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OpenVPN has earned immense popularity in the enterprise world as it emerged as one of the best tools for small business to encrypt their online privacy. Over the years, technology has developed enormously, making it easy to access the most advanced tools and breach any vulnerability present in the system. However, having a versatile tool, as mentioned, to mask one’s online identity can be beneficial in terms of security and privacy. In this guide, we have detailed different aspects of this VPN protocol, along with its features, performance, and usability.

What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is unlike the same like other VPN networks. Instead, it is a virtual private network protocol that establishes a secure connection between two or more devices present over the Internet. Additionally, it uses a custom security protocol that utilizes the SSL/TLS for enhanced encryption and key exchange. In this way, users can have a more customized and secure experience, which could be impossible otherwise. Over the years, developers have worked really hard to improve the quality and standards of this online tool to eliminate all the flaws and make it the most preferable choice for business owners when it comes to securing resources and assets from online attacks. 

History of OpenVPN

James Yonan developed OpenVPN in 2001, and since then, it has served as the best open-source protocol and is most famous for its cross-platform compatibility. In addition, it supports both TCP and UDP protocols to provide users with flexibility for acquiring the best option that resonates with their requirements. Furthermore, it is entirely free to strengthen community collaboration and contribute to constant improvements and updates. The developers have made it available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as for smartphones.

Features of OpenVPN

The following are the primary features of OpenVPN, based on which it has surpassed all its competitors and still stands at the top even after more than 20 years of launching.

1 – Exceptional Security Standards

VPN protocols are always meant for enhanced security controls, and so is OpenVPN. The developers are completely aware of this feature and have integrated exceptional elements into its infrastructure to make it more sturdy than ever. The following are some critical points that will highlight the security standards of this exciting tool.

a. Encryption Strength

OpenVPN features strong authentication algorithms, like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and numerous key lengths. As a result, it ensures an immense level of security for the data. With such encryption, it is almost impossible for unauthorized entities to interfere and decrypt the transmitted information.

b. Authentication Mechanisms

Another exciting security feature of OpenVPN is that it exhibits various authentication methods to privatize the data sets. Ranging from basic security standards, like username and password, to more advanced options like X.509 certificates, this tool showcases a multi-layered security approach that improves the overall security of the VPN connection.

c. Perfect Forward Secrecy

Perfect Forward Secrecy, often known as PFS is an excellent mechanism for developing or generating session keys for each session so that users can have a completely secure connection. OpenVPN works on such a standard, so if one key stops functioning, you won’t have to worry about future sessions.

d. Tunneling Protocols

OpenVPN has also gained popularity for its brilliant tunneling protocols. Generally, it supports both UDP and TCP protocols. The UDP is much faster, while the TCP could be the best option in an unstable network. As a result, you can bring versatility, which allows you to optimize the connection according to specific requirements.

2 – Performance and Speed

Unlike the other protocols, OpenVPN is much faster and more reliable in performance and speed. Thus, you must look forward to integrating it into your business policies to enjoy significant perks. The following details will highlight these metrics.

a. Network Speed

However, a common problem with VPN networks is that they slow down the network speed; the performance depends on various factors. Generally, OpenVPN provides excellent network speed to carry out browsing activities at a much rapid pace. However, you may face downtime when some critical problems arise in the server location, load, and network provider. 

b. Server Locations

The performance and speed of OpenVPN also vary when you change the geographical location of servers. When you face speed issues, you can seamlessly set up another server in a different region. Hence, you can have your hands on the servers that provide the best speed and reduce the latency as much as possible.

c. Bandwidth Limitations

Bandwidth limitations are necessary when accessing potentially threatening websites so that users can have an additional layer of protection from online vulnerabilities. OpenVPN does not impose limitations on its own. However, it allows individual VPNs to impose limitations or restrictions based on bandwidth.

3 – User Interface 

OpenVPN features an extremely simple interface, which makes it easy for users of every experience level to acquire its benefits and advantages. Furthermore, the installation process is very convenient. You can download the application from the official site as well as visit the Chrome store to add an extension to your browser. In this way, you can access this brilliant tool’s features effortlessly.

4 – Cross-Platform Compatibility

Most VPNs don’t work for multiple devices. Nevertheless, there is no such restriction with the use of OpenVPN protocol. Recently, the developers have made extensive changes in its infrastructure, making it possible for almost all users to use it on their devices. It is not only compatible with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS but also with Android and iOS systems. Further, if you use Chrome to browse the Internet, an extension is available there.

5 – No Login Required

Most people hesitate to enter their information or credentials in third-party applications like VPNs as they often consider them vulnerable to leaking data. OpenVPN has overcome this challenge by diminishing the need to create an account on this platform. You only have to acquire the protocol and can use it right away for excellent advantages.

How to Use OpenVPN?

The OpenVPN works to secure your Internet by masking its identity and geo-location. Hence, it can help you have a secure online activity without facing any threat from hackers and stealers. The following section will inform you about how this tool works and how to access blocked websites.

  • Firstly, you have to access the Chrome Browser and click on the Chrome Store.
  • Here, you have to search for the OpenVPN extension.
  • Find the official one from the results page and add it to the browser.
  • Finish the relevant procedures and pin them in the extension bar.
  • Then, you have to click on it, and it will give you a list of available IPs.
  • Download any of them and open it.
  • The file will be opened upon having a compatible app inside your laptop or PC.
  • However, you have to visit the Microsoft store or visit other platforms to install a dedicated VPN on your device if no compatible application is present already.
  • Copy the link of the site you want to unblock or visit and paste it into the installed app, as shown in the image. In this case, we have used the VPN Proxy: Fast & Unlimited.
  • It will let you visit the site while masking your real IP address.
  • Also, you can visit the official site to create your account to track your performance.

Final Verdicts

These are the details regarding the features and how to use OpenVPN to encrypt your connection online and visit blocked or threatening websites more securely. The tool provides you with an excellent connection to IPs from all across the world. As a result, you can switch to anyone you want by considering their speed and performance. It not only enhances your experience but also enables you to perform business activities more effectively and swiftly. Additionally, no subscription is needed, making it a tremendously beneficial platform for businesses of all sizes.

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