Spotify Logo- The History Of Business and its Logo

The world has become modern. Technology is changing every day in all aspects of our lives. Now, we can see its effects in all aspects of our lives. When we talk about music, now we don’t have to go to concerts or buy CDs, DVDs to listen to it. Everything is available to you online. Now you can access millions of songs at a single click through one platform. When a brand is leading the way with streaming technology, it will eventually give a huge impact. For ins6ance when we talk about Spotify, the biggest brand ambassador is Spotify’s logo. you may have observed the iconic Spotify logo everywhere. For instance, it is on various smartphones, websites, social media handles, PCs, and tablets. And we know that this eye-catching logo attracts your attention on social media handles, websites, app stores, and other promotional mediums.

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How did it start?

The company would not be in existence if its if Daniel Ek (Spotify founder) remained unfamiliar with the music. The company has done a huge struggle since it came into being, in making its name. And the fruit of struggle was also great. At one time in past years, it was the biggest subscriber service in music. Then in 2k18, The newly emerging company Apple overtook it. Since then, its ownership is under Apple. It was a good decision for Spotify. For instance, in April 2k19, it got 26 million subscribers, which is only two million less than Apple subscribers. Furthermore, it got 138 premium subscribers in 2k20. It was a great achievement because it got 20 million more paid subscribers than the previous year.

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After making First Million

After making the first million, Daniel instead of spending them lavishly chose to invest them. He bought expensive guitars, video games, and huge monitor screens for customers to play games. After a while, he added servers to his accumulation of stuff. And at 19, he started making companies. He employed more than 15 people as programmers to do his task. He was planning to create a search engine just like google but to his misfortune, Swedish Tax Authority collared him with and owed him about 2 million dollars in taxes. The Spotify founder was depressed from the sudden charges, but he laid off his employees. Then he went to study engineering at RIT. According to reports from CNBC, he left his studies after 2 months and went out to find a job for himself.

At the age of 23, he founded his company and named it “Advertigo” and sold it for $1.25 million thus, becoming a millionaire again. He was still not happy with it. Soon, he met Martin Lorenzton and made a partnership to develop a music company that can bring revolution to the world.

The Idea of Spotify Company

For reference, I read in a post on Quora ( that is a question and answer site), wherein in 2006, Ek and Lorentzon both were sitting in different rooms and shouting about various ideas for their new company. Suddenly Lorentzon shouted and Martin misunderstood it as “Spotify”. Ek searched this word on Google and found that nobody from nowhere was using it. A few minutes later, they registered it as the domain name, and till now you here the same name. After registering the domain name, they began to think about the Spotify logo.

Probably you are thinking that the actual company was launched in 2008 while I have written it in 2006. The is that after facing a huge charge from the government, they were willing to start their company legally. And it took them 2 and half years in getting the legal rights in the form of a license from record companies. So, even after completing the structure and main homework in 2006, the company was officially launched in 2008. And even have to strive for two more years, so the company officially launched in the US in 2011.

In 2008

The inspiration for the first Spotify logo was taken from a popular design in the 2000s. The evidence of this popularity can be seen in other brands of that time such as the Airbnb logo.

In 2008, just when the company was officially launched, it possesses a plain avocado green box containing the brand name “Spotify” on it in “white serif font”. Although it was very rare at that time for large brands to choose green as their main color. To develop a contrast with the background green color, a slightly darker shade of green was used to outline the letters.

Here the “o” was placed at a raised level compared to the rest of the letters in the name. On the top of the raised letter “o”, 3 lines (resembling wifi logo) were placed. When the journalists met original logo maker Gizmodo about its meaning, he told that the lines symbolize “streaming” instead of sound waves. He also said that most people misunderstood the Spotify logo as sound waves.

This Spotify logo was used from 2008 to 2013.

Transformation in 2013

After 5 years of success, the founders decided to redesign the Spotify logo in 2013. Christian Wilson (in charge of designing the original logo) was the creative lead while redesigning the logo. The wordmark and square were removed from the old logo.

A new Spotify logo was formed that featured an eye-catching circle of lemon green color with 3 arc-shaped lines. The color of the lines was kept white now instead of dark green. On the right side of this circle, the Spotify wordmark was written in sharp lines and bold font. All these changes made the logo clean and distinctive.

Transformation in 2015

Again in 2015, minute changes were made in the Spotify logo. And these small changes proved very effective for the company. In this, both elements that are the circular emblem and the wordmark (Spotify word) was also painted in green by the designer. The lines represented streaming was still kept in while. And the bright green color was transformed into greenish neon color.

Why Spotify Logo is so Successful?

The logos that are simple and eye-catching are always successful. They are easy to remember for the customers. One main feature of this logo is that it can engage people. The lines are a symbol of never-ending joy and forever pleasure. It gives a lively feel to its people.

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