How To Choose The Right Auto Dialer For Your Call Campaign

Even though it’s traditional, making calls to prospects and clients is still one of the best and strategic ways for businesses to generate leads, showcase excellent customer service, and even fulfill callback requests. Because of its importance, making calls has become more convenient and hassle-free, especially with the rise of auto dialers.

Benefits of auto dialers

Using auto dialers can benefit your agents in two ways. Aside from providing them convenience, using this technology is also one of the best ways for them to make a sale. With auto dialers, your agents will no longer have to spend energy and time manually dialing numbers since an auto dialer will do it for them.

With this auto dialing feature, your agents can call individual phone numbers consecutively or make calls to multiple numbers at the same time. Because of this, the amount of time your agents spend on calls can increase up to 500%. This, in turn, increases your company’s productivity.

Aside from this, an auto dialer can be valuable to other teams in your organization, such as your marketing department. The use of auto dialers can help your business generate more leads and retain more customers, enabling you to have a steady revenue while lowering your operating costs.

The benefits of a dialer can even extend beyond an increase in productivity and convenience. Depending on the type you purchased, it comes with other features, too, like providing detailed analytics and reports, broadcasting emails to your contact list in just a few seconds, and dropping voicemails.

Types of auto dialers

To fully enjoy the benefits of an auto dialer, select one that addresses all your business needs. Having two or mixing different types of dialers can be disastrous to your company as you’ll only subject your business to more subscription fees.

On the other hand, choosing the right dialer can double or even triple your agents’ efficiency, ensuring a positive return on investment. To help you select the best auto dialer for your business, here are different types you can choose from.

How To Choose The Right Auto Dialer
  • Power dialers

Power dialers are useful when you want to spend more time personalizing every call you make. The difference between the normal way of contacting someone and using a Power Dialer is that the latter will automatically dial