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NogenTech Blog – Our Story of Survival (and Growth) After the Google Helpful Content Update

The recent Google Helpful Content Update sent a collective wave of worry through the content creation world. Everyone has experienced creating an amazing blog post for hours just to have it appear higher in search results. But, due to an enigmatic change in Google’s algorithm, any blogger would want to give up as the recent update has given a very tough time to almost all bloggers.

But at NogenTech, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! Not only did we survive the Helpful Content Update, but we also experienced an increase in interaction and traffic. So, what made us succeed? Get ready, we are ready to reveal the strategies that enabled us to successfully navigate the Google Helpful Content Update.

Understanding Google Helpful Content Update

The Helpful Content Update from Google wasn’t a haphazard display of algorithmic hostility. The message was very clear: Google will reward you if you concentrate on producing content that is actually valuable to your viewers. This means ending the thin, generic information that floods the internet, and creating content that inspires, teaches, and solves problems the first priority.

Consider it this way!

Google aims to be the ultimate resource guide, connecting consumers with the most useful and insightful content. Your content won’t stand out, if it is just like another old book on the back shelf. However, Google will be pleased to direct users to your blog article if it is the authoritative resource that addresses their pressing issue.

The truth is that Google did not suddenly roll out the Helpful Content Update. It was the result of Google’s years-long emphasis on high-quality content and user experience. The Helpful Content Update marked a significant advancement in Google’s process of continuously improving its algorithms to find valuable content.

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Our Guide to Quality Content Writing

How did NogenTech survive throughout this update?

We didn’t merely sling anything online and cross our fingers. Rather, we saw it as a thrilling challenge that would allow us to improve our strategy and produce even better content. Below is the recipe that made us immune to Google updates, at least for the time being:

The “Why” Before “Write”

The most important question we ask ourselves before we ever consider writing anything down, or pressing keys on a keyboard, is, “Why would someone care about this?” Although this may seem apparent, you’d be surprised at how frequently content is produced without a defined goal in mind. We go beyond the surface, consider the ramifications, and provide our readers with exclusive insights that they won’t find elsewhere while writing about the newest technological advancements. What sets useful material apart from the content graveyard is this “why” component.

Creating Bridges, not Walls

Consider the reader you want to reach. What hurts them the most? What language are they able to understand? Are they pros or tech-savvy novices? A thorough understanding of your audience will help you create material that appeals to them. We avoid using technical terms and jargon that could turn off readers by writing in a conversational tone. Our goal is for them to feel as though they are conversing with a friend rather than trying to figure out a textbook.

Establishing Authority and Trust

It is a fact that a lot of stuff on the internet is generic. What distinguishes NogenTech? Our great team!

We use the skills of our experienced content writers, editors and authors, who are all enthusiastic about the industries and topics they write about. This enables us to produce reliable content in addition to informational content. People are more likely to trust us and see us as a leading authority in our field since they know they are receiving insights from knowledgeable sources.

Avoiding the Content Cannibal Trap

Have you ever felt that you are repeating the same facts over and over?

Everybody has been there. However, the Helpful Content Update disapproves any content that restates existing information. Our content aims to be unique by presenting novel viewpoints and approaching subjects in creative ways. This keeps people interested and demonstrates to Google that we have something worthwhile to offer.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Google can detect spam very instantly. We avoid clickbait titles that make grand promises but fall short. Furthermore, we avoid keyword stuffing and other unethical SEO techniques. Rather, we concentrate on producing information that is sincere, open, and beneficial. Our authenticity is valued by both our readers and Google.

Developing a Long-Term Content Strategy

These only serve as the cornerstones of our strategy for creating user and Google-friendly content. However, producing content that succeeds needs a comprehensive strategy. Here’s how we develop a long-term content plan that keeps us on the cutting edge, going beyond the individual tips:

Own Your Niche, Know Yours

We don’t aim to please everyone. We concentrate on the particular requirements and preferences of our intended tech sector audience. As a result, we can learn more, become authorities in our industry, and produce the kind of in-depth content that readers and Google alike need.

Content Consistency Matters

We don’t just post a blog post whenever we feel like it. We guarantee a continuous stream of new content with our regular content calendar. This maintains reader interest and demonstrates to Google our commitment to offering value.

Data Drives Decisions

We are not in the dark about what we do. Utilizing website analytics tools, we can monitor user interaction, pinpoint trending subjects, and ascertain what appeals to our readership. We may improve our content strategy and make sure we’re producing content that our readers actually want by using this data.

Establishing Bonds with Readers

We don’t merely post material online and then vanish. We actively communicate with our followers via social media engagements, comment sections, and even guest posts on other popular blogs in the industry. We are able to better understand our audience and adjust our material as a result of this two-way dialogue.

Remaining Ahead of the Curve

Both the digital world and Google’s algorithm are always changing. We participate in online communities, read industry blogs, attend conferences, and stay up to date on Google updates and the newest SEO trends. This makes sure we’re constantly one step ahead of the game and prepared to change course as necessary.

Concluding Lines

There was more than one Helpful Content Update. It is a mindset that puts the user experience first while creating content. Real value, audience trust, and flexibility are the keys to producing content that not only withstands Google upgrades but also flourishes in the rapidly changing digital landscape.
There will likely be a few more Google changes to deal with additional obstacles to conquer and bumps along the path. However, you can create a content strategy that endures over time by adhering to the principles of the Helpful Content Update and concentrating on what counts most, your viewers.

Noman Sarwar

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