Common Guest Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Guest blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for expanding reach, building authority, and driving website traffic. It involves creating and sharing content on another person’s blog or website. This provides the opportunity to reach a wider audience and position oneself as an expert in the industry. As a passionate blogger, you are most likely familiar with the famous term ‘guest blogging,’ as it is one of the best ways to boost authority for your business website or blog and get massive traffic. Since guest blogging offers many benefits to bloggers and businesses, one should be doing this in the best way avoiding serious guest posting mistakes.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the favorite method bloggers and website owners use to increase blog traffic and build quality backlinks that add real value to the blog or website. It is the process of writing high-quality, unique and relevant content for similar high-authority websites or blogs in a niche or industry.

As a result, guest bloggers receive quality links to their websites or blogs and a golden opportunity to appear in the industry as a specialist or expert. Most guest bloggers only do guest blogging to promote their names and services in a specific industry to strengthen the client base.

In simple words, guest posting or guest blogging is an opportunity to take your skills and share it with like-minded people by hosting a quality guest blog post on another similar blog or website.

Guest Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Nowadays, guest posting errors are common in beginners, and avoiding ordinary guest blogging mistakes is one of the best ways to become a successful guest blogger. Below are the common guest blogging mistakes to avoid as a beginner guest blogger.

Pitching with Generalized Content

A frequent error made in guest blogging is presenting generalized content that can easily be found on numerous other blogs across the web. Sometimes a blog owner may become annoyed and reject your pitch for a blog post without providing any explanation.

There are many great types of blog posts that can provide you with brilliant guest posting ideas to get your pitch accepted even for high authority blogs like Forbes and The Balance etc. Always write something new and creative as well not only to add value to the blog for which you are writing but to get real traffic to your blog or website as well.

Writing for the wrong blogs

Guest blogging will only provide you desired outcomes if you are doing it in the right way. You should always choose the most relevant and high-authority blogs to write as guest bloggers. You make the worst guest posting mistake if you write for the wrong and irrelevant blogs.

In order to find high-quality guest blogs, you will need to spend precious moments on a proper search. Instead of relying on guest posting blog lists online, try to find and reach the blog owners to build quality relations with them.

Guest Posts Stuffed With External Links

If your guest blog post contains numerous external links but lacks a link to the host blog, There is a higher chance of its rejection. It would be advisable to let the blog owner handle the linking of other blogs, as they are better equipped to determine whether it is appropriate and how to go about it.

Most bloggers always use rel=”nofollow” when linking the high authority sites in a blog post. Using this approach is the optimal method to include external links in a blog post without attracting penalties from Google for spam.

Not Following the Guest Posting Guidelines

Regardless of whether the blog owner has posted guidelines for guest posting, they will likely have guest bloggers contributing to their site. Not following the guest posting guidelines can be one of the common guest blogging mistakes to avoid if you really want to benefit from guest blog posts.

If these are not visible on the site, ask the blog owner via an email message and read them carefully to write a quality guest blog post to get acceptance immediately.

Lack of Content That Blog Owner Wants

You are doing guest blogging wrong if writing your own stuff instead of what the blog owner wants you to write. It is one of the horrible guest blogging mistakes that should be avoided.

If the blog owner wants you to write a topic regarding ‘blogging tools,’ you should write the same instead of a post about ‘Amazon best sellers.’ Remember that all articles cannot fit into any blog, but you must choose the right and relevant one to get the most from your guest blogging efforts.

Poorly Written Bio

Poorly written section ‘about the author’ of the guest blog post is one of the biggest guest blogging mistakes keeping you from success. I am not telling you to write statements like ‘I am a guest blogger, and visit my blog to read more about me.’ But your bio should provide a solid reason to click on your links.

Add up your core skills and expertise in the niche and then let the readers know what amazing your blog has for them and how they can benefit from visiting your blog or website. Keep the ‘about the author’ section concise and appealing to boost the reader base for your blog.

Targeting the wrong blogs

The most common mistake that usually bloggers make is to promote their blogs on irrelevant sites. Just to make an external link for their site they go for any random site. This has a huge effect on the site that’s why this often affects their site. The link juice does not reach desirable targets. Selecting one relevant blog is ten times better than selecting hundreds of wrong blogs. If you are trying to reach a new audience then just go for the blogs that are getting new audiences on their posts every time. A blog having permanent users will do nothing for your site. This will be probably a waste of money and time for you.

Not Accepting The Changes Made By The Blog Owner

If you are not accepting the changes made by the blog owner or editorial team in your blog post, you are making the worst guest blogging mistake because they always care for their readers and provide quality content.

So, never ever be surprised if a blog owner makes edits to the submitted article because the quality of your guest blog post will reflect the overall quality of the blog. Allow them to make minor changes if they want to make your article to make it easily readable and error-free for the visitors. And if there is a need to make some major changes or edits to the article, they will probably contact you before doing so.

Not Replying to Comments

Do you believe user engagement is vital to your overall SEO efforts? Yes, definitely. And if you are not replying to blog comments of readers on your guest blog post hosted on another blog or website, you are making another guest posting mistake that is keeping you from success. It is not only for the value and quality of the host blog, but it can help you get more clients or readers for your blog or website.


Guest blogging can be a powerful tool for expanding your online presence, but it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can hinder your success. To get the most out of your guest blogging efforts, selecting appropriate blogs, adhering to guidelines, creating original and high-quality content, interacting with your audience, promoting your posts, and establishing relationships are important. It is also important to regularly examine the outcomes and consistently enhance your strategy to achieve lasting prosperity.

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