Top 5 Resources to Check NYT Strands Hints

Word games have been around for a while now and people are loving it. It helps them accomplish a challenge while sharpening their brains. One of these games is Strands. It’s actually a new word game presented by NYT. That’s why many people need help in solving such word games.

There are different resources out there that help people with it. We’re going to share the top five of them here. These resources are a perfect place to get authentic Strands hints. So, let’s get into it. 

What is the Strands Game?

Before going to know about the Strands hints – it is crucial to understand the game.

Strands is a word game that was recently offered by the NYT (New York Times). It’s a daily game where you get a puzzle every day. There are certain words hidden in the puzzle that you have to find.

The interesting thing is that all of them are related to a certain theme. The name of the theme is given to help you solve it with a little ease.

Here’s how this game works:

  • It consists of a 6X8 grid of letters.
  • The words that you have to find are related to a theme.
  • The main goal is to find all of these words.
  • As you make progress, these words are highlighted in blue color for your help.
  • There is a special word in the puzzle as well. It is called the spangram. This word indicates the relation between all the theme-related words.
  • If you find extra words that aren’t theme-related, you get free hints for the puzzle.

The game is in its beta stage. So, it means it will continue if more people are interested in it.

Best Resources for NYT Strand Hints

These resources can help you get Strand Hints:


Forbes is one of the biggest business media websites. Its main focus is on technology, lifestyle, and leadership. Besides this, it also covers topics like word puzzles. That’s why it is now helping people find Strand hints.

It publishes articles regularly where you can find this information. The site gives proper details about how you can find the required words. It even provides the full list of the words that are related to the theme including the spangram.

Word Finder

Word Finder is a website that’s related to everything about words. It basically acts as a tool. You give it some letters and it finds the related word for you. Besides this, it also has a section where you can find Strands hints.

This section covers this game daily. It does it in a way that the user can easily understand. For example, it describes the theme comprehensively. This helps the reader have an idea of what type of words they have to look for. Besides Strands, this resource also covers several other NYT word games, including Wordle.

Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide is a website that is all about technology. It is a very big platform that covers everything related to tech. This website is also famous for publishing hints for the Strands game. The reason why tech sites upload such content is the fame of the game. Their audience plays it so they help them solve such puzzles.

The way this site gives hints is an interesting thing. It covers the puzzle number as well as the date it was published. This helps readers identify whether or not they’re getting hints for the right puzzle. It provides all the words including the spengram.


LifeHacker is a site that covers a wide range of topics including tech, food, entertainment, etc. Its core purpose is to help people with different things. It does it by offering tips and tricks. It also provides hacks or shortcuts to help people work with things efficiently.

This site regularly publishes articles that include hints for the Strands game. The method of explaining the puzzle is very interesting. The authors describe the puzzle as they solve it. This means they try to explain whatever is going in their mind while linking up letters. This helps the reader think better while solving the puzzle on their own.


Last but not least, you can find Strands hints on the GameRant website as well. This site is famous for covering everything related to games and entertainment. The topics it publishes are related to the news and industry trends. Once again, the popularity of this word game has motivated the site to publish hints about it.

You can read these hints almost daily. It offers hints in a very sophisticated way. To avoid spoilers, it has a “Read more” button. If you’re okay with spoilers, you can reveal the word by clicking on it. Otherwise, just read it generally.

Concluding Thoughts

NYT’s Strands game has gained a global popularity. Millions of people are playing this word puzzle game almost every day. NYT publishes this game on a daily basis. Since it’s a new game, many people are unfamiliar with the rules. This stops them from solving the puzzle properly. So, the look for resources that can help them get Strands hints.

There are several sites that offer such hints. However, we have described the best 5 of them in the information given above. You can pick the one that describes the hints in the way that suits you well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is NYT Strands a new game?

Yes. This is a new game released a few months ago.

Is this game available in the NYT newspaper?

No. This is a digital game. You can only find it on the official website of NYT.

Do the discussed sites offer authentic hints?

Absolutely. These sites provide authentic and accurate Strands hints.

Can I play this game on a mobile device as well?

Indeed. This game can be played on a smartphone device as well.

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