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Android Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Near are the days when smartphones would be used at the place of personal computers or laptops to perform a variety of personal and business-related tasks even without leaving the bedroom or while on the go.

When it comes to blogging, the abundance of best blogging apps for bloggers are available on Google play store that are convenient to make blogging easier.

Android blogging apps are commonly used by bloggers due to their density and easy to use user interfaces.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or already running a lot of blogs over the internet, you should take advantage of smartphones and make blogging more contented and efficient as well.

Have a glance at following best Android apps for bloggers that can assist you to manage and organize your blogs without using a laptop or personal computer.

Top Android Apps for Bloggers


Since Wordpress is the much-loved content management system around the globe, bloggers love to build their blogs and websites because it provides a big number of blog themes, plug-ins and add-ons etc.

The official android application of WordPress enables a blogger to create and publish blog posts without difficulty even while traveling.

With this best blogging app, process of publishing and editing of the blog posts is fairly possible without having a computer.

Just download it from Google play store without wasting moments and start managing your blog right from your smartphone with the Android operating system.


Blogger is one of the top blogging platforms and powered by Google. Blogger Android app is the most dependable blogging app and also free to download for your android smartphone.

The functionality of blogger app is stumpy as compared to the Wordpress app but it is made with enough feature that are able to satisfy your blogging needs when you are using Blogger as your favorite blogging platform.

You will need to log into the app by using the same Gmail account which is associated with your blog.


When you are managing a blog A to Z yourself, (from writing posts to publishing), you will definitely need a superb word processor for your smartphone if you are about to handle the blog without using a computer.

The writer app could be the best android blogging app when it comes to write blog posts on a smartphone.

Most of the android apps with incoming notifications are the most common efficiency killers but the writer app offers you a distraction-free writing environment on your mobile phone to get spotless posts written efficiently.

By using this best android blogging app, you can focus exclusively on writing content with peace of mind to increase user engagement for your blog.

Plagiarism Checker

Google loves the high quality and unique content in order to help you getting rank higher for your blog. So how you will check the content for plagiarism while using a smartphone for blogging?

Don’t worry, the Plagiarism Checker app is available on Google play store that will aid you to know that whether your content in unique or not.

It is one of the best blogging apps for bloggers and scans your content or post with different search engines to show final results.

Google Adsense

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online and Google AdSense is the most famed ads network all over the world that lets bloggers to monetize their blogs to get bucks after getting some traffic.

Now, you can check your AdSense reports, earnings and other details by using official Google Adsense app. You can get it from Google play store easily.

Once the app is installed and connected to the account, it will start displaying the data like estimated earnings, total page views, total clicks, CPC, and CTR percentage etc.

Through this way, you will get full control over your Adsense account without using a laptop or computer.

Google Analytics

Keeping track of your blog traffic shows your overall efficiency and also provides some data that can help you get things improved as needed.

Google analytics is the reliable source to check your visitors and other data that you can also use on your Android Smartphone just because of the app provided by the Google for its users.

With Google analytics app, viewing the details like real-time analytics, audience location, goal conversions and behavior of the audience made really easy on Android devices.


For a blogger, social media presence means a lot because it helps them to grow fast as well as to stay connected with the audience.

But, managing your different social media account at a time could be a time eating job and it is now pretty easy to do via Buffer app.

It is considered as one of the top android apps for bloggers because it allows a blogger to share a post on different social media platforms at a time.

This social media managing app is created with scheduling feature that helps you maintain consistency in your work.


Continues reading, data collection and staying up to date with latest trends are some basic things that an expert blogger always care of. But it could be hard to remember a lot of things orally to retrieve.

That is the reason, Pocket is considered as the best blogging app for bloggers because it enables a user to save different posts, URLs and website links that he or she want to read or view later.

The pocket app also enables a blogger to save posts from Twitter, Feedly and Flipboard etc in order to stay updated with the stuff you need.

pocket app for bloggers

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