Effective ways to Adding Quora to Your Marketing Strategy

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great and known marketing places for brands and businesses to be present and active. As all businesses are available on these platforms, how do you stand out among competitors?

Quora has recently been seen as a new and gainful digital marketing strategy trend allowing small businesses and brands to build a strong presence and obtain new customers. Now businesses and brands can directly connect with their target audience on Quora as it is a Q&A platform where anyone can ask and answer questions to establish a one on one communication route with relevant people.

Adding Quora to a marketing strategy should be a top priority for businesses and marketers as it brings in a lot of opportunities and resources for brands and companies to grow in multiple ways. It is known as a brilliant source of content creation and marketing amongst fast-growing organizations and consumers.  

Whether you are looking to build and grow leadership presence, build your authority in your niche, increase brand awareness, or gain more customers. Quora is the best way to go and here are the most effective ways of adding Quora to your digital marketing strategy.

Create a Business Profile

Create an account on Quora with your brand name and if nothing comes up related to your business, go to the ‘Create Topic’ button and add a clear and concise keyword-rich description to let people know that who you are and what your offerings are. Over time, you can also build reviews for your profile that can work great as social proof to help you attract new customers.

Build a Direct Relationship with Potential Customers

An effectively built Quora marketing strategy can help brands and businesses approach right and qualified leads & sales on the site. The platform is not only suitable for connecting with customers but it also provides you a lane to build relations with authorities and experts in the industry who can benefit your brand or business in multiple ways. Help people resolve their issues and problems by answering their questions and offering your services or products as apt solutions.

Expand the Exposure for your Brand

Answering the questions with plenty of upvotes can help you increase exposure for your brand in a great way. By answering such questions, you can get thousands of views and those views could mean a lot of clicks to your business website. More traffic on your website could lead to more leads and sales.

Show your Industry Knowledge and Ideas to the Consumers

Quora is a most popular and brilliant question-answer platform to share useful information and industry insights with others. You can create quality content on a bigger range of topics and niches to show your knowledge and expertise to a wider audience. People are more likely to do business with your company or organization when they are aware of your expertise and knowledge related to the industry.

Insights from the Industry Experts

Quora is a great platform for people associated with different walks of life with infinite resources and opportunities. You can follow industry experts and specialists to get real insights and information to stay on top of trends. You can get useful information and ideas from relevant and real peoples that can be used for the ultimate growth of your business or brand.

Share Content and Engage Customers

It is a great place for brands and businesses to interlink their sites by sharing quality and informative content with target customers to keep them engaged. Quora content editing features allow you to add links of any web pages like blog posts, business websites, or social media profiles so your customers can easily reach and interact with you to avail of your services. It will not only increase traffic to your web pages but will improve the engagement rate as well.

Respond to Customers Richly

Quora is the best platform for organizations and small businesses to address the queries and issues of their target customers. With no limits on the content that can be shared on board, you can answer and re-answer the question with more information you can provide to help people resolve their issues and problems. Moreover, you can also adjust your answers according to your Quora marketing strategy by using target keywords and ideal landing pages. 

Answering Product/Company Questions

People might be asking about your services or products on Quora and it could be a great opportunity for you to answer their questions accordingly to turn them into valuable customers. Make sure to get notified whenever you are mentioned on Quora with your product or business name. You can also use Google alerts to get notified for every mention on the web. Answer the questions in a detailed and convincing manner to win trust and credibility.

Noman Sarwar

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