10 Best Graphic Design Blogs You Should Reading in 2024

The art of displaying any project and idea with the help of visuals and textual aids is said to be graphic design. Representations of interpretations, ideas, and thoughts through images. Visual aids are said to be the main purpose of graphic designs. These visuals include advertisements, simple logos, images, colors, or complex website layouts. Graphic designers take an idea and represent it in multiple ways by using visual aids. This guide will provide you with a list of top graphic design blogs to assist you in gaining graphic design knowledge.

Trends and Creativity in Graphic Designs

With the increasing trends and more creative minds joining the graphic designing industry, the scope is increasing daily. Professionals are creating more user-friendly, attention-grabbing, and attractive logos. People are promoting their businesses and marketing their brands. Poorly designed logos are considered to be bad for sponsoring or promoting a brand.

A bold, memorable, and clear logo is required for a business to promote its brand. Experienced and well-skilled graphic designers are to be hired to have a well-established logo or layout. Multiple online blogs for graphic designers can help designers learn how to design a high-quality logo to attract different customers for a specific brand.

List of the Best Graphic Design Blogs:

To have the best of what a graphic designer needs, several blogs provide basic information on what it takes to have the best logos and designs. Here is a list of the best blogs for graphic designers to get started in their journey.

1- Adobe Creative Magazine

This Adobe Creative magazine is available in the app version and provides different templates for graphic designers. The details and trendy concepts can be used as the app offers graphic designers information and ideas about them. It is time-saving; designers can make engaging logos, flyers, and layouts. Thousands of templates can be accessed by using this Adobe Creative magazine. Adobe magazine brings challenging designs that graphic designers can use as a resource to learn skills. They also provide learning opportunities through which Photoshop skills can be learned. This magazine also offers many software and applications to graphic designers to add things to their projects.

2- AIGA Eye On Design

This is one of the best-recognized design organizations that provides designers with resources in blogs and web content. Details about the designs, events, services, and products are all given in separate tabs. The magazine is also available for the learners to learn graphic design skills. Information on the latest trends and ideas about them are also given in detailed content. Graphic designers can follow its tips and tricks to stand out and keep themselves updated according to the viral content. They can utilize to provide services to their people. Aiga is reputed to be the best web design blog for graphic designers and web developers.

3- UX Collective

This web design blog provides details about the curated stories; according to them, they think that designers are thinkers. This blog helps designers be more creative and think critically about the designs which they are working on. Plenty of posts get a space on this blog and are informative as they provide innovative and creative ideas to the users. This blog is one of the best for anyone interested in product design. It offers practical and efficient details to the people who visit this website to learn graphic design.

4- Canva Design School

Canva Design School provides information in design tutorials that are free to help people in so many ways. Their blog serves people to learn about the tools and techniques they can provide to their learners. It provides information and learning material for people to learn how to use Canva, color, designs, and everything it offers. The web provides a separate tab where blogs are mentioned through which resources, articles, and courses are available for people who want to know the basic skills of designing.

5- Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is one of the most famous and inspiring magazines with details about trends, news events, and guides. It allows the designers to learn from experts and experienced professionals about design’s basic and creative aspects. Inspirations from bloggers and content creators can also be used as motivating factors as they provide more useful and creative ideas to the people who join the web. This blog page provides free templates, icons, and graphics for the designers to work on.

6- Co-design

This design company provides an excellent blog for graphic designers and web developers. This blog is introduced by a company that offers fast services and focuses on graphic designing as a business. Professional writers update their blog posts daily and are very informative for people trying to excel in their careers as graphic designers. Experienced professionals are also providing tips and techniques to be followed while designing layouts; in this way, they inspire the designers for the next project.

7- Site Point

Site Point is the best site for entrepreneurs to learn new trends and skills, as it provides blog posts and material to succeed. It does give tips and tricks to online brands to learn by designing a portfolio of your brand. If entrepreneurs want more content about learning, the site provides e-books and material that make it more informative and effective for learners.

8- Inspiration Grid

This blog keeps everything up to date as specific categories of blogs, such as advertisements and logo designs, can be accessed. If you want to design any logo or create an inspirational grid, this can be done by following the tips and tricks in blogs. This blog provides learning tactics and skills to people interested in graphic design.

9- Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is one of the best blog pages for designers, providing blog posts and uploading e-books and workshops for people who want to learn graphic design. Thousands of articles providing tips and tricks to people about designs are uploaded to read and learn.

10- Creative Overflow

This site allows artists and the community to work together and learn from different sources and articles already available on the website. The blog posts motivate the artists to work more creatively and innovatively by reading about the success stories of others. Creative overflow inspires people through articles, blogs, tutorials, and other resources and is updating things daily.


In times when technological advancement is at its peak, more people are using tech to be more career-oriented. Tech advancement has provided ways for graphic designers to enhance their skills and be more polished in using them. These blogs are an essential source of information as everything a graphic designer needs to know is somehow tackled in the list mentioned above of blogs.

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