How to Screenshot on HP Laptop – A Step-by-Step Guide

People often ask how to screenshot on on HP laptop. The answer to this question is relatively simple as there are many methods by which you can carry out this activity. However, you only have to know the right tactics and proper steps. Otherwise, it could be challenging to perform this operation. HP laptops often work on Chrome and Windows operating systems which typically means that you can screenshot the screen simply with the help of your keyboard. In this blog post, we have enlisted all the step-by-step details to make sure you can have the best experience while performing this activity without facing any challenges.

How to Screenshot on HP laptop? 

The following are the primary methods you can opt for in return to how to screenshot on HP laptop

1 – Use PrtSc (Universal Method)

As mentioned previously, HP laptops work on Chrome and Windows operating systems. Thus, they can run all versions of Windows based on the processors and RAM integrated into it. Whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11, using PrtSc or Print Sc button can help you capture screenshots quickly and readily. The steps for this activity are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, you have to relocate the PrtSc key on your keyboard. Different HP laptops may have different positions for this button. Therefore, you must be well aware of the presence of this key.
  • After locating the key, you must press it for ponce. It will copy the image of the current screen to the clipboard.
  • Then, head toward an image processing tool, like Microsoft Paints, Word, or any other dedicated image editor software. Press CTRL + V to paste the image into the application.
How to Screenshot on HP laptop
  • Next, you have to save the file in the desired location after pressing the CTRL + S button. Moreover, you can perform this saving action by accessing the files button.

One important thing to remember is that following the above-mentioned steps will capture all the windows present on your interface. To capture a screenshot of the live window only:

  • Press the ALT and PrtSc buttons simultaneously to screenshot the active window.
  • Next, perform the steps mentioned above to save the image.

2 – Use the Snipping Tool (Windows 10 Only)

Windows 10 is one of the most advanced versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. This OS version has taken the world by storm because of its exceptional features and high-end attributes to deliver a maximum comforting experience to the users. One such built-in tool is the Snipping tool, which you can use to screenshots on HP laptop. Some outstanding features of this program are its exceptional efficiency, reliability, and performance along with the ease of use. To utilize the performance capabilities of this tool, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Head to the search bar in the Menu button and click on it.
  • Type Snipping Tool and press enter.
  • After searching is done, click on the application’s logo.
  • On opening, it will showcase a simple bar.
  • Click on the Mode button to see multiple options, like free-form, rectangular, window, and full-screen snip.
  • After capturing, you have to save the file in the desired folder. 

3 – Direct Screenshot Capturing

Most people search for how to screenshot on HP laptop directly without using any sort of application as mentioned in the previous two methods. Well, I have the HP laptop and I can provide you with an easy solution to carry out this activity. The steps are detailed in the following points.

  • Locate a button on your HP laptop with the Windows button.
  • If you have a complete keyboard with numeric buttons, there will be two similar buttons.
  • Whether you press the right or left, simultaneously press the PrtSc button.
  • The screen will get dim for a few seconds, showcasing the screenshot activity.
  • Your image will be saved directly to the photos section of your Windows files. 

4 – Use Snip and Sketch Tool

Windows 10 and 11 are the most advanced versions of the Microsoft operating system. As detailed in the above sections, these versions contain numerous high-end tools that can help you to perform several crucial activities quite simply and effectively. Snip & Sketch tool also comes built into these HP laptops. It is a more comprehensive solution to screenshots on HP laptops. To use it, work on the steps enlisted below.

  • Open the Menu bar and search for the Snip & Sketch tool.
  • After locating the official application, click on it to view its interface.
  • On the top left bar, there will be a New button.
  • Clicking on it will enable you to screenshots on HP laptop.
  • By selecting the desired area, the cropped section will automatically be pasted inside this program.
  • Save it to any folder on your storage by using the file button.

One important thing to know is that you should open the window that you are required to screenshot in the background. Upon opening the tool and clicking the New button, it will automatically redirect you to that desired window.

5 – Use Third Party Tools

Lastly, using third-party tools is the best strategy for screenshots on HP laptop. A large number of tools are available on the web, like Lightshot, Greenshot, ScreenPresso, or PicPick. These tools come with various quality options, like annotation, cropping, URL generation, and text addition. Hence, you can personalize your experience. Generally, these tools are widely functional for users who want to provide information on something, like teachers, researchers, presentation designers, and analyzers. Installing these applications helps you a lot. Nevertheless, you must try to have your hands on the one that is lightweight, secure, and threat-free for enhanced security and experience.

Final Verdicts

These are the details on how to screenshot on HP laptop. The methods in this guide are highly functional. However, you must analyze which are compatible with your laptop. In this way, you can capture your favorite moments or important files running on the screen to work on them later on. Moreover, you must follow some critical tricks like having a strong command of shortcuts to quickly cut, copy, paste, or save the image. It will save both time and effort. Above all, following safe practices while downloading and installing third-party screenshot tools can help you prevent unauthorized access to your storage and other information sets.

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