Doomlings Review – A Complete Guide

Doomlings has captured the world’s attention since March 2021 when Kickstarter company has launched it. Owing to simple rules, it has become immensely popular for casual gamers and families to entertain themselves after performing hectic tasks throughout the day. The cards are easy to learn and handle, taking the overall experience to another level and delivering exceptional humor. If you are also looking for an engaging activity or game to play with your children in the evening for refreshment, you must bring it to your home. In this blog post, we have provided complete details about its components and gameplay.

Doomlings – An Intro

Doomlings is a card game that is set up on a doomed planet. Thus, it showcases different species of this planet which compete to survive and dominate until the world ends. The game features different types of cards to allow players to collect and score points to win the contest. Since 2021, it has been one of the most sold casual games which is equally popular among children and old-aged people. The easy setup and simple gameplay are the main attributes of this fantastic card game, which adds more flavor to it. Children of minimum age level 10 and up can play this game. However, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 players can be part of the single competition.


  • Fast and Funny Gameplay
  • Light Weight and Easy Rules
  • Variability
  • Pub Game Appeal


  • Highly Inflated BGG Score
  • Not Remotely Special

Doomlings Expansion Pack:

The Doomlings Expansion Pack, also known as the Doomlings Upgrade Pack, is an extra set of card designed to make gaming more enjoyable. This addition brings new elements and features into the core game, which have more cards as well as strategies to activate them. Doomlings Upgrade Box contains 5 expansion sets put in one box having a total of 81 cards including expansions such as The Dinolings that introduce interaction with the discard pile during play

Components of Doomlings

This card game comes in compact packing, which involves numerous components. In the under-section, we have elaborated on all of them.

1 – Cards Set

The major and most critical component of Doomlings is its cards. We previously described this high-end game as featuring different types of cards that represent different meanings. One complete set comprises 167 cards. You can find their details below.

  • Trait Cards: These are 120 in number. Trait cards are the main ones that players can pick or collect to score points.
  • Age Cards: Age cards are responsible for determining the length and theme of the complete game. They are second most in numbers with 24.
  • Catastrophe Cards: These cards have several effects on the game and play a crucial role in ending each round. Their total number is 12.
  • Holofoil Cards: Lastly, 11 holofoil cards are present, which possess specific abilities and functions. You can use it only for one in a game.

Doomlings has focused greatly on establishing its authority worldwide. Therefore, they have created cards with high-quality material. Also, the card depicts different keywords and humorous illustrations, making them easily identifiable and understandable. As a result, you can have the best experience.

2 – Rulebook

Although the Doomlings game is straightforward and intuitive, it requires specific rules. Therefore, the manufacturers have added a rulebook in its box, which represents the card types and effects clearly.

3 – Playmat

Thirdly, a playmat is present in the box, which describes the layout of the card. Hence, you can organize them conveniently along with players.

4 – Scorepad

Scorepad is critical to keep the record of points scored by each player in each round. In this way, you can easily determine the winner. Otherwise, there are chances that you will forget the details and spoil the whole charm.

How to Play Doomlings?

The Doomlings is very easy to learn and understand. A complete gameplay comprises 3 rounds, which could take a toll of 30 to 45 minutes. Further, a minimum of 2 players can start the game. While a maximum of 6 players is enough to execute the competition. The following steps will lead you to enjoy the contest and have your hands on a solid entertainment and amusement level.

How to Play Doomlings

1 – Shuffle the Cards

Firstly, you have to shuffle the cards to eliminate biases from the game. Separate the trait cards from age cards and form decks. Now, mix them quickly to ensure that no one has an idea of the card’s placement. One important thing to remember is that you must shuffle trait and age cards separately. Then, place them on the playmat with the face pointing downward.

Next, sort the 12 catastrophe cards according to the numbers printed on them. Afterward, place them on the mat with faces upward. Lastly, you must shuffle the holofoil cards like trait and age cards.

2 – Draw the Cards

In the next step, every player has to draw the cards from the decks placed on the playmat. Each player can draw the 5 trait cards from the trait deck and keep them in their hand. Similarly, everyone deals with the holofoil cards, and they have to place their cards with faces downward. 

3 – Start the Game

Starting the Doomlings card game is often challenging and indecisive as no one willingly initiates it. The best solution to overcome this situation is to toss. The loser will have to make the first move, and other players must follow it in the clockwise direction.

4 – Gameplay

The gameplay features the flipping of the top card of the age deck. The players should place it along with the catastrophe deck. In this way, the player who makes the move will learn about the age, which includes name, symbol, and bonus. Generally, the bonus is extra points which he will pocket by playing the trait card with a similar symbol. For example, if the age card represents Age of Fire, the player will have two additional points for the trait card with the fire symbol.

5 – End of the Round

The complete Doomlings gameplay consists of three rounds. A single round will meet its end if one of the following conditions is fulfilled.

  • There is no card in the trait deck.
  • The catastrophe deck has a card that is equal to or less than the number of participants.
  • A single player has 10 trait cards in his play area.

The same will happen for every round, and the game finally comes to its end after three occurings.

6 – Evaluate the Results

After every round, you have to calculate all players’ scores and record them on the scorepad. As a result, you can easily evaluate the winner who has ended the competition with most points on the scoreboard.

Doomlings Pricing

Doomlings classic card game is available online on different platforms as well as on the official site. On Amazon, it is available only for $24.85. You can order it online or purchase it from retail stores to have a solid source of entertainment and fun.

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Doomlings Pricing

Final Verdicts

These are the details about Doomlings, one of the most popular card games in the world. It is widely popular for its exceptional quality and simple interface. Additionally, the colorful designs and illustrations have made it widely acceptable among children and families. The manufacturers have worked really well in developing this amazing game and providing comprehensive packaging with different components integrated into it. Just visit online stores or the official site to grab a pack and play it with your children, friends, or family.


What is the average duration of a Doomlings game?

On average, a Doomlings game typically takes between 20 to 45 minutes.

Is Doomlings a strategic card game, and does it incorporate wacky elements?

At first glance, Doomlings appears to be a wacky yet strategic card game as it offers a balance of fun and strategic depth.

Are there different editions of the Doomlings card game?

Yes, there is a Classic Doomlings Edition available with a funny and lightweight card game experience.

Where can I purchase the Classic Doomlings Edition?

The Classic Doomlings Edition is available for purchase on the official Doomlings website.

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