Stellar Repair for Outlook Review: A Reliable Tool for Corrupted PST Files

Email is an essential means of communication in today’s digital environment for both personal and business interactions. Because it has so many capabilities for effective communication and management, Microsoft Outlook continues to be the most popular email client for both people and organizations.

As we all know, Outlook keeps our mailbox data in files called OST/PST. What kind of file we get depends on the email service we use. Let us talk about PST files. They store everything—emails, calendars, contacts, attachments, journals etc. However, like other files get corrupted, PST files are also prone to corruption due to various factors, which we will be discussing further in this guide.

Common Causes of Corrupted PST Files

PST files are prone to corruption, which may cause interruptions in productivity and even data loss. PST file corruption can occur in several ways:

Loss of mailbox data due to PST file corruption:

What if Outlook suddenly starts displaying error messages when you have a ton of work-related emails? Your inbox is not accessible. A damaged PST file may cause the loss of days’ worth of important emails. Corrupt practices can be caused by several things, including hardware malfunctions, software bugs, or human error, which can lead to the loss of important mailbox data. This highlights the necessity of owning a trustworthy Outlook PST repair tool.

When the Size of PST gets Larger than the limit:

Imagine, after years of using Outlook, you may receive a notification one day saying that the size of your PST file has exceeded. This is because PST files have size restrictions. When these limits are exceeded, the files become more susceptible to corruption, which can cause Outlook to malfunction or crash. This can result in corruption and impair your ability to send or receive fresh emails.

Common issues with Outlook data files:

Painful error messages such as “Outlook is Not Responding” or “Outlook PST cannot be accessed” are frequent signs of underlying damage in PST files. Your workflow may be disrupted by these warnings.

Unexpected system shutdowns or power outages:

Just as you are finishing up an important email, the power goes out. When you launch Outlook after restarting your PC, your PST file is corrupt. You, therefore, need to have a plan in place for data recovery. Stellar Repair for Outlook ensures you are safe from unforeseen disruptions by regularly backing up your PST file.

Hardware or software issues:

Outlook’s functioning may be unstable due to hardware issues or program conflicts, which may result in PST file corruption.

Drive file system errors:

Data corruption can occur when errors occur in the file system of the drive where PST files are kept, making the data unavailable to Outlook.

Problems with network connectivity:

PST file corruption can occur from network outages or connectivity issues when accessing or syncing mailbox data, which can interfere with regular Outlook activities.

Scenarios Where You Need a PST Repair Tool

Microsoft provides the built-in Outlook repair tool named Scanpst.exe, for addressing minor corruptions. However, when facing extensive corruption or dealing with large PST files, a third-party PST repair tool becomes essential. These tools are specifically crafted to handle such scenarios and effectively repair corrupted PST files.

An Overview of Stellar Repair for Outlook

Stellar Repair for Outlook proves to be an effective ally in the fight against corrupt PST files. It’s a feature-rich software program made to fix broken PST files and retrieve your important information.

It turns out to be a dependable method for getting mailbox data back to how it was. With its ability to handle a broad range of corruption problems, this powerful software utility provides users with a smooth recovery and repair process for Outlook PST files.

Installation and User-friendly User Interface

Stellar Repair for Outlook can be installed on PCs by users with different degrees of technical expertise. It is due to its simple installation process. After installation, users are entertained with a user-friendly interface with carefully placed menus and settings to make navigation easier.

Key Features of Steller Repair for Outlook:

Stellar Repair for Outlook boasts a plethora of features designed to simplify the PST file repair process and ensure comprehensive data recovery. Some key features include:

  • Advanced repair algorithms: Stellar Repair boasts robust algorithms capable of handling and repairing the severely corrupt PST files.
  • Selective recovery: Recover specific emails, contacts, calendar items, or tasks based on your needs.
  • Preview Recovered Data: Before saving the repaired PST file, preview the recovered data to ensure its accuracy.
  • Corrupted Email Recovery: Stellar Repair tackles damaged emails, restoring attachments, formatting, and embedded objects.
  • Password Recovery: Recover forgotten passwords protecting your PST file.
  • Large File Repair: Stellar Repair can handle PST files exceeding the recommended size limit.

Steps to Repair PST Files: A Clear Path to Recovery

Repairing PST files with Stellar Repair for Outlook is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

1. Launch the software after installation and begin using Stellar Repair for Outlook on your computer.
2. Use the file browsing feature of the software as shown below like “List Profiles” and “Choose Manually”, to choose the corrupt PST files that you want to fix.

stellar recovery

3. Select the PST files you want to check for corruption by clicking the “Repair” button to start the scanning procedure.

stellar recovery

4. To ensure data integrity, preview the recoverable mailbox items in the program interface after the scanning process is finished.

stellar recovery

5. Select the ‘Save Repaired File ‘ button to save the PST file in your preferred file format.

6. After the PST files are successfully repaired, save them to a selected location on your computer to guarantee easy access to the recovered data in Outlook.

stellar recovery

7. After completion of the repair process, the software will show you the location of the PST files you have recovered.

stellar recovery

Performance and Speed Efficiency at Your Service

Stellar Repair for Outlook is known for its ability to quickly and effectively restore PST files without compromising data integrity. Its advanced algorithms ensure thorough scanning and repair, reducing downtime and boosting user productivity. Even with large or severely corrupted PST files, the software ensures minimal downtime through its speedy repair process. Options for Pricing and Licensing to Meet Your Needs

Stellar Repair for Outlook offers flexible licensing options for both individuals and enterprises, with customizable pricing to suit different needs. Whether you’re an individual user or a large organization, you can find a pricing plan that fits your budget and requirements. Choose the version that best meets your mailbox data recovery needs, knowing that you’re getting reliable PST file repair at an affordable price. Stellar Repair for Outlook offers three versions: Professional, priced at $79 annually, Technician for $149, and Toolkit for $199. The Toolkit includes a comprehensive 7-in-1 software package that addresses various Outlook issues. For further information, visit their Buy Now page.


Stellar Repair for Outlook is the best choice for fixing broken PST files and keeping your emails running smoothly. While Scanpst.exe handles minor issues, severe corruptions need Stellar’s specialized tool. Its advanced algorithms swiftly restore PST files, minimizing downtime. You can pick the right option for you from their flexible pricing.

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