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Paylocity is a cloud-based payroll and human resources software company. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois. As of 2019, the company has over 2,700 employees and serves over 30,000 customers. The tool offers a suite of products that includes online payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and HR management. The company also offers a mobile app that allows employees to access their payroll information, request time off, and view their benefits coverage. This detailed note delves into the intro, benefits and pricing details of this amazing payroll software.

What is Paylocity?

Paylocity is an online payroll and HR software platform that offers comprehensive solutions for managing daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce. Users appreciate its great payroll ability, reliability, and ease of maintaining data integrity in the system. The platform is suitable for streamlining processes and holding most HR functions in a single, user-friendly system.

Paylocity’s mission is to “empower businesses and their employees with modern, best-in-class technology solutions that simplify payroll, benefits, and HR.

It is a leading provider of online payroll and HR software. The company offers a comprehensive suite of payroll and HR solutions that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Paylocity’s payroll and HR software is used by over 8,000 businesses worldwide. The company’s products are available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Getting Started with Paylocity:

Getting started with Paylocity is a breeze. The sign-up process is incredibly straightforward, and the onboarding experience is expertly relevant to quickly familiarize users with the platform.

To sign up on the website, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the “Request a Demo” button or “Get Pricing” button to request a demo or get pricing information.
  • Alternatively, you can log in to your Paylocity account using your company’s SSO provider.

If you need further assistance, you can contact Paylocity support by visiting their website. 

Payroll Software Pricing:

Paylocity is a payroll software company that offers a variety of pricing plans for its customers. The company has a few different levels of service, including a basic plan, an advanced plan, and a premium plan. The cost of the software depends on the features you need and the number of employees you have. The basic plan starts at $25 per month, the advanced plan starts at $50 per month, and the premium plan starts at $100 per month.

Benefits of an Online Payroll Solution:

There are many benefits of using an online payroll management solution like Paylocity. With online payroll, you can save time and money while getting all the features and benefits you need to run your business. Online payroll services are a convenient, easy-to-use solution that can save you time and money. With this, you can get all the features and benefits you need, including:

  • Direct deposit: Your employees can get paid faster with direct deposit with online payroll. This means no more waiting for a check in the mail.
  • Online access: With online payroll, you and your employees can access your payroll information anytime, anywhere.
  • Tax filing: Online payroll can help you save time and money on tax filing. With Paylocity, you can e-file your federal and state taxes in minutes.

Cloud-based Payroll:

Paylocity is a cloud-based payroll provider that serves businesses of all sizes. They provide payroll and HR solutions to save businesses time and money. Their platform is easy to use and offers a variety of features, including payroll processing, direct deposit, time and attendance tracking, and employee self-service.

Switch Payroll Providers:

They understand that switching payroll providers can be a big decision for your business. There are a lot of factors to consider, from cost to features to customer service. But they believe that making the switch to Paylocity is a decision that you won’t regret. Making the switch to this is a decision that can save you time and money.

HR Software:

Paylocity is a leading HR software to provides companies with tools to manage their HR needs, including payroll, benefits, and compliance.

It has a comprehensive suite of HR tools to tailor to your company’s specific needs. They offer a wide range of features, including payroll processing, benefits administration, and compliance management. We also provide various services to support your HR needs, including training and support, data management, and report generation.

Benefits of Paylocity:

Streamlining Payroll Processes

One of Paylocity’s standout features is its ability to streamline payroll processes. The software automates calculations, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time. The platform has an automated system that has been specifically trained to assist you with your queries. Therefore, there are no chances for any mistakes in your payroll process, and you can consistently pay wages without stress.

Automated Tax Calculations

Navigating tax regulations can be challenging, but Paylocity simplifies the process with automated tax calculations. This not only ensures compliance but also saves businesses valuable time. Calculations are based on the actual data that you provide for your operations. In this way, the platform assures the authenticity of tax deductions.

Integration with Other Business Tools

Paylocity seamlessly integrates with accounting and timekeeping systems. This integration enhances overall efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and ensuring consistency. This contributes to enhanced overall efficiency. Businesses can create a cohesive ecosystem of tools that work together seamlessly, promoting a more streamlined workflow.

Employees Development:

There is no doubt that Paylocity has made it easier for businesses to manage employee data and communicate with employees. But what about developing employees? Can HR software help with that?

The answer is yes! HR software can help you develop your employees in several ways. For example, it can help you identify training and development opportunities, keep track of employees’ progress, and measure the impact of your development initiatives.

Services to Support HR:

At Paylocity, we offer a variety of services to support HR. From employee onboarding to performance management, we have the tools and resources you need to manage your workforce. We also offer a wide range of HR consulting services so that you can get expert guidance on everything from benefits administration to compliance.


If you are looking for a cloud-based payroll and human resources software company, Paylocity is an excellent option. The company has a suite of products that includes online payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and HR management. The company also has a mobile app that allows employees to access their payroll information, request time off, and view their benefits coverage.

Several companies are trialling a new HR management system to streamline the process of managing employee information. The system must store critical employee data, including contact information, emergency contacts, health and safety records, and payroll details.

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