Best Task Management Software Tools

Task management software tools are becoming very popular in the software industry. They are necessary for any business because they help map out any project’s scope. In any business, individuals and teams can prioritize any specific task or approach any goal using the best task management software. But picking the suitable tool can be trickier for task management than completing any usual task.

What is Task Management Software Tools?

Task management software tools help you to manage your tasks effectively and efficiently. The digital platforms allow individuals and teams to plan, organize and prioritize tasks using to-do lists. They are specially designed to prepare resources, project estimation, etc. At the same time, you can also use them for problem identification and prioritize the tasks per the circumstances, as the name Task Management suggests that they are mainly designed to address the requirements of task managers.

Task Management Software Tools:

There are many significant task management tools, but the following list shows the top devices on the market today to assist you narrow down your search.

  2. ClickUp
  3. Airtable
  4. Infinity
  5. ProofHub
  6. Paymo
  7. Asana

Monday is one of the best task management software tools that helps you to map out individual and team tasks. It is among the tools that can handle workflow management for any project. The platform is most attractive because of its high scalability and customizable spreadsheet.

It is a team collaboration tool that allows users to collaborate on tasks. To track your tasks, you must upload and attach files, tag some members on functions, and fix the deadlines depending on your chosen plan. It incorporates all your workflows and records by creating teamwork instant and ensured.


Individual: $0 free forever

Basic: $8 seat/month or a Total of $24 /month Billed annually

Standard: $10 seat/month or a Total of $30 /month Billed annually

Pro: $16 seat/month or a Total of $48 /month Billed annually

Enterprise: Contact us


  1. Customizable templates
  2. Workforce Automation
  3. Real-time Dashboards
  4. Matchless integration with other apps


  • Free-forever plan
  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Unlimited docs on all plans
  • Highly scalable
  • Custom dashboards


ClickUp is an all-in-one task management tool that offers a great workplace with enormous capabilities. It contains multiple features and functionalities that help you to tackle any task, from simple to-dos to complex projects. The tool boost productivity of any industry using numerous ways like Gantt, List, Kanban-like Board view, and its Calendar.

It can customize anything using a robust set of features. Some well-known companies, including Uber, Nike, Google, and Airbnb, use this tool. This tool can approach your organization and globally sort the tasks.


Free Forever: Best for personal use

Unlimited: $9 per member/month or $5 per member/month

Business: $19 per member/month or $12 per member/month

Business Plus: $29 per member/month or $19 per member/month

Enterprise: Contact Sales


  1. Time Management
  2. Time Tracking
  3. Custom Statuses templates and Custom Fields
  4. Customizable tasks and Subtasks
  5. Assigned Comments
  6. Dashboards
  7. Goals, Reminders, Tags, and Inbox
  8. Apps Integration
  9. Checklists within tasks


  • Free-forever plan available
  • Multi-task toolbar for subtasks
  • Internal chat messaging
  • Time tracking on all plans
  • Feature-rich platform
  • Highly customizable dashboards


Airtable is the best task management platform that helps to build collaborative applications. It is similar to spreadsheets like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. The platform has scalability and flexibility that map out your projects and tasks to handle your work. You will be offered an intuitive interface that creates a better visual representation of tasks.

It helps to use multiple features such as a content calendar, roadmap, customizing views, etc. Airtable architecture provides tremendous support that handles big teams, multimedia, and multiple-step tasks. The tool also permits you to incorporate it with other platforms, including Salesforce, Outlook, and Hootsuite.


Free: free forever

Plus: $10 seat/month billed annually

Pro: $20 seat/month billed annually

Enterprise: Contact sales


  1. Grid Interface
  2. Task Tracker
  3. 3D Model Explorer
  4. Functional, Nix, and Match Blocks
  5. Map and Geocode Integrations
  6. Page Design
  7. SMS Integration
  8. 50 Airtable Apps
  9. Data Import/Export


  • Forever free plan
  • Drag and drop tools
  • Milestones and due dates visible in the calendar view
  • App integrations
  • User-created templates available
  • Easy to use
  • Forms for data collection


Infinity is an all-in-one task management platform that helps to create the most flexible, adaptable, and intuitive software. You can utilize this tool to organize your tasks and projects in the same place. It can coordinate with any organization or any freelancer to track its tasks. You can manage multiple customers, but the structure and powerful customization make it more unique. It can also assist you in being aware of clutter at any cost. It provides an intuitive UI that effectively customizes all your work however you prefer.


