How Fawad Malik Started Nogentech Blog? A Sneak Peak

Starting a blog is easy but creating an authority blog that helps build your personal brand and makes money requires more time, determination, and effort.

Since everyone talks about the undeniable benefits of blogging like how it helps you make money and provide an opportunity to reach a particular audience around the globe, it is possible only if you do hard work and don’t lose patience.

Just like other successful bloggers you can take Fawad Malik as an example of how he started the blog back in 2014 and spent his time, money, and efforts for over 7 years to make the blog successful and stand out among other technology blogs.

Who is Fawad Malik?

Fawad Malik belongs to Pakistan and is no newcomer to the IT sphere. He earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and started his career in digital marketing in 2010. After working with renowned software development and digital marketing agency COMSDEV for a couple of years, Fawad Malik started his own digital marketing agency WebTech Solution in 2013. As a Digital Marketing expert, he inspires entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers to create online marketing campaigns that get real-world results.

How Fawad Malik Has Started Nogentech Blog?

While working in COMSDEV, he was aware of the concept of blogging and how a well-managed and high-authority blog that delivers real value to its readers can build a strong personal brand and make money too. So, he acquired a new domain name and web hosting from Bluehost to embark on the vast blogging sphere. The blog is updated on a regular basis with ideas and ways how advanced technology helps individuals, brands and businesses survive and thrive in this competitive landscape. Fawad Malik and his team tend to share the latest tech news, trends, and updates with the community built around Nogentech.

How he can Help you Grow your Blog?

As millions of new blogs go live daily, it requires a proper plan and hard work to make your blog stand out from the competition. You need to do things like:

  • Finding the right niche based on your interests
  • Keyword research to find best performing keywords
  • Finding awesome content ideas around selected keywords to reach a wider audience
  • Creating quality and informative content to get your blog linked to relevant blogs and websites
  • Putting yourself out there to help others survive in this competitive landscape

When all these things are combined in good order, you can become a successful blogger to reap the real advantages of blogging. If you are not sure about how to start a blog and grow it effectively, you can contact Fawad Malik as he can guide you through the entire blogging process to help you build an authority blog.

Benefits of Blogging and How it can Change your Life

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to reach a broader audience with your ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints. There is no reason that holds you back from blogging as there are so many free platforms and options available to help you get started effectively.

Below are some top benefits of blogging and how it can change your life.

You Can Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Your blog can make difference in people’s lives by making things easier for them. no matter what you write and share on your blog, there are always some people looking for the same solution, idea, or guide you have shared. For example, you can write problem-solving content and how-to guides to help people who are facing particular challenges, problems and issues. This could be a great way to improve their lives by solving problems they face in daily life.

Exposure to Other Perspectives

When searching for content ideas, bloggers are exposed to different perspectives. Just like meeting new people having different opinions and ideas, blog writing allows you to learn and expand your connections with like-minded people. As people using the internet are your audience, you are better able to discover and experience different cultures, lifestyles, and thoughts. This makes you a knowledgeable and well-rounded human.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

When you write about a particular industry, subject, or niche, you share your knowledge, experience, and expertise with your audience. Since writing a blog requires proper research and knowledge, it helps you stay on top of the latest industry news, trends, and updates that you can share with your audience. By doing so, you can become an industry expert or authority that people trust to get authentic information and knowledge. People start reading your blog to get useful information, news, and updates as you are genuinely an expert in your field.

Blogging Helps you Drive More Sales

Static business websites usually don’t attract a huge number of users as a high authority blog does. People usually search online when they need the best solution for a particular problem they are facing or to buy some stuff they need. When you write informative and problem-solving content on your blog, people love to read what you share. This builds trust and credibility. As a result, you have a huge audience that trusts your opinions, thoughts, or ideas.

When people find something valuable and useful from your side, they are more likely to spend money on your products or services. In this way, you can drive more sales by promoting your brand or business via your blog. You can also start a blog with your business website to share informative content and the latest industry news to keep people visiting your business.

Building a Personal Brand Online

No matter whether you are a digital marketer, engineer, or plumber, you can start a blog to share your knowledge, expertise, and skills with your audience. When you update your blog on a regular basis with useful ideas and information, people start reading your blog and share your ideas with their friends as well. As a result, it helps you build a strong personal brand online so you can reach a wider audience online. A well-established blog also improves your visibility in search engines to help you appear in more search results. When you appear in top SERPs with your solutions, ideas, and options, people love to hire you as an industry expert or buy your products to make their lives easier.

Blogging to Make Money

Make money blogging is the hottest topic over the web as most people start blogging to make money. You can earn a handsome amount of money every month with a well-managed and authority blog is many ways like:

  • Monetizing your blog with ad networks like Google AdSense
  • Sharing affiliate links in your blog posts to get some commission upon every sale made through the link
  • Writing product reviews for product promotions
  • Sharing promotional content relevant to your industry or niche
  • Selling premium subscriptions
  • Selling your own products or services

Since there are several ways to make money using your blog, you must feed your blog with quality content that your audience love to read. Following the basic search engine content guidelines is also very much important to avoid penalties and grow your blog efficiently.

If you are thinking about creating a blog or running a blog already, we believe it could change your life in different possible ways. Quality, consistency, and determination are the basic success elements in blogging. Keep publishing informative and quality content on your blog to keep people coming back for more.


Blogging opens up a door to endless opportunities in this digital world. Apart from the type of skills, expertise or industry, anyone can start a blog to reach a global audience and markets. The core purpose of writing this blog post is to let people know how Fawad Malik started this blog and pursued a career in digital marketing. This is also to inspire and impress so you can start a blog, do hard work and become a successful blogger for any of the above-mentioned reasons. Building a personal brand online, business promotion, digital marketing, and making money online, everything is possible with blogging.  

Noman Sarwar

Noman Sarwar is highly experienced in creating engaging content that adds real value to a blog, website or brand. He is creating content for multiple niches like technology, SEO, Marketing, Health, Education and Career Development etc. Let the right words be offered to the audience in a great way that has the potential to ensure success and get something you are looking for.

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