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Interactive posts ideas to Boost User Engagement

If you look at some of the most successful social media business pages, you will see that most of them engage their users through interactive posts. On pages, the use of interactive posts can be applied in several ways. It’s beneficial to put your goals first. This way, it is easier to determine what type of interactive content is best for your page.

Here are some of our top posting ideas that can inspire you to create fun and interactive posts that will grab attention and inspire your audience. Not only that, but these kinds of posts are also great for attracting new people interested in the services or products you are offering.

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Post Questions and Polls

The simplest method to engage your audience is to ask a question. Ask for their opinion and let them give their opinion in the comments section. You can also use polls and even quizzes to boost engagement. One technique that is becoming more popular is to use different response nodes as a voting method. For example, select “Like” to vote for the first option, or select “Laugh” to vote for the second option. Not only do you understand the opinion of your audience, but you also get a lot of engagement.

Guessing Games

Posts that motivated your followers to guess a specific topic or audience are a good way to keep them interested and entertaining at the same time. For example, you can post a specific image and then ask your followers to guess. You can also play a live guessing game. Just keep in mind that your guessing games are relevant to the topic on your page.

Sharing Video Post

Video is a very successful type of content. More than 140 million people spend an average of 26 minutes daily watching video content on the platform. That’s 3.64 billion minutes a day. If you are not creating a video, you are missing various engagements. The average video engagement rate is 0.26%.

Live streaming is also becoming more popular, especially during 2020 events. Users love to be able to interact with the brand in real-time, they can ask questions, comment, and get instant feedback.

Share Fun Content

Fun videos and pictures are everywhere on social media, and people love this content. Post fun videos and images on your site while keeping them relevant to your brand. Funny Pictures and videos have some impact on your subscribers. If you succeed, then it will be easier for the audience to notice.


Publishing quote images that include your brand logo is another great way to expand your reach. People love to share quotes on pages. As you may have noticed, you will often find such posts in your feed. The key here is creating your own graphics with your logo and branding. Share quotes to make interactive posts 


Everyone loves getting something for free. The desire to save pennies is so fixed in people today that even psychological research focuses on our “obsession with free.” There is nothing more exciting than winning an award for the majority of your audience, no matter how small. It is the best way to make interactive posts that will engage your visitors.

Sharing Emotional Content

In general, posts that make a strong impression on users tend to perform better. One of the best ways to make a strong impact on users is to appeal to their emotions. Have you ever seen these commercials where you often feel like you are about to cry after watching? When done right, these are the types of content that often leave a lasting impression and are bound to generate a lot of action and reactions.


Playing Games with Audiences

Playing with words is the best way to engage your audience. It might even give you a bonus. For example, you can hide an in-game exclusive discount code that players can use if they solve a puzzle. Consider games like:

  • Mad Libs
  • Executioner
  • Boggle
  • Jumble

You can even use puzzles with many solutions to make the game a little more difficult. Alternative games include hiding clues in pictures or even scavenger hunts. If you’re using omnichannel marketing, you can use this method to make interactive posts on pages, get more newsletter subscribers, and even increase the number of visitors you send to your landing page.

Trends are the best way to increase your reach and user engagement. Whatever is causing the social media buzz, you can use it to drive more people to your brand, products, and services. Utilize creative content marketing skills to create interactive posts that revolve around pages. Just make sure that even if you are benefiting from a certain trend, the content of your message must be consistent with what you have to offer.

All of the interactive posts listed above will definitely help increase your page reach and brand credibility. Of course, there are many more things you can do if you think creatively. Compared to static posts, interactive posts offer repeatable value and are also a two-way street for communicating with people.

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