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The Advancing Technology and Power of AI Content Creator Tools

Today, no form of technology is advancing faster than AI. AI art, music, writing, chatbots, all of these are improving incredibly fast. The AI that sparked this trend was ChatGPT, showing the power of AI in writing new and novel text. However, today there are AI programs which have pushed certain aspects of AI writing even further.

The Power of AI Text to Speech

One of the most advanced subsections of AI writing has come in the form of vocal transcription. Vocal transcription, in this case, doesn’t mean the literal transcription of vocal words onto a digital document. Instead it means the capacity of AI to turn free-form speech into a coherent and well thought out text document.

The mechanisms behind this are complicated, but on the user side it is quite simple. AI programs like Storied allow the user to speak into their phone and generate accompanying text. This is something that even ChatGPT can do, but the process doesn’t stop there. Once some basic text is generated, the AI will then start to ask clarifying questions.

These can be questions around the formatting, the content, the length, or the conciseness of the text. This process requires less from the user than going through these questions internally. Yet it doesn’t take away the user’s vision and creativity, because they’re still the one answering the questions. And once the document is reaching completion the user can then go back in and ask for changes and edits. 


It’s this more back and forth interactive process that creates a more powerful form of transcription. AI, as advanced as it is, can never fully capture what a human wants. However, the difference with modern AI transcription is that it will ask questions to get as close as possible. This is important. The modern day worries around AI killing creativity aren’t unfounded, AI can simply replace a human in many cases. Yet it’s the more interactive AIs, with content creator tools, that can really start to move away from those concerns.

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Brian Wallace

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