Explore The Best Money Management Apps To Simplify Your Life In 2022

Managing your finances is extremely crucial in a time of rapid advancements. Nowadays, having multiple bank accounts and e-wallets is becoming common. Due to this, your money is deposited in various places and it can become hectic to manage everything meticulously. Since most of our money is in an electronic form, we seldom forget the amount we spend. To carefully track and monitor your finances, you should look into some of the best money management apps in the market.

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Factors that Makes the Best Money Management Apps

Selecting a money management app is the most important part of the process to smartly track your spending, savings, and investments. While selecting the best application for you, you should look into the many services that it provides and how relevant they are for you. Other important aspects to consider are:

  • The Subscription Cost

The first and the foremost factor to consider before investing your time in a budgeting app is the money you will need to spend to avail of the services. Depending on your capacity to spend, you will shortlist the apps that fit your budget.

  • Compatibility With Different Electronic Devices

One of the most important aspects of any tracking application is its compatibility with various electronic devices that you own. It is smarter and more beneficial to opt for a budgeting app that works smoothly across different platforms such as a mobile phone and a computer.

  • Technical Assistance

An application is more than its features. Be mindful of the intangible aspects that are associated with the application. Customer service and satisfaction are some of the biggest indicators of the success rate of the application. A good strategy is to carefully go through customer reviews and make an informed decision!

  • User Interface and Ease in Tracking

An application is useless to you if you are not able to navigate and access the various features of the application easily. The user interface is very important for an improved experience of tracking your money! Experimenting with different budgeting applications and choosing the one that you like the best is a great tactic.

  • Security Levels

Just how secure are the apps you are working with? Make sure to always select a trustworthy app that is known for its security features. Check on the application store of your device to get top recommendations for money tracking apps.

  • Linkage with Your Banks

You need a money tracking application that can synchronize with your bank account. Having this feature can make your experience of tracking and managing your money smoothly.

The Best Money Management Apps to Explore

Now that you know some of the important aspects of a money management app, read on to learn more about the top money managing applications that will make financing easier! Our top picks are:

  • Zeta

Zeta is one of the best free money management apps with its primary emphasis on couples, for either single accounts or joint finances. The app is designed to facilitate partners of all types. With Zeta, you get to sync your many accounts to track and manage your finances together!

Zeta offers special benefits such as unlimited transfers, ease in bill payments and contactless transactions. They have an advanced level of security to keep your money and information safe! None of your financial logins will be saved by Zeta and with the two-factor authentication and encrypted databases, your information is secured!

  • Pocket Guard

This app is extremely helpful for those who have a problem with overspending their money. The application makes use of advanced algorithms that will track your income, your savings and expenditures and your financial goals. This algorithm will tell its users how much they can spend daily. By setting limits on your spendings, you can quit the habit of overspending and get closer to your financial aims!

Pocket Guard has a basic set of services that are free of any charges. However, the premium version of it does cost you money. The company puts immense effort into security by implementing a four-digit PIN along with advanced biometric screening.

  • Mint

Mint is one of the biggest names in the budgeting application industry. The application is free to use and is great for people with all levels of experience. You can also track your investments and set up reminders for bill payment for added convenience. Mint is without a doubt the best free money management application in the market.

  • You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget or YNBA is an expensive alternative for managing your money via an application. However, with more expenses, it provides its users with unmatched customer services and a different approach towards budgeting.

With YNBA you get a free trial of 34 days after which the subscription cost is $85 per year. The app uses bank-level security to keep your data secured and also invests in audits done by a third party. This application can be beneficial for people of any level of experience in budgeting. With the help of the in-depth educational resources the company provides, you can surely learn a thing or two while handling your money!

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Wrapping Up

It is important to select a money management app that fits your needs and offers the services that you need. By comparing different money management applications, you can choose the best alternative that fulfills your needs and helps you realize your financial goals.

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