The Broken State of Traditional Coworking: Community Coworking can Fix it

There is no denying the rise of remote work in the United States. Estimates suggest that by 2025, over 32.6 million workers will be doing so. Even so, only 46% of conventional coworking spaces claim profitability, indicating that they are having difficulties. What then is generating this discrepancy?

Conventional coworking spaces have a number of serious drawbacks. Coworking spaces are typically pricey, with individual workstation rentals ranging from $200 to $700, and they frequently get entangled in risky real estate investment transactions. However, a sizable percentage of users report feeling lonely in these settings, making them lonely places. Furthermore, a lot of people believe that conventional coworking spaces are only places to work and don’t provide much more than that.

The demise of WeWork illustrates the unsustainable nature of the conventional coworking model and serves as a warning. Similar issues struck competitors attempting similar concepts; among coworking space owners, membership swings are listed as a major concern. Even though coworking has doubled in popularity, very few people still prefer it to traditional office spaces.

A new paradigm known as community coworking is arising in reaction to the shortcomings of traditional coworking. This change is best represented by Tavern Community Coworking, which provides an accessible, welcoming, and neighborhood-focused substitute. Tavern wants to bring back the true essence of coworking by emphasizing professional and social interactions.

Tavern sets itself apart by developing specialized communities and encouraging genuine relationships among users. Its social calendar, which promotes a sense of togetherness, includes happy hours, coworking sessions, and shared lunches. Tavern leverages unused areas in hotels, pubs, and restaurants to operate on a zero-real estate expense, highly sustainable model, in collaboration with community organizers. Tavern provides a more approachable and convivial coworking experience, catering to a wide range of cohorts with monthly memberships starting at just $30.

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Source: Tavern Community

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