these are not big problems that can’t be fixed.

Multiple alternatives available to SmiteSource are available for users to play. I have listed below some of the best alternatives:


SmiteGuru is one of the most popular Smite websites with millions of page views each month. It is a location to record statistics and databases, and one of its features is that it gives individuals access to numerous games created by other users. With over 2 billion metrics and a scoreboard that ranks the top gamers on various platforms, it has become one of the most popular places.

Registration of an account is not necessary to use the website, but certain features are restricted to members. You should give it a chance to it if you are thinking about leaving SmiteSource.

Gestal GG:

Gestal GG was formerly known as Smite’s Pro Builds. It is a Smite database that includes item builds, god guides, and patch notes. The use of filters on the site will allow you to easily find the build statistics for any God, position, opponent, and league in Smite’s Pro League.

The best method to utilize Gestal GG is to study certain gods and techniques, particularly if you want to learn more about them. It has a strong community of Smite enthusiasts who help each other out with strategies and advice.


SmiteFire is one of the Smite communities with a lot of user-generated content. Instead of providing builds that are based on random combinations of statistics, it offers builds with a specific purpose. It’s incredibly lifelike, and it comes with the option to develop your guide and god concept, as well as a user interface that is simple to use. It is one of the best alternatives to SmiteSource. You should give it a chance if you are thinking about leaving Smite Source.

If you’re new to Smite Fire, have no fear! New players can easily pick up the basics of the game and progress swiftly due to its simplicity. The community is great and always willing to help, and you’ll find that the game is easy to get into.

Final Lines

SmiteSource is a great game for those who are looking for a challenge and are willing to put in the time to sharpen their mind. The story of this gaming platform is packed with twists and turns, both beneficial and negative. In the early days of the internet, it began as a modest startup. The journey doesn’t end here; it’s merely the beginning. It constantly evolves, fueled by the passion of its creators and users alike. Stay tuned for exciting updates and expansions as we continue to redefine the gaming experience.

Who is SmiteSource for?

For those who want to get better at Smite, there is SmiteSource.

Is SmiteSource free to use?

Yes, SmiteSource is completely free to use.

How frequently is SmiteSource updated?

Players may always get the newest builds, tactics, and patch analyses by continually updating SmiteSource with new content.

Does SmiteSource provide support for specific game modes or characters?

Yes, it covers all game modes and characters in Smite.

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