6 Easy Ways to Make You Livestream More Interactive

If you’ve been in the streaming business for a while now, you know that making your live streams interactive is a key element of audience retention.

To be a successful streamer, you need to always think about ways to make your streams more engaging to your viewers to keep their attention for longer.

Here are a few trusted ideas to help you make more interactive content. Try them out in your next livestream and grow your viewer retention.

Start a Fundraiser on Carebuzz

CareBuzz is a fundraising platform that turns internet bandwidth into monetary donations! It’s a great way to engage your viewers and unite them for a good cause.

Begin by listing your initiative on the CareBuzz platform. You can raise donations for anything that’s important to you, like food for animal shelters or money for school supplies. 

Then, start streaming and encourage your followers to download the CareBuzz app. Empower your audience to make a difference without spending a dime. Create a challenge to raise money for a certain goal and keep your fans engaged. 

Let Your Audience Decide

Ask your audience to make your decisions for you. Let them decide what you’re going to do, wear or eat. 

It’s a fun way to make your lifestreams interactive and bring more excitement to your content. Set a scene, give your fans a few options, and ask them to vote. For example, give options for your lunch and let your audience decide your next meal.

Think of a couple of questions to ask your audience and make them exciting. When people see that their opinions matter, they’ll be engaged and comment non-stop.

Set up a Quiz on Kahoot!

Organize a quiz game on a platform like Kahoot! and play a fun game with your audience. You can create your own private room and invite your audience to join.

The questions can be about your life or just basic trivia facts. Keep it light and simple to create an engaging activity for all your fans.

Quizzes are a great way to make your live streams more interactive and exciting. Try it once, and you’ll see the effect it has on your audience’s engagement.

Create Viewers’ Q&a

Instead of your audience asking you questions, ask them to answer your questions and read the answers live. 

Create a Google form with open ended questions and ask your followers to share their stories with you. Then, read through them in real time and get live reactions from the viewers. 

This is a fun way to engage your audience and get to know them better. It can also get you insights into your target audience and how to connect with them.

Play Multiplayer Games With Fans

Create private rooms in multiplayer games and invite your audience to play with you. Stream the game live and ask your fans to join you in the fun.

A good easy game is Fall Guys. You can invite up to 100 players and have an obstacle course showdown.

Also, you can create your own unique course that’ll be available only for your audience. It’s a fun and exciting way to bring more interaction to your lifestreams.

Draw Your Viewers

Do something creative in your live streams, like drawing your viewers. You don’t need any drawing skills, the weirder the paintings –  the funnier. 

Start a live stream and ask your viewers who wants a portrait drawn by you. Then, set yourself a timer and try drawing someone in 1 minute or 30 seconds.

The results will be hilarious, and your fans will have a thing to remember you by. They might share your drawing on their social media, bringing you more fans and spreading the word about your content.

Try drawing your viewers to make your lifestreams more exciting for you and your fans. 

Make Your Streams Interactive

Engage with your audience through interactive lifestreams and grow fan retention. There are a few things you can do to make your content more exciting.

Create a fundraising initiative on CareBuzz and use your reach for a good cause. Do a donating challenge and empower your audience to raise funds without spending money.

Also, try setting up a quiz on Kahoot or engage in open-question Q&A with your fans. Ask them questions and read their stories out loud. 

In addition, create private gaming rooms and invite your viewers to join you in multiplayer games. Have shared experiences with your fans and spend quality time together.

Lastly, try doing something creative, like drawing your viewers. It can be a fun and hilarious way to bond with your fans and create lasting content. 

Make your live streams more engaging and grow stronger bonds with your fan base. Engage with people during your live streams in various ways and grow your channel.


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