How to Prevent Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 From Getting Damaged

Smartphones keep us connected with the outside world by providing us with a gateway to social media apps and keeping us connected with the important people in our lives. We also can do a lot of personal and work-related tasks by using our smartphones. It means a broken or damaged phone can end you up with a stop. Especially if you have an expensive smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it would be a big loss for you if it is damaged or not working due to a technical issue.

There are a lot of ways to prevent the pain of having a broken Note 9 and some of them are listed here in this article to help you prevent it from getting damaged.

Use Protective Accessories

Buying protective accessories should be your main concern right after purchasing your dream smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Remember to buy things like mobile back cover, screen protector, and back ring, etc. as they play a significant role in protecting your smartphone against any damage or high-impact situation. Most of the quality mobile covers come with a feature to enhance water-resistant for your smartphone, they can save internal components of your phone by absorbing the water. The screen protector keeps the screen of your smartphone safe and secure from getting cracked.

Install Software and Apps Smartly

Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns these days in this digital world. There are a lot of fake mobile apps and programs that can take your personal data and information away from your smartphone once installed. That is the reason, always install software and apps in your Samsung Galaxy note 9 carefully after checking them for the latest updates and security patches. Fake and insecure apps can infect your device with malware that can get hold of your sensitive information and even can extract digital currencies from your wallets. So, make sure you are installing apps in your note 9 that is ‘Google Play protected’ and provide you with the latest updates. Don’t try to install APK files that are developed by third parties as such apps can be used for cybercrimes.

Maintain Optimal Temperature

Almost all smartphones are designed to work properly within a specific range of temperatures and Samsung Note 9 is also built with such features. 37 to 47 degrees is the good temperature range for smartphones and if you continue to use them with 47+ degree temperatures, it can negatively impact the performance of your smartphone. That is the reason, try to maintain the optimal temperature of your device and give it regular breaks to make sure it will work properly. The colder environment can also be harmful to your Note 9 as it may slow down the processor speed and make the battery go down faster.

Be Considerate Towards the Battery

‘Battery Low’ is one of the frustrating notifications these days. It is the reason; you should keep the battery fully charged. But keeping your phone on charging even if it is fully charged, could be dangerous for the battery. Overcharging make the situation worse and it can damage your phone badly. Be sure to plug the charger out when your phone is fully charged to 100%. Mostly mobile batteries come with 1 to 2 years of life. But when you overcharge often, you may need to replace it soon. However, you can monitor the charging of Samsung galaxy note 9 by plugging it out when it is charged and plugging the charger in when the battery drops below 15%.

Don’t Leave your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unattended

Never ever leave your digital devices unattended especially Note 9. It is not only important from a security point of view but it also helps you prevent external damages too. Most of us plug mobile devices on the charger and place them on the floor or hang with the charging wire. Keeping them in such careless conditions can make them likely to fall that can cause permanent or expensive damage. That’s why, you should remain mindful of wherever you are placing your phone is secure and not left unattended. In this way, you can keep it safe and secure from internal and external damages.

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