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How Does Snap Score Work – Complete Guide

Snapchat, one of the most popular social messaging applications, has taken the world by storm. It possesses exceptional features and filters. Snap score is one of them as it is the numerical representation of your activity and engagement with this app. This score has increased the interest and curiosity among Snapchat users and made them use this app more and more. In this blog post, we have elaborated on how does Snap Score work. Also, we have explained the effective ways how to increase it.

Snap Score serves as one of the most powerful measures to monitor the activity of a user on Snapchat. It incorporates different factors such as the amount of sending and receiving different snaps, posting stories, interacting with friends, and using the Snapchat features. You can easily see this score on the user profile and determine how active they are on this social site. Most people often call this score “social currency” within this platform. 

Most people ask about how does snap score work as they are very keen to maximize it. Several factors contribute to it and play an essential part. We have explained them in the following section.

Sending and Receiving Snaps

The frequency of sending and receiving snaps impacts the snap score directly. Whether you send snaps directly to other users to in a group chat, you can make your way to increase the score.

Stories Posting

Next, you can create and share Snapchat stories to enhance your engagement with this app. Consequently, you can make a solid increment in your snap score.

Opening Snaps and Stories

Most people think that only sending the snaps can increase your snap score. However, it also increases when you view them and engage with the content shared by other friends. It includes snaps and stories and also contributes to the score.

Using Snapchat Features

Snap score also works when you utilize different features built inside this application. It includes filters, stickers, lenses, and Bitmojis. The more you interact with these built-in features, the more advantages you will be able to pocket.


Streaks are another useful factor that plays its part in levelling up your snap score. When you exchange snaps with your friends consecutively for several days, it will start building a streak. As a result, it will impact the snap score.

While Snap Score looks like a metric for entertainment purposes only, it has immense importance for several reasons. Some of them are mentioned below.

Social Status

A higher snap score features a greater activity of users and their involvement on this platform. Hence, it conveys the social status of users toward others and also influences their peers.


Snapchat utilizes the potential of Snap Score to use it as a gamification technique by rewarding the users with points for their interactions and activities on this app.

Competitive Element

Snap Score has introduced a competitive element among users. Hence, it has strengthened friendly rivalries to see who can achieve the highest score.


Some users may understand Snap Score as a form of incentive to remain active on the platform. Thus, they spend more and more time engaging with its features.

While Snap Score showcases the users’ activity and engagement on the platform, you can implement specific strategies to increase it effectively. 

Stay Active

By staying active consistently on Snapchat, you can increase your snap score continuously. It includes sending snaps, posting stories, and interacting with the content shared by friends. You must create a schedule to interact regularly with this platform.

Utilize Features

You must use different features of Snapchat, such as filters, lenses, stickers, and others. They enhances not only your snaps experience but also your Snap Score.

Engage with Friends

Actively engage with your friends’ snaps and stories by opening and responding to them. This reciprocal interaction contributes to a higher Snap Score.

Start Streaks

Next, you have to initiate the streak and try to maintain it with your friends to exchange snaps as much as possible. It not only strengthens your bonds but also helps you increase your snap score.

Post Quality Content

Focus on creating engaging and interesting stories to captivate your audience. Compelling content encourages greater interaction and ultimately leads to a higher Snap Score.

Participate in Challenges and Events

You must look for challenges, events, and trends within the Snapchat community. By participating in these activities, you can not only enhance your engagement but also increases the Snap Score.

Interact with Discover Content

Visit the Discover section on Snapchat and engage with content from publishers and creators. The Discover content showcases active engagement and can positively impact your Snap Score.

Avoid Spamming

While sending snaps and maintaining streaks are essential for increasing your Snap Score, avoid spamming friends with irrelevant or excessive snaps. Quality engagement is more valuable than quantity.

To Sum Up

These are the details about how does snap score work. This feature represents the users’ activity and engagement rate on this platform and how much influence he is making on the Snapchat community. Although you will not receive quality rewards, it can enhance your experience on this platform. By understanding the factors which are affecting snap score, you can significantly improve them and strengthen your connections with your friends. Quality content, consistency, and genuine engagement help you make the most of your snap score.

How does Snap score go up by 1?

When you send or receive a snap, your snap score will go up by 1 point.

How is a Snap score calculated?

This score is determined by several factors like the number of snaps you have sent or received as well as stories posting. 

Does chatting increase Snap score?

No. Text chatting won’t increase your snap score. Only photo and video snaps will increase them.

What is the reward for a streak on Snapchat?

You will not receive any reward for a 1000-day streak on Snapchat.

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