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Joining the Twitch Affiliate Program – Step-by-Step Guide

Millions of people now make their living through streaming services. Among these is the well-known Twitch platform. It provides streams with an option to make money through the Twitch Affiliate program.

With this program, users can generate income. It happens through the monetization of their channels. If this interests you, you can join it very easily. We will discuss the Twitch Affiliate Program in a step-by-step in this article. We’re also going to shine a light upon its benefits. So, let’s start.

Understanding Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch Affiliate is designed for streamers to help them make some money. It also offers different tools that can help you boost your community. This boost will allow you to apply for the partner program. It is the next level of Twitch Affiliate. Well, that’s another day’s discussion.

For now, you have to keep in mind that Twitch Affiliate needs very simple requirements. If you have completed them, you can start making money through it.

Let’s discuss it properly.

How to Join the Twitch Affiliate Program?

 Here’s how to join this program:

Step 1 – Complete the requirements:

This process begins with completing the requirements. As mentioned earlier, they are very easy to complete. Here are their details:

  • You need at least 50 followers on your profile/channel.
  • You have to broadcast a stream on 7 different days.
  • The average number of your viewers should be 3.
  • 500 minutes should be spent streaming.

Note: You have to complete these requirements within 30 days.

Step 2 – Accepting the invitation:

You will get an invitation from the platform after completing the requirements. Accept this invitation to join. Remember that the confirmation of joining will be given from the platform itself.

Potential Benefits of Twitch Affiliate:

The benefits of joining the Twitch Affiliate program are discussed below:

Channel Monetization:

The biggest benefit of this program is channel monetization. You get to earn money while you stream on your channel. This program gives you access to different tools. These tools can be used to generate a good income. Examples of these tools are Bits (digital currency) and Hype Train.

Community Growth:

This program can help you grow your Twitch community as well. It does it by giving you different interactive tools. These tools are designed to increase your viewer engagement.

Channel Points are a good example of these tools.

You also get to gift different emotes and chat badges to your subscribers. This encourages your audience a motive to subscribe to your channel.

Graduation Opportunity to Partner Program:

As mentioned before, the Partner Program is the next level of the Affiliate program. The thing is that you can’t join it directly. This means that you first have to join the Affiliate program.

Once you have joined it and completed further requirements, you get to join the Partner Program. This gives you a lot more opportunities to earn and grow your audience.

Major Terms and Conditions:

There are a number of terms and conditions related to Twitch Affiliate. However, some of the major ones are listed below:

  • You can lose your program if you don’t stream for a long time or your account is inactive.
  • Twitch restricts you from uploading your content on any other platform for a certain period. Once this period ends, you can share it anywhere.
  • You will owe Twitch $25 of whatever remains in your account if you close this program. It is the maintenance fee.
  • You should have $50 in your account before the payout is initialized. The cost of a wire transfer is $100.
  • Following the end of the month, 15 days after you have generated this revenue, payouts will be paid.
  • Partner and Affiliate programs cannot be joined concurrently.

Final Verdicts

The Twitch Affiliate Program is helping a lot of streamers earn money. It is actually the monetization of your channel. You get to use different tools to earn money. These tools can also be used to grow your audience. Joining this program is a very easy process.

You just have to complete some requirements. After that, you can accept the invitation and start making money through streaming. This program is also an initial step to joining the Partner Program. However, you will need to complete further requirements for that.

We have discussed some terms and conditions in the information given above. Make sure to read it out before accepting the invitation.


How much money I can make with the Twitch Affiliate?

It depends on different factors. They include audience, engagement, etc.

Is joining this program free?

Yes. Joining this program is completely free.

Can under-18 people join this program?

Indeed. However, they will need a parent or a guardian to agree with the terms and conditions.

Is this program available globally?

Yes. This program is available globally.

Can I get my payment via PayPal?

Yes. You can receive your payment for this program via PayPal.

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