TikTok Has Signed New UMG Deal to Get Tay and Billie

TikTok is facing numerous threats globally for being banned, the popular social media network is still making its way to upgrade its services. Now, it has signed a new content licensing agreement with the Universal Music Group, shortly known as UMG. In this way, the platform can add more and more content for the users to take their entertainment to an advanced level. With this deal, TikTokers can now create videos by utilizing the extensive catalog of UMG, which will now add some of the most popular names such as Billie Elish, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift. Hence, everyone can now have their hands on their favorite content without visiting external collections.

Importance of the Deal

While TikTok has signed this deal to expand its services and UMG collection, users are incredibly happy. This is because they can now easily access the UMG content within the next one or two weeks. Users can easily create videos with the help of recorded music and publishing content present in the UMG catalog. Hence, they can add the voices of world-renowned artists to their videos.

Previously, TikTok has muted the videos incorporating the UMG music because of copyright or licensing issues. Now, the new agreement will help the people to unmute them with the help of the UMG catalog. As a result, TikTokers can now create more engaging videos by using the music of their favorite artists. This collaboration will not only boost your entertainment level but also help you take your experience ahead.

Background and Previous Disputes

TikTok has faced extensive challenges with UMG in the recent past. The major concerns were related to some of the albums of Taylor Swift as she owns them. Consequently, the dispute arose leading to severe arguments. However, the recent signing is expected to have a positive impact.

In addition, music is important to maintain TikTok’s entertaining environment. Also, the platform has now recognized its importance. Thus, the company is doing its best to incorporate the UMG content to promote different artists and songwriters inside the TikTok community.

UMG’s Stance and Industry Benefits

The recent licensing deal with UMG will not only prove beneficial to artists but also to songwriters and labels. Moreover, it will make sure that the music of these professionals will reach a larger audience with the help of this platform, taking their popularity to an advanced level. TechCrunch has highlighted the joint press release that showcases that the agreement holds the potential to deliver massive perks to users. 

Furthermore, TikTok’s current strategies show a comprehensive collaboration between this platform and UMG, which will focus on value, promotion, and discovery of more and more interesting features.

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