Basic: $5 user/month or $3.75 user/month billed annually

Pro: $8 user/month or $6 user/month billed annually

Enterprise: Contact Sales


  1. Multiple Views
  2. Folders and Subfolders
  3. Custom Attributes
  4. Attachments and Links
  5. Custom Boards
  6. Assigned Tasks and Comments
  7. Notifications
  8. Zapier and Clockify Integrations
  9. CSV Import
  10. Automatic Backups
  11. Activity Log
  12. Data Recovery


  • Easy to copy
  • Copy pastes
  • Project Management


ProofHub is the best task management tool trusted by over 85,000 companies and teams globally. It is meant for everyone that is used to any business and industry. The platform offers splendid features in the same place and streamlines workflows. It can meet the team requirements and manage project tasks. The platform provides an intuitive interface that attracts people to interact smoothly.

Regarding task planning, it allows you to switch between table view, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts. By using these ways, you can schedule your timeframe. You can use Kanban Boards to visualize tasks and adjust the Gantt chart to adjust workflows. ProofHub is excellent for reporting purposes that assist you in managing tasks using Manage tasks, Calendar, and support queries.


Free: Start your Free trial

Ultimate Control: $99/month or $89/month billed annually

Essential: $50/month or $45/month billed annually


  1. Task Management
  2. Schedule Tasks Using Gantt Charts
  3. Custom Task Fields
  4. Accurate Timesheets
  5. Table View
  6. Custom Roles
  7. Stickies
  8. File Proofing


  • Minimal learning curve
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Visualize tasks in multiple views
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Announcements for sharing info
  • Real-time notifications


Paymo is a modern task management software tool for small businesses, Web Design, Creative Agencies, and remote teams. It helps teams manage tasks, estimate costs, and billing clients under the same roof. It empowers clients to oversee resources on the same platform that tracks time, progress, and productivity.

After you send the project to your client for endorsement, you can rapidly transform it into a receipt in the application. It keeps you updated with the payment as the task progresses. As a freelancer, you can use it freely. Using Kanban and Gantt charts, task managers stay on top because of integration with an efficient app. It has robust features that can prove to be a long-term investment.


Free: $0 per month

Starter: $4.95 per month

Small Office: $9.95 per month

Business: $20.79 per month


  1. Task prioritize levels
  2. Ability to attach files
  3. Planning and Scheduling
  4. Third-party integrations
  5. Resource Management
  6. Time Management
  7. Team Collaboration
  8. Customization
  9. Kanban and Gantt project views


  • Comprehensive Project Management Tools
  • Extensive Time Tracking
  • Actionable Insights and Reports
  • Accounting module
  • Free community support


Asana is undoubtedly one of the best task management tools for creating or keeping track of records. It is famous for enterprises, but small teams can use it because it organizes tasks and meets deadlines. You need to focus on your task as it makes team activities simple, like sharing files, progress tracking, updates, and reviews.

The platform provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface with an offline feature to update you on a particular task. It has been there for a long time in the task management tools industry that helps you to see your tasks in different views such as ListView, Boards view, and Timeline view. Asana frequently requires combinations with other tools, as Infinity provides project templates to accommodate your tasks particular industry.


Asana Basic: Free

Asana Premium: $10.99 user/month billed annually

Asana Business: $24.99.99 user/month billed annually

Asana Enterprise: Contact sales


  1. Team Collaboration and Conversation
  2. Task Tracking and Management
  3. Drag and Drop Interface
  4. Process Automation
  5. List, Kanban, Gantt and Calendar Views
  6. Subtask Checklists
  7. Data Export
  8. Task Analytics and Forms
  9. Third-Party Integrations
  10. Shared/Private Access


  • Free plan available
  • Limitless resources
  • Integrations on all plans
  • Unlimited free guests
  • No user minimum

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