How to Combine or Merge Files into Single PDF

Handling multiple PDF files and switching between them can be a stressful task. And if you are familiar with this time-wasting endeavor, you must have wished that you had the power to merge your research documents into one file to make it easier to find information. More information on how to repair damaged PDF documents is available here How to Repair Damaged PDF Files for Dropbox Users.

Fortunately, tools like Lumin PDF have features that will let you merge PDF online quickly. But before you download any software to combine PDFs into one, you should know what you are getting into.

This article will help you choose the best tool to merge your PDF files. You will also find out the benefits of combining PDF documents into one file.

Five things to consider when combining PDF files online

Before using choosing any tool to combine PDF online, consider these key factors:

File size

When creating online publications, always upload smaller-sized documents because many people are reluctant to download PDFs of 10 MB and above.

Apart from that, choosing to make PDF smaller will also benefit you. Large documents take up more bandwidth during upload, making the entire merging process slow.

To combine PDF files while making them smaller, you will first have to compress PDF files using free online tools.

However, some tools reduce file quality after compressing, making your document look washed out. So when merging PDFs, check the software you are using to be sure it allows you to compress PDF online without losing quality.


Before choosing a means to combine PDF online, you need to consider how urgent the task is. Some online tools merge PDF documents slowly, either due to their outdated programs or in a deliberate attempt to nudge you to pay for their premium versions. If you have to combine PDFs on a tight deadline, you can turn to efficient PDF editors like Lumin PDF.

Remote access (online or offline)

Before you merge PDF files, check if the file and tool are accessible online or offline.

When working remotely, you need to collaborate with your teammates on documents. And if you cannot sync the merged PDF across devices for your teammates and other departments, you will experience communication problems.

Always check the copyright access of documents you download online before combining them with other PDFs so that you don’t unknowingly break the law.

In fact, avoid tweaking PDFs you find online unless the owner of the documents allows alterations.

Consider the people whose work you are combining. Are they comfortable with the latest development? The last thing you would want is a lawsuit against you for not seeking permission before altering peoples’ work and making them public.

Available features

When you want to merge PDF files online, assess the features of the PDF editor you are using. You need to ensure its compatibility with your document type and size. And while at it, also check for extra features like PDF splitter, editing, compressing, converting, etc.

Lumin PDF and other top-quality tools have the features you need to manage your documents. They allow you to edit PDF files, attach e-signatures to documents, split and extract pages, compress files, etc.

How to use Lumin PDF online tool to combine PDFs

Lumin PDF handles PDF to PDF merge tasks in simple steps, which is why many users recommend the tool. Look at the following steps to combining PDFs using Lumin PDF.

  • Access the Lumin PDF online tool.
  • From the “Toolbars” menu, choose the “Page Tools”.
  • Select the “Merge Document” dropdown options.
  • Choose the files to upload for merging.
  • If you want to combine all the PDF files, you can easily choose “All Pages” from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the page number of the target document.
  • Use a comma to separate the page numbers (if you want to merge a specific page).
  • Click on “Merge”.

Yes, the process is that straightforward!

So, you can always opt for other online editors to split and merge your PDF files. But remember that investing in a complicated tool will waste your time and energy, leading to frustration.

What can you do with your combined PDF file?

You might be wondering what you gain by merging documents. Rest assured that the “Merge PDF” feature is not a gimmick that PDF software companies use to hype their products.

Here are the gains of combining PDFs:

Save memory space

PDF merging tools compress your file before uploading it to your drive. And this function may not seem like a big deal until you realize that platforms like Gmail only accept attachments below 25 MB.

So even if you don’t mind your files taking up a lot of space in your storage devices, limitations like the one above will affect how you use the documents.

Combining and compressing your PDFs saves space on your memory stick or online storage, which is always a good thing.

Unify internal documentation

Unless you have service-level organizational skills, there is a good chance that you will lose some of those research files or mix them up at least.

Similarly, professionals can muddle up internal documentation and ruin filing efforts if they start handling too many documents at once.

By combining PDFs and editing fillable PDF documents, you unify documentation efforts in your company and promote efficiency.

Streamline workflows

You can streamline your workflows while working in a company or on a project with other people.

Merging PDFs removes redundancies from your daily work processes, especially regarding communication and document verification.

For instance, if your boss needs to e-sign multiple documents, merging all the files into one massive document saves the company time and dime.

Send fewer email attachments

Attaching several documents to an email looks unprofessional and impedes smooth communication between you and a client.

Besides, with so many attachments in your mailbox, you will eventually lose track or misplace some of them.

On the other hand, combining numerous documents will declutter your email, allowing you to find old conversation threads and files more easily.


Combining PDF files helps you organize documents like a professional. But you can’t merge PDFs without dedicated tools and an understanding of how the tools work.

Tools like Lumin PDF simplify how you combine PDF fill online forms, manage PDFs, and handle documentation. Thanks to these features, you can improve your productivity and promote process automation in the workplace.

And since combining PDFs is a straightforward and quick way to collate, store, and retrieve results from an archive, why not learn how to do it today by following the suggestions in this guide?

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