How to Use Smartphones for Studies

Smartphones have long been frowned upon in classrooms. But as fate would have it, they have become an inseparable part of the education world now. As teachers and students are making adjustments to digital learning, it is good to have a guideline in place. Because as useful as smartphones are, they are undeniably a source of distractions too. 

To be honest, when you tap on that notification to view the meme, you hardly notice how two hours went by. It is that easy to get tricked into distractions on smart devices. So, if you have to stay online for studies and keeping your phone aside is not an option, you’ve got to repurpose your idea of using your phone to study more. 

Students who struggle to focus and instead feel this weird compulsion of checking social media just once will find this blog helpful. Know that a smartphone is a lot more than just a distraction, and you can easily turn them into the best learning tool in your possession. 

6 Ways to Study With Your Smartphone

With connectivity and freedom to communicate with anyone from anywhere, cell phones also bring opportunities to learn on the go. You can log in to your classes, no matter where you are, and save yourself from missing a lesson. You can sign up for essay help online to complete your assignments perfectly. Or you can use helpful apps for studying.

You should create a learning-friendly environment on your device. If you are unsure of how to do that, read the tips below. 

Reminders to the Rescue

We have been told millions of times about the habit of making a schedule. But most of us often struggle with sticking to it throughout the day. While creating a schedule plan is a great way to get into a disciplined routine, you cannot keep going back to the checklist to see what you have to do next. There’s a simple solution: break down your schedule with reminders. Many apps help you create a do-to list with time stamps and reminders. Or you can simply use the Clock app to set reminders for every task in your schedule. 

You can set the alarm to go off 5 minutes before your next task so you can get into the right mindset and jump into the next activity. 

Group Study for Better Learning

You are more likely to stick to your schedule and feel motivated to study when you have other people involved. Ask your friends and make a study group. You can set goals and meet up on Zoom, Google Meet, or any other similar app. You can look for an essay helper if you are too tied up with assignments and coming exams. 

If you decide to complete an assignment or learn a chapter, you can divide the plan into separate tasks where you will self-learn one topic from the lesson and then meet online to discuss. You can also take turns explaining the concepts to each other. This is a fun way to ensure that you stay focused and meet deadlines. 

Recording Lectures for Good

The hassle of taking notes and missing details during class is something every student encounters frequently. Whether you are in the physical classroom or attending classes online, use your smartphone to record lectures effortlessly. 

You can listen to the lectures later and make notes without missing any detail. If you have to take notes during the session, you can take advantage of note-taking apps. These apps store and organize your notes on the cloud and sync it on all of your devices. So, physical boundaries won’t stop you from accessing them. 

On-The-Go Learning From Podcasts

Smartphones come in handy when you use public transport or are waiting for a class to start. During this time, you can indulge in learning about a topic that you like. Lately, podcasts have become the new resource for learning on the go. You can find podcasts of every genre on the Internet. Choose the topics of your interest or from your curriculum and listen to them anytime, anywhere. 

Reducing the Load of Paperbacks

Every book-lover will know how much they miss their books when they are getting bored. But carrying books everywhere is not practical. Hence, use online apps to be able to read your books whenever you want. 

Reading books gives you perspective and fosters creative thinking. So, if you are yet to develop this hobby, you should give it a try. You may not find the motivation to pick up a book and read over your other pastime options in your free time. But when you are in a waiting scenario, you can read a page or two. This habit will help you develop an interest in book reading eventually. 

A Timer to Challenge Yourself

Self-motivation is the key to success, but it doesn’t come easy. You can use your smartphone to challenge yourself. Set a timer and commit yourself to the assignment at hand. Work on the task until the alarm goes off, and rest assured that you can take a break after that. This approach is effectively used by many and is popularly known as the “Pomodoro Technique.” To follow this technique, you need to work on a task for 25 minutes, and then you take a short break of 5-10 minutes. You repeat this three times before taking a longer break. 


The Internet and smart devices have much more in store for learners. Today, in this era of digitization, the web has become the knowledge hub where you can find everything you require to succeed in life. The only thing you need is to know how to make the most of it. Your phone can get you to spend hours and hours scrolling through your social media account. And the very same device can help you achieve more success in your life if you use it smartly enough. So, try to incorporate the above tips into your day-to-day life and see your smartphone turning into your best companion ever. 

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