The Best Project Management Tools Monday

Project management tools are designed to help an individual or a group manage the given tasks or projects in the best way. These tools help both experienced and inexperienced project managers to have a grip on their projects. You can get more benefits than working as a software manager.

Many tools can help you to manage your projects in any industry. But here are the best project management tools from top industries given below: Best complete Work OS Solution

Evernote: Best for Task Management

Slack: Best for Team Communication

Timely: Best for Time Tracking

Wrike: Best for Agile

Trello: Best for Kanban is an adjustable Work Operating System (Work OS) that does not require any previous coding knowledge. It provides the opportunity to project managers in which they can use the custom-built functions. These custom-built functions will help project managers to build their perfect work process. It is one of the best project management tools Monday.

Workforce Software Monday typically adjusts itself according to the project precision, product plan and task management. Using this platform lets you do your work effortlessly and effectively. The stats show that more than 120,000 organizations are using


Here are some of the features that offers to an individual and teams:

  • 100s of ready-made templates to start quickly
  • Different types of views for your workflow, which include Kanban, Gantt, and timeline
  • 40+ alliances to help you to get data from already using tools
  • Capacity to create and share forms with your teams and clients
  • Automations that allow you to avoid repetition of tasks and give a short time to recover


  • It helps you to gather all of your data in one place.
  • You can promote easy collaboration with individuals or teams by using the platform.
  • It allows you to view your work with lovely and exportable perceptions.
  • The platform uses custom-built dashboards to empower data-driven decisions.


Free: $0 as starting plan

Basic: $8 per month

Standard: $10 per month

Pro: $16 per month

Enterprise: Contact us


It is a note-taking application designed to gather and order text-based documents, photos, videos and audio recordings. You can upload these to the cloud server, which you can use on any platform. It also includes essential project management functions. It is undoubtedly one of the best project management tools to help you in task management. Undoubtedly it ranks high in the list of best project management tools Monday.


Below are some of the features that Evernote offers to an individual and teams:

  1. Creation of spaces for teams and departments
  2. Collaboration on mind-mapping, outputs, task lists, etc.
  3. Access a shared library of all relevant sources for an individual project


  • You can store unlimited notes using the platform.
  • The platform can help you to capture anything and take it anywhere.
  • You will have community support if utilizing this platform.
  • The venue is easy to use as you can get the right note using powerful search and keywords.


Free: $0

Personal: $7.99/month

Professional: $9.99/month

Teams: $14.99 per user/month


Slack is an app designed for messaging—the application for businesses that connects individuals to the data they need. People work as a unit in a specific industry, where Slack changes how organizations work. You can easily access your employee data if you are an organization manager.


  1. Remote working of teams
  2. Know team availability
  3. Set reminders
  4. Get notified
  5. Voice and video call
  6. Apps and integration
  7. Privatization of channels
  8. Channel details


  • The platform helps you to do conservations and helps to resolve issues quickly.
  • You will come to know what the discussion is happening during work time.
  • The platform will notify you of every warning from all your devices and systems inside Slack. You can call it a warning dashboard.
  • You can set a work environment where individuals will not hesitate when working to respond to in-person questions.


Free: $0

Pro: $6.67 per month

Business+: $12.50 per month

Enterprise Grid: Contact sales


Timely is a time tracking software that allows teams to stay connected and report precisely across client, task and employees working hours. It is automatic software organizations use to track time on a specific project. Timely helps more than 5,000 companies from 160 countries to stay connected with their plan. It provides free groups for significant work that is important.


  1. Collaboration tools
  2. Prioritization
  3. Reporting and Statistics
  4. Alerts/Notifications
  5. Analytics
  6. Project tracking
  7. Third-Party Integrations
  8. Activity Tracking


  • The platform can be beneficial for an individual to stay on top of tracking personal hours for work.
  • It can help in the business development and rebranding of your business.
  • The main advantage is the ease of use because the software provides a fantastic service.
  • You can manage your way of management with its use.


Free: $0 with a free trial

Starter: $8 per month

Premium: $14 per month

Unlimited: $20 per month


Wrike is a software tool that helps Agile companies with project management. It is a cloud-based project tool that allows a team to collaborate during work hours. If organizations are using Wrike, project teams have the power to organize and track their work.


  1. Three-pane view to keep everything within reach
  2. Forms and requests to create and fulfill tasks
  3. Visualize your data with analytics
  4. Tags and folders to view and share project data
  5. Task tool to track individual and overall task progress


  • The platform performs barely tricky task management. It enables project managers to give a task to the team and attract external partners to the loop.
  • It is an ideal workspace for teams to communicate and comment directly on task components such as word documents, pdf files and other digital tools.
  • Wrike provides flexible project templates which teams can use to save time.
  • It is a good reporting tool that has improved visibility, allowing leaders to see the workload of juniors and status at one sight.


Free: $0

Professional: $9.80 per month

Business: $24.80 per month

Enterprise: Contact us

Pinnacle: Contact us


Trello is one of the best project management tools Monday that empowers organizational teams to manage their tasks and workflow. You can add files, checklists, and automation using Trello. Every team works in a flow when there is true collaboration. It is a famous project management app with an outwardly Kanban-style design. The cards are simple for all colleagues to read, and it is a decent place to begin with, project management software.


  1. Task management
  2. Team collaboration
  3. Mobile access
  4. Resource management
  6. Automation
  7. Power-ups
  8. Templates
  9. Integrations


  • Trello uses real-time; that is why it is less complex.
  • You can understand quickly when task deadlines are close.
  • The best advantage of Trello is that it is mobile-friendly.
  • You can follow the Kanban system, which is very famous.
  • The platform will notify you when some alerts are coming.
  • You will get no more crumble-up post-in notes on your table.


Free: $0

Standard: $5 per month

Premium: $10 per month

Enterprise: Contact Us

Bottom line

The best way to keep track of your project is using project management tools Monday. With the increase in complexity of modern projects, organizations are using tools to keep their data safe and task management.

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