Best Steam Games That You Will Love

Top Steam Games to Play in 2018

Steam is a one-stop shop for the tech geeks and nerds who spend hours playing online games. This is a place where you can play online multiplayer or single-player games, chat with your friends and, interact with other people during gameplay, and stream live videos. Probably the most important thing about Steam is that it helps you update your games and software programs automatically and saves game progress in the cloud. It was initially built to be used with Microsoft Windows, but now it is also compatible with Linux and OS X. It’s not just for PCs; you can also use Steam on your mobile phone.

Steam Games – An Overview

Steam Games refers to video games available on the Steam platform, a popular digital distribution service developed by Valve Corporation. This offers various games across various genres, including action, adventure, strategy, and more. The term encompasses both free and paid games accessible through the Steam client.

Why is Steam different?

It’s not hard to describe why Steam is different from other online gaming platforms because there is simply no other place offering such features and convenience to the users. Whether you like to play online games, chat with your friends or other players during gameplay, get essential updates without much hustle, or want to organize your games library, Steam is the platform you will ever need. With Steam, you will get the features like;

  • Send games from your computer to a neighbor’s system.
  • Play games on a big screen, i.e., television with improved graphics.
  • Get updated drivers of any kind with just 1 click of a button.
  • Organize your game library, i.e., hide and unhide games,
  • Change the user interface with dozens of available skins
  • Search the web or chat with friends playing without leaving the game interface.

The Top Steam Games

Here are the top games that you can play on the Steam platform.


Defense of the Ancients, or what we generally call Dota2, is a strategy-based fighting game. The basic rule of this game is to lead your army through obstacles and wars to the enemy’s base and destroy the structures. What’s interesting about this game is that once you start playing it, it will soon catch up to you, and you will never want to leave it. People spend dozens of hours playing this game continuously, and the reason is pretty simple: once you start leveling up by winning, you never want to stop.

Best steam games that you will love


If you remember the game called ‘Desert Ireland’ with your friends, Warframe is the game that definitely qualifies for the list of games that you want to play for the rest of your life. This is a game where you fight with enemies and weird creatures in space. The ultimate goal of this game is to kill whatever comes in front of you and loot their stuff to build a badass empire or alone planet of yours. With the update last year, you can also enjoy a picnic, fishing or just sit in a campsite with other players instead of regular shooting and killing.

Best steam games

Path of Exile

This is yet another fighting game where you try to kill whatever stands in between your way to victory. It is a game set in Ware, which is a fantasy world. If you like to play games like Final Fantasy or Far Cry, you will also love this game. The developers keep updating new stages in the game, so you will always find a new task or mission to complete. Among all role-playing multiplayer online games, Path of Exile stands alone due to its depth of graphics and gameplay details.

best steam games 2018

American Truck Simulator

This game qualifies at the top of the list of truck-driving simulators. Here, you will drive various types of trucks from point A to point B, and at the end, you will get rewarded for your services. You can buy your trucks and garages and hire professional drivers to work for you with the money you earn. If you like to sit comfortably on the couch and drive high-definition trucks with all the correct details, this is the game you should play.

Surviving Mars

This game is very similar to Sim City, except you try colonizing Mars. In this game, you are in charge of building a new city or town on Mars and trying to keep all the members alive. What seems very simple can be challenging during the gameplay, especially when something goes wrong. Before you can figure out how to solve the problem, people start dying one after another.

 steam games 2018


Steam is the ultimate residence for hardcore players with its massive video game library and features. The needs of tech enthusiasts are diverse and heavily penetrated by seamless online multiplayer interactions, automatic updates, and cloud-based game progress. The highlighted top 5 Steam games reveal the merits of an impressive range on offer by virtue of these that enable them to attract all kinds of gamers into each particular genre.

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