Proven eCommerce Website Security Tips For 2022

Since all the websites on the internet should be protected from cyber threats, eCommerce websites need to go an extra mile because they carry out several online transactions and collect a big deal of customer data daily. Being an online entrepreneur, eCommerce website security should be the biggest concern for you to make your online store secure. Irrespective of the size and type of the organization, protecting your eCommerce website is vital for the survival of your online business.

eCommerce Website Security Tips to Protect Your Online Store From Cyber Criminals

In this blog post, we will discuss the most essential eCommerce website security tips to protect your online store from cybercriminals.

Choose a Secure Web Host and eCommerce Platform

Since there are many eCommerce solutions available these days, you need to choose a secure eCommerce platform and web host for increased protection. Most online store builders come with built-in security features and measures. The best option is to shop around and check out security features that fit your business needs and make your customers feel protected as well. Find an eCommerce platform and web host with complete protection from common cyber threats.

Perform Regular SQL Checks

SQL injection is one of the common cyber-attacks and can be made in any user input on your website. That’s why keep checking your eCommerce website for this kind of vulnerabilities to improve the security of your website. A lot of security solutions are out there that can help you protect your online business from all types of SQL injection. You can also check with your website builder or web host if they provide SQL scanning features. Check the SQL scanner to run on a regular basis to keep your website from cyber-attacks.

Leave Payment and Data Processing to the Experts

The best to not compromise sensitive customer data and information is not to handle it on your own. Don’t collect and store customer data and information on your eCommerce website. Instead, hire data specialists and payment experts to deal with customer information and payment details. Make sure you are using secure payment gateways that are not known for leaking any sensitive customer data and information.

Implement SSL Certificate

A digital certificate that establishes a secure connection between website visitors and the server is known as an SSL certificate. The certificate is most important than ever for websites like online stores that receive sensitive user information and data. SSL certificates automatically encrypt all the submitted details and information to protect them from any third parties. Most web hosting services and website builders come with a free SSL certificate in their plans. SSL implementation is also considered as a ranking factor as Google doesn’t rank websites higher that lack HTTPS.

Set Employee Access Roles

If you are managing your eCommerce website as a one-man-army, there is no need to create separate user roles or employee profiles. But if there are several people working on the website, make sure to create and set employee access roles to control what actions different users can take. You can specify certain tasks that you want your employees and allow them access to a particular portion of website data they need to complete assigned tasks.

Back up your Website Data Regularly

Data backup won’t stop any cyber security threats but makes website restoration a lot easier in case of an unforeseen incident. When you back up eCommerce website data regularly, you can get your website back within hours after an attack or damage. Some eCommerce website platforms and builders offer real time data back facilities to their customers. So, opt for a CMS or website builder with advanced data backup features.

Keep your eCommerce Website Software Updated

Cybercriminals and hackers usually find vulnerabilities in website software and other apps to get into the website and gain access to sensitive data and information. Keeping your eCommerce website updated is the best way to avoid any threats and attacks caused by software vulnerabilities. Make sure to check the latest website updates and install them as soon as possible to improve your eCommerce website security and prevent hacking attacks. Turning automatic updates on is a great idea to keep your website updated automatically.

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