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How To View Airdrop History in 2024

Knowing the history of your sent and received content can be useful on Apple devices. AirDrip is usually used to share and receive data on these devices. It is one of the most beneficial features of the Apple iOS ecosystem. allows you to quickly transmit and receive files across iPhones and Macs.

It has been the primary source of sharing data for iOS users. However, some people want to know how they can see their AirDrop history to see what files they have received or sent. That is what we will help you with.

 Let’s start.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to view your AirDrop history on your iOS devices. Apple does not provide any in-built option that can help you with seeing the history of files you have shared or received with other people.

How to View AirDrop History in 2024

All you can do is check out the files that you have received on your device.

To do this, navigate to your device’s Files app. If you got a document on your device from someone else, it will be saved in the “Document” folder.

 In a similar way, the pictures and videos go to the relevant folders. In this way, you can find out the files that you have received on your iOS devices.

Airdrop is a way of sending a range of files to any other Apple user. Unlike any other communication tool on your smartphone, there is no need for contact details.


This means any other Apple user can access your device via Airdrop and share documents, images, or other content over the internet.

While this can be useful in a range of circumstances, it is also understandably a security risk. 

It is recommended for Apple users, no matter what device they use, to keep their Airdrop turned off unless they are expecting communication this way. By keeping your Airdrop off, you will be unavailable to any other Apple user, and this can prevent the spread of digital viruses or unsolicited images, documents, and videos.

When used securely, Airdrop can be a great tool and is an easy way to share a range of files with other users. It can be a way to transfer work from one device to another, but the ease of use can also make it easy to manipulate. 

Although AirDrop is one of the most convenient features of iOS devices, you cannot see the AirDrop history of the files you have shared or received. This operating system does not have such a built-in feature to assist you with that. However, you can find the received files within the Files section of your folder. These files are saved in the relevant folders such as documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Why Airdrop feature is famous?

The Airdrop feature is famous because of its convenience. It allows Apple users to share data on devices easily.

Is this feature limited to iPhones?

No. This feature is not just limited to iPhones. You can use it on iPads and Macs as well.

Can I use Airdrop to share data with Android?

No. You can only use Airdrop to share data with Apple devices.

Is there an indirect way to check the data I have received?

You can check different folders in the Files app to see the received data on your iPhone.

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