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SSM Smart Square, designed by Avanta, is the latest software that has produced various fundamental effects in the health sector. It is an online portal where healthcare workers can register as permanent members to schedule and maintain their duties. Currently, only a few companies are taking advantage of this brilliant invention. However, it has announced the beneficial aspects of using it. We have created this Smart Square guide to help you understand its primary role in the management of the Healthcare business.

Basic Purpose Of SSM Smart Square

SSM Health is the largest medical organization in the United States and works on non-profit bases. Around 39,000 employees are working in this healthcare system. Handling the data of such an enormous amount of workers is hugely challenging through manual methods. Therefore, a well-designed and systemic coordination is needed to manage these employees’ schedules and work. SSM Smart Square by Avanta comes with all these solutions. This software directs different healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, to manage their time and working schedule. Additionally, it guarantees enhanced workers’ efficiency by directly impacting their attendance management.

How To Register On SSM Smart Square Portal?

Registering on SSM healthcare portal to get the full benefits is ridiculously easy. You need to follow some basic steps. However, you have to be very accurate while entering the information. Therefore, we have created this comprehensive SSM Smart Square guide, providing you with the details to create an account on this tremendous portal.

1 – Fulfill The Requirements

SSM Smart Square is an online platform that can’t be accessed without a smartphone or laptop. Therefore, you must be equipped with these tools to access the benefits of this brilliant software. The primary requirements are listed below.

  • Personalized Laptop or Mobile: You must have your laptop/PC or smartphone to create an account, so it will keep your data and account details private.
  • Latest Browser: The latest updated browser will provide seamless performance without blocking necessary caches or cookies.
  • Good Internet Connection: You can’t go online without connecting to an internet server. Thus, to access the SSM Smart Square website, you must have a high-speed connection with minimal buffering.

2 – Access The Official Site

Now you know about the requirements for this efficient healthcare platform. Then, go to the official website through your updated browser on your personalized device.

  • Type SSM Smart Square in your browser on the laptop
  • Click on the first web result
  • You will reach the official page of SSM Square

3 – Enter Your Credentials

After opening the official login page of SSM Smart Square, it will ask you for the necessary credentials to log in to your account. You have to put the details you added while signing up on the official SSM Health website.

  • Enter the Email
  • Add password
  • Press login
  • You will enter it into your account

What To Do If You Forget Your Account Details?

One of the most common problems associated with several users is that they often forget the passwords of their SSM Health accounts. Also, sometimes they couldn’t save them in their browsers. It creates serious issues later on if you have to manage your schedule at concise notice. However, you need not worry about it. Just follow the steps below, and you can enter your account again.

  • Open the SSM Smart Square Login page.
  • You will see a Forget Your Password button beneath the password box.
  • By clicking on it, a new page will be opened.
  • Then, add your username in the Login section and Email in the other box.
  • Press Send Email.
  • Now, check the entered email to see if a reset link comes or not.
  • If yes, click that particular link. If no, click Send Email again.
  • After clicking the link in your Email, you will be redirected to a new page where they will ask you to enter a new password and then confirm it.
  • Create a strong, easily memorable password and save it in your browser so that you can use it in the future.
  • You will be able to log in to your account again.

Role of SSM Smart Square in The Healthcare Business:

Here are some of the major roles SSM Smart Square plays in the management of healthcare business.

1 – Manages The Time

Using SSM Smart Square for your business provides more efficient and effective results without repeatedly visiting the office. Thus, it will help save your precious time and update you regarding the employees’ performance simultaneously.

2 – Easy Staff Scheduling

With the application of SSM Smart Square tools, an organization can shift its staff’s duties quite conveniently and systemically. Thus, there will be no confusion and chance of error in employee attendance. Additionally, it helps workers manage their timetable and duty hours per their suitable time. A worker who finds another time zone ideal for him will make a request for that particular shift to ensure his or her attendance at duty.

3 – Precision & Accuracy

Any healthcare industry using this magnificent software is ensuring the accuracy and precision of its database. Besides, SSM Smart Square provides the information in real-time, giving complete information regarding the workers’ attendance, performance, functional ability and other crucial factors. Additionally, it helps them deal with different industry-related potential issues. Conversely, workers can set aside time for increased salary to eliminate the poor working hours.

Final Verdict

All these are the details about the SSM Smart Square guide and its role in managing the healthcare business. In conclusion, this amazing has revolutionized the health industry by providing a convenient way for workers to schedule their timetables. In this way, they are able to enhance their efficiency, ability, and performance by working at their best suitable time. Moreover, this platform made it easy for management to track employee attendance. I hope this guide works best for you.

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