BMO Performance Plan Account Review- All You Need to Know

BMO is a famous and largest bank that are serving the community of people in North America. It is widely providing people with its wonderful features and services. BMO is offering service of the investment banking to its all customers.

BMO is a popular bank of Canada with the name, the Bank of Montreal located in North America. It is also called the BMO Harris Bank. In 1817, BMO was first established, and its name was Harris Bank.

BMO has a variety of accounts, services, and product opportunities for the benefit of people. The BMO performance plan account is its major mid-range account. This checking account of BMO is offering a feature and service of low-interest rates for their savings and investments.

 Almost 2 million people are using and enjoying the services of BMO. The mission of the BMO is to advance the dynamic market, secure the future of people, and an equitable society that guides strategies motivates ambitions, and strengthens the devotion to growth and development.

What is BMO Performance Plan?

This is one of the major chequing accounts of the BMO. This inexpensive chequing account offers a significant bonus code and endless free payments. This BMO account has a monthly fee which is about 16.95 dollars.

The BMO Performance chequing account is the personal account for students, professionals, and freelancers. If you want to waive your monthly fee for this chequing account then, your account requires a very high minimum balance. The performance plan account demands a minimum of $4,000 minimum balance.

It offers free withdrawal from credit cards that are BMO affiliated. If you want to withdraw money from credit cards that are not affiliated with the BMO then, only the first withdrawal will be free from these non-affiliated cards. The BMO performance plan account charges a 4.25 percent fee for promotional interest rates.

Additionally, it is advised for those in need of counseling and corporate or specialized services. BMO is also serving people with retirement planning and loan services for home equity. BMO Performance chequing account is the right choice for people to maintain saving accounts for health, financial, and business services.

Special Features of Performance Plan Account of BMO

Welcome Rewards and Bonuses

The bonus can be given to those account holders that meet the minimum criteria or instructions for getting a reward or bonus. The amount of reward is 350 dollars which is a large amount for students and learners. This reward gives to all the newcomers that make their Performance Plan account with BMO.

Besides the welcome bonus, people can also receive the 50 dollars extra by inviting their friends and other family members to make their chequing account with BMO.

Make free transactions

By using the BMO performance plan account, users can withdraw their money from cards affiliated with this account. They can transfer money to everyone without any fee. Users can save their transaction fees and enjoy this free service.

Rebate Offer

The rebate offer of this chequing account is very interesting and unique which is liked and appreciated by its all users. The rebate offer is given on the annual fee. It will be given to users who are using the BMO MasterCard. It’s a great offer and its users are availing this user every year. The annual fee of the BMO MasterCard is between ninety-nine to one-fifty dollars.

You can also get this rebate offer of 40 dollars on other BMO cards like BMO Cashback World Elite MasterCard.

Waiving offer for a monthly fee

This is the largest and most fantastic offer for the users of the BMO performance chequing account. The monthly fee of the BMO performance plan account is $16.95. Users can easily save 16.95 dollars by maintaining their account all the time with money of about 4000 dollars.

Interac e-transfers

This special feature is attracting many people. This special offer can enable people to send and receive cash to their siblings, fellows, and colleagues without any fee.

Family bundle

This family bundle offer is only for those who have already an account on the BMO and using it. If the user’s family members join the BMO performance chequing account then, they will have to pay no fee.

Special Discounts

The BMO performance chequing account offers special discounts to some categories. These categories include students, seniors, and newcomers. The Canadian Defense Community also gets special discounts by making this account.

To get this special discount offer, they will meet the following criteria.

  • Canadian Defense Community

The Coast Personnel Guards of Canada and military personnel can enjoy this special discount offer. The families of Military officers and RCMP will also get this offer. The personnel that is serving and fighting for the defense of the country are eligible and enjoy this great offer. The monthly fee is also 0% for this category.

  • Seniors

Seniors are those people that are aged above 60 years. These people are actually not able to work that’s why BMO offers the seniors special discount offers. Seniors have to pay only an 11.95 % monthly fee.

  • Students

The BMO offers special discount offers to the students and all learners of the universities and colleges. The students must be aged above 18 years and studying in any of the institutes. Students will get special discount offers and a variety of other features and products of this chequing account. This special offer includes a discount on the monthly fee of the performance plan account. All students have to pay only a $5 dollars’ monthly fee.

  • Newcomers

The newcomer’s discount offers are fantastic and very useful. The people who sign-up and make the BMO performance plan account will get special discount offers. All newcomers can use and enjoy all the features of this BMO chequing account free without any monthly fee for 1 year.

  • Indigenous Community

BMO also gives special discount offers and support to the indigenous people. They can also enjoy discounts on mortgages, personal loans, and get 0.25% on investments up to a minimum of one thousand dollars

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