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Claude AI Review – Features, Usage, and Best Alternatives

If you ask someone about AI, they’re definitely going to mention ChatGPT while talking about it. That is because this platform has gained massive popularity around the world. Still, there are some other AI chatbots that are working under the shadow. Claude AI is one of them.

It is a Large Language Model being used for a bunch of purposes. You can chat with it similarly to ChatGPT and get natural responses. We’re going to review this chatbot in today’s article. Let’s begin.

What is Claude AI?

Claude AI is a chatbot developed by Anthropic that works similarly to ChatGPT. It is actually a group of different language models. These models are trained on massive data that is provided to it by Anthropic. The chatbot uses this data to respond to the given commands.

The interface of this software is designed to be like a chatting platform. This means that you actually have a conversation with the model. You can use different prompts to get your desired output as well.

The reason why Claude AI has been able to get mentioned in the same sentence as ChatGPT is its natural responses. It also utilizes NLP algorithms. These algorithms help it understand the context of given commands. This allows it to give replies in a much more natural way.

Features of Claude AI

The features of Claude AI are what make it special. Here are some of the most mention-worthy ones:

Accurate Text Generation:

Most users use this platform for text generation. You can generate almost any type of text with it. The tool will do it with maximum accuracy. This means that it will analyze your command properly and add all the required sections in the text. You can generate blogs, emails, a thesis, etc. with it.

Document File Processing:

This feature gives Claude AI an edge over other similar chatbots. It can analyze and process different types of documents. They include PDF, DOCX, TXT, EPUB, etc. This indicates that you can directly analyze any data within a file without having to provide it separately.

More Token Remembering Capacity:

This platform has the capability of remembering more tokens. It essentially can remember your conversation consisting of over 100,000 tokens. This feature was the most impressing for us. Think of tokens as the words used in the conversation. However, they don’t only include words. Punctuation marks, numbers, etc. are also included in it. This means that you can conversate with the bot in longer passages and it will remember each detail.

Up-to-Date Data Knowledge:

The data you receive from this bot is completely up-to-date. It helps users get the latest information according to their commands. This makes the generated results more accurate and useful.

How to Use Claude AI?

Here’s how you can use this chatbot:

Step #1 – Search for the platform:

First, you’ve got to search for this platform via a browser. Simply enter its name and hit the “Search” button. After that, click on the domain ( we’ve indicated in the image below.

How to Use Claude AI?

Step #2 – Create an Account:

In this step, the tool will ask you to create an account. You can use any of your email addresses in order to do so.

How to Use Claude AI?

After this, enter your country’s code along with your phone number. Claude AI will send you a text containing a confirmation code. Enter this code in the designated place.

Step #3 – Start chatting:

How to Use Claude AI?

Now, you can start chatting with this tool. If you have used ChatGPT, you won’t find it hard to use Claude as well. Besides, its user interface is very straightforward. It makes the usage method a lot easier.

Claude AI Pricing Details:

Claude AI can be used for free with some limited features. To get extra features, you can buy its pro version for $20/month. It offers you perks like:

  • You can use Claude 2 5X more than the free version. You can also send many more messages as well.
  • In case of high traffic, you will get exclusive access to the bot.
  • You can get early access to any new feature of this platform.

Top Alternatives of Claude AI

Some of the top alternatives of this platform are given below:


Gemini is a similar large language model. It is developed by Google and DeepMind. It is considered to be the best model when it comes to getting the latest data. Easily understand human-written data and respond accordingly.

An interesting thing about it is its capability of analyzing pictures. This means that you can upload different types of pictures and analyze any data present on them. You can start using it directly with your Google account. 


Bing AI

Bing AI is developed by Microsoft. The contextual understanding of this model is exceptional. You can also generate images with this model. It makes it superior to many other chatbots.

Its usage is completely free. You only need a Microsoft account to get started with it. Another important feature is that it offers additional information with its responses as well. It includes things like pictures, maps, etc.

Bing AI:


As we have discussed throughout the blog, ChatGPT works similar to Claude AI. This means that you can use it as an alternative. Over the past few months, this platform has become very advanced. You can handle different types of tasks with this platform. It can even help you generate codes as well. If you are a general curious user, this chatbot is perfect for you. Its free version offers enough features to enjoy having a conversation with an AI chatbot.



To conclude it all, Claude AI isn’t a very popular AI chatbot. However, it is packed with features similar to other famous chatbots. It is fed on a large data set. This data enables it to generate accurate and contextual responses. All of its features make it useful for general and professional users. The usage method of this bot is also very easy. We have discussed all of this in a comprehensive way in the information given above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I create multiple Claude AI accounts on a single phone number?

No. Only one account can be associated with a single phone number.

Can this platform generate images?

No. It is not capable of generating images yet.

Is this platform accessible on mobile devices?

Indeed. You can access this platform on mobile devices as well.

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