7 Best Apps for Creating Beautiful Instagram Stories

Over 500 million daily active users and brands are struggling to level up their Instagram stories to reach and connect with their target audience. Creating appealing and cool Instagram stories takes time, creativity, and energy. Luckily, with new apps for Instagram stories popping up on a regular basis, it is now very much easier than ever to create IG stories that convert.

Whether you want to connect with your followers, drive more traffic to your online store, or increase engagement, you can use apps to create beautiful Instagram stories that are creative, interactive, and engaging.

Top Apps for Instagram Stories

To make sure you are using the right apps for creating IG stories, here we have the most popular and awesome Instagram Story apps on the list.

1- Over

Whether you share inspirational quotes, how-to tips, or just want to add a creative touch to your marketing campaign, Over is a superb app for creating Instagram stories. It lets you add text and your personal graphics onto other images and videos to design beautiful stories. The app comes with a gazillion elements, stickers, fonts, graphics, ready-to-use templates, and editing tools that you can use to design breathtaking content in moments. Ready to use Instagram stories template provides a quick and amazing way to upgrade stories even while you are on the go.


This is an amazing photo editing app with high-quality editing presets and tools that help you transform your photos creatively. You can use this app to make your photos look good, whether no matter captured with a phone or a professional camera. You can easily convert your own images into Instagram stories by adding text, and elements and using other high detailed editing tools. No matter whether you want to create IG stories for your personal profile or Instagram business account, the VSCO app can do wonders for you.

3- Canva

Canva is the most popular and my personal favorite photo editor that you can use on both desktop and mobile. It allows you to create beautiful Instagram stories within minutes. You can design cool Instagram stories either by using free templates or from scratch. Canva has a huge collection of templates, fonts, texts, filters, stickers, backgrounds, and stock images that you can use for your Instagram Stories. A hefty collection of stickers, badges, icons, frames, and textures helps Canva stand out among competitors.

4- Unfold

With a variety of photos, text layouts, templates, and high-end photo editing tools, Unfold is an ‘all-in-one toolkit for storytellers. This app can make each story a creative and cool little digital magazine. Unfold offers more than 200 templates that are very easy to edit. You can also use advanced text tools, fonts, and colors to make your Instagram stories stand out. The app has awesome features for both free and premium users.

5- StoryArt

The StoryArt app is one of the best apps for Instagram stories, with higher ratings on both Apple and the Play stores. You can use a lot of preset templates to design beautiful and professional-looking IG stories to connect and engage your audience in the best possible way. The app allows you to add text, fonts, filters, themes, and effects to your photos and turn them into engaging and converting stories.

6- Adobe Express

If you are looking for a toolkit to create professional-looking and creative IG stories, Adobe Express is the best option for this purpose. This app allows you to creatively combine videos and images to create amazing and cool Instagram stories that convert. Moreover, you can also add effects, filters, text, animations, and stickers into stories to level up your campaign effectively. In the library of the Adobe Express family of apps, a huge collection of sounds is also available that can be used for video stories. This app for Instagram stories also has numerous themes available for different types of IG Stories and messages.

Adobe Express

7- Seen

Whether you are an individual or a brand and looking to add professional-looking animations and elements to your Instagram stories, then you should install ‘Seen’ on your mobile device. The app helps you design beautiful slides, stories, and videos with engaging transition effects. Seen also has plenty of animated text and fonts that make your Instagram stories stand out. The app is equally useful for individuals, brands, and marketers.


The dynamic landscape of Instagram stories is now navigable with the aid of innovative apps, empowering users and brands alike to effortlessly elevate their content. With over 500 million daily active users, the demand for captivating stories has never been higher. The array of top-notch apps discussed, from the versatile Over to the artistic Seen, provides an arsenal of creative tools. These applications offer diverse features like templates, filters, and editing tools, simplifying the process of crafting engaging stories. As brands strive to connect with their target audience, these apps prove to be indispensable companions in the quest for visually compelling and impactful Instagram stories.

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