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Every product with some technical specifications always has some pros and cons – No matter whether it is a weight loss machine, a cooking machine, or a Macbook. Because humans are not as perfect as they can build something with zero-cons in the competitive world. These drawbacks can be drawn from a specific group, or use case. Just like the mobile phone – considered the most great invention also holds some side effects for different groups.

The cons tag always comes with every product. Not a single thing on the internet is available that has no cons. So, in this article, I am going to list the pros and cons of using a Macbook. These pros and cons will help you decide on your next machine. So, let’s start with the pros of the Apple Macbook, and we’ll discuss the cons later.

Pros of Macbooks

These pros are gathered from all Macbook users to enhance the accuracy of our guide. Some of those are given below in detail.

Stunning Display

The first characteristic found in Apple Macbooks is the display. It doesn’t matter whether your Macbook is low-profile or high-profile. The display of Macbooks is stunning. You get strong hinges to rotate the screen wherever you want, and after that, you see a fantastic image quality.

The size of the Macbook’s display screen also doesn’t matter. 13-inch is the common size found in every Macbook. So, on these 13-inches, you get a vibrant display on everything. It doesn’t matter if you are watching any video or working on your projects. You’ll get the same display without any decrease in brightness or colors.

Steady Performance

This feature was not found in any laptop holding the Windows operating system. But on Macbooks, you find this feature, and that matters a lot. If you work for more than 7-8 hours on laptops with Windows operating systems, your laptop’s performance starts decreasing.

In that case, most people turn off their laptops for a while because they want their laptop’s temperature to come back to normal. When their laptop’s temperature comes back to normal, they turn it on and continue their work. That’s how a laptop user survives the heating issue.

If you want a laptop that doesn’t get heated quickly, then you must visit Bigeno. It’s a popular website offering laptop reviews, and on it, you’ll find a suitable machine. Also, you can track your laptop’s temperature by installing some apps that show your laptop’s current temperature. For that, you must visit the ATOZ APK. This website is not related to laptops, but you’ll find some suitable apps for your laptops on it.

So when you are using a Macbook Pro, you don’t fear this because your Macbook doesn’t get heated as a Windows laptop does. You’ll get the same performance even after working for more than 10-14 hours. That’s the best feature Apple offers to its users.

Awesome Battery Timing

On Macbooks, the battery life timings are higher than your expectations. You may have seen numerous laptops, either gaming or workstations. The highest number you find is 9-10 hours. But on Macbooks, this 9 hours backup is a small number.

On Macbooks, you get an average time of 15-19 hours at least. Its charger is plugged in through a C-Type port, and C-Type ports have good speed. So if you want to charge your MacBook, you’ll be able to finish the charging in just 1 or 2 hours.

After 1 or 2 hours of charging, your machine is ready to deliver in 15-19 hours. That’s the 3rd pro that a Macbook user gets. You get a fast speed with steady performance and more power on time.

No Fans, Just Air

This prefix is also written on the Apple’s Macbook page on Amazon. Believe it or not, Macbooks don’t have fans, and no heat can harm their performance even if they don’t come with fans. Working on a laptop for more than 5 hours increases your laptop’s temperature to an all-time high. But on Macbooks, this problem vanishes because there is no heating issue. 

Macbook developers have developed this machine in such a way that no heat can touch your Macbook. These machines only work on airflow, not on fans. So if no heat issues occur in your Macbook, the higher it performs well.

That is the best feature of having a Macbook for yourself. You get 18-19 hours to work on your Macbook without any heating issues. So what more do you expect from Apple?

Easy To Use

At last, Macbooks are easy to use. In the beginning, you face problems because its working criteria are different from a standard laptop. But when you understand how Macbook works, you get addicted to it. So you don’t want any other machine to come in front of you. You only need the Macbook Pro in front of you where you can work easily.

Cons of Macbooks

Users face different kinds of issues using a Macbook so we highlighted those in the below section.

No Games to Play

The first cons of having a Macbook is the low number of games. You may have heard the names of several games, including Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Need For Speed series. Unfortunately, these games don’t work on Macbooks because Apple has never focused on gaming.

You can convert a PC game to iOS, but you don’t get the same graphics because converting a specific file minimizes its size and produces the main parts, not every single part. So expecting smooth gameplay of GTA 5 is recommended, but expecting the same graphics the PC user gets is not recommended.

If you convert a game to any other operating system, you’ll never get the same graphics. I mentioned this con first because I am also a gamer, and I love to play games.

We all know that office employees work the whole day and when they return home, they need to relax their minds. So most people do Yoga exercises, but gamers only play games to relax their minds. Gaming is the best way to pass your time, but if you own a Macbook, you cannot do this activity.

Each game is released for PC and Microsoft Windows. Very few get released in the iOS format that this Macbook supports. You can play games on iPads, but still, there is a small number of games released in the iPad version.


Everyone knows that Apple variants are expensive, either iPads, iPhones, or even Macbooks. Each thing that Apple owns is expensive and is not easily affordable by anybody.

People with a huge budget can easily purchase a Macbook and enjoy their pros, but the important con no one ever notices is the price number. You get steady performing machine, but it comes with a high price tag.

Upgrading a Macbook is Difficult

Upgrading your Macbook is difficult because Apple has strictly assembled this machine which is difficult to open. So, if you want to add an upgrade in RAM or hard disk, you face difficulties because its assembling is tight. Unboxing the MacBook’s inner part is very difficult. That con doesn’t allow you to do easy upgrades.


So these were the 5 pros and 3 cons of owning a Macbook. I hope this study gives complete information and lets you decide which machine is good for your work.

Most office people use Macbooks because the battery timing and regular performance features are outstanding. But most people don’t use it because Macbooks are not easily upgradeable. Also, they are expensive. So the choice is yours, you can select the machine you want.

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