Tesla Phone- Tesla Model Pi Phone Features and Specs

Tesla phone is expected to be the new invention of the Tesla company. This has been seen that Tesla with the new discoveries has already an image to surprise the whole world. Neither this has been accepted nor denied by Elon Musk about the reality of this news but people have become curious to get know more and more about the new discovery especially the features and specs of the Tesla phone.

Plenty of new announcements on a daily basis Elon Musk does on Twitter but fans are anxiously waiting to get any authentic clue from him about the phone. But the company is completely quiet they did not share new updates about these rumors. Looking at the previous achievements that Tesla made, the new news must shock the people.

Launch Date of Telsa Phone

There is no confirmed news that has been shared but company experts guess that the launching date would be announced in late 2023 or at the start of 2024. The Tesla model Pi will take place to become a reality. But the company still makes no compliment regarding launching the new phone. We can just guess but cannot make any confirmed news.

The Price of Tesla Model Pi Phone

As the people are anxiously waiting for the new invention. Surely, comes to their mind what would be the price of this impressive invention. The expected price is $700 but this is not the exact figure that will be finalized by the company. The model Pi is a flagship that is more demanded by different groups of people. The company will decide the price keeping all the things in mind.

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Whenever the rumor takes place comes to mind of the people at the first number what the features would be, that the company will introduce to surprise the people. There is no doubt, that the features of this smartphone will leave all the existing inventions back. when Tesla phone coming out it must be comprised of an outstanding structure. Interestingly, let’s see what can be those impressive features.

Solar Chargeable

This can be the first quality ever in this invention, you can see that there is no phone which we can charge from solar energy. This would be the first phone that will provide outstanding features to the users not worry about charging. When they are out of their home, they can charge their cell phone easily without having any problems. All these attributes go to the next-gen tesla phone. If tesla introduces the phone with this quality this would be the most creditable thing that everybody likes.

Vehicle Control through Phone

This is another unbelievable feature that must surprise the users. It would help them automatically control their vehicle via Tesla phone. If you have experienced this thing in video games, now it would be in front of you as a reality. With the help of the Tesla car app controlling some of the basic functions would be very easy.  Furthermore, it also bestows us with many other interesting things such as managing temperature, locking, and many more.


If you are eager to capture photos in the night sky, modern phones provide sophisticated and Al cameras for having a better view of space. But interestingly, this has the ability to give a quality photo of space that you have never captured in your whole life. You can also take the picture of celestial objects with the help of the upcoming Tesla phone. Being a lover of capturing night sky photos, this will finish all your complaints.  Your experience would be boosted to a level with the help of this phone that you never expect.

Neuralink Support

Elon Musk’s company Neuraklink is generating Bran-Machine-interface chips that would let humans control many devices through their thoughts. Many media outlets are declaring that the upcoming invention Pi would work with BMI. It fascinates the users because they can use a mind-control phone that may put us in the next age of technology. More interestingly, this is a completely new thing that we did not experience in the past.

Crypto Mining

There are several rumors claiming that the upcoming Tesla phone would mine the cryptocurrencies. It would be interesting to know that Elon Musk wants to add this ability to a phone. This is a rumor that Tesla’s smartphone will mine the cryptocurrency named Marcoins Even Bitcoin is widely used but Musk probably feels good for current Dogecoin. This is possible when a few major hardware would be developed.  

Operation on Red Planet

The last but the most exorbitant form of all the rumors that we have heard about the Model Pi. This will make us able to operate such as Mars. It also helps to encourage us to be grateful to Starlink technology. Tesla mobile phone would be very appreciated if it makes this thing possible for the users. For this purpose, the software would compose some of the cutting-edge hardware. If all these things happen, it would not be less than a miracle.

Expecting Specifications of Tesla phone Model Pi

We can merely make some kind of assumptions about the specifications of the Upcoming Tesla phone. It is not completely sure what exactly would be the specs that are going to offer by it but accordingly to some rumors, we entail some specifications below.

  • Display

Tesla Pi model would offer a screen of around 6.7 inches and an AMOLED display.

  • Memory

This is expecting around 16 GBs of RAM and 1-2 of internal storage.

  • Camera

The phone camera is consisting of a triple or quad rear camera setup.

  • Battery

The phone battery would be encompassing 4500-500 mAh with very quick chargeable technology.

  • Chipset

In the case of performance, we guess that Tesla will introduce its own chipset, as it has some capabilities for the next generation.

  • Protection

The corning gorilla glass will be used to protect it.

Final Words

Tesla phone Model Pi would introduce some best next-gen and cutting-edge features which we have not experienced in any other phone. Here we listed all the expected features and specifications of this tesla smartphone that we are expecting to enjoy very soon. This phone model Pi will bring a great change in technology and modify our minds to think in a changing way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tesla Phone Performs Better Than iPhone?

There is no doubt, that the Tesla phone has the ability to perform more times better than an iPhone or any other smartphone.

What Would Be the Price of The Tesla Phone Model Pi?

It has not been finalized the price of this smartphone, but expecting that very soon this would be decided.

Is It Possible Tesla Can Work on a Phone?

There is no official statement but it is expected that this is going to be possible when we see that it would perform in a better way on a phone.

What is The Customer Service Email of Tesla?

If you want to make contact Tesla Company, feel free to contact via email: INFO@NEURALINK.COM

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