YouTube Introduces New Connected TV Capabilities

Over 70% of households in the United States use a smart TV to watch Connected TV, and technology advances have helped make it easier to enter this burgeoning industry. And for the first time, advertisers can now make confident choices about investing in Connected TV with YouTube’s new CTV capabilities.

With more people at home working or on the couch instead of going out for entertainment, it is easy to see why Connected TV has become such an attractive investment opportunity. However, before this new capability from YouTube came along, small businesses had difficulty figuring out how to get started on CTV.

With millions of hours spent on YouTube every day, marketers discover that it’s becoming a place for savvy customers to find what they’re looking for. Now more than ever, YouTube offers tailored experiences that consumers can’t get anywhere else.

In addition to helping marketers reach the right audience and make impactful content, they partnered with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings — the industry-leading online video measurement solution — so you can measure your success across traditional platforms and digital devices like never before.

Reach Your Audience with the Right Frequency

In 2021, Kepler Group ran a six-week campaign on YouTube to reach a large audience. This resulted in over 50% incremental uplift in the company’s driver sign-ups. The best part? These consumers watch the content they love on YouTube while the company drives positive results.

With the new service, Google allows advertisers to set frequency caps. You can now set how often your OTT ads will be shown in a given amount of time by adjusting your settings.

With Display & Video 360, you can manage the number of ads shown on your YouTube channel to ensure viewers never get tired of seeing them. The tool lets you use the same amount of money to get more exposure to different TVs.

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Benefits of Connective Capabilities

The importance of co-viewing metrics is that it gives you a better idea of how many people are watching your content. It’s also helpful for future reports and forecasts for CTV campaigns.

  • Marketers will also be able to predict future CTV campaigns and review past ones by looking at specific data.
  • It can also help you predict what might happen in the future and how successful your campaigns were.
  • With the right tools, you’ll be able to maintain an optimal ad frequency to provide your customers with a pleasant experience while still spending money wisely on advertising.
  • The technology update makes it easy for marketers to create campaigns across Youtube, CTV, and Google Partner Videos to create a consistent brand message across all devices. The best part is that they can measure the conversions for each campaign through Google Ads, so you know exactly how much impact your video marketing efforts have.

For those of you who enjoy the convenience of shopping and streaming on CTV, this latest update from YouTube is exciting news! As more and more people opt for a TV over a computer or tablet, it’s clear that YouTube is positioning itself well in the upcoming market. This news marks another step forward in YouTube’s efforts to reach all viewers on every screen, furthering its goal of bringing the power of video to everyone around the world.

Why this is Good News for Marketers

Although YouTube already reaches around 1 billion users every month, it still hasn’t captured a huge percentage of TV media buying.

Now, as TV content creators—especially big names like VICE Media and Lionsgate—start to make content available on YouTube, Google’s video platform will make a strong play for becoming an important player in TV media buying.

This is great news for those marketers looking to enter into space with their commercials and (soon) long-form advertising content.

The fact is that advertisers are always looking for new ways to reach consumers, and YouTube is poised to become one of these avenues. Marketers who take advantage now could gain an edge over competitors who wait too long.

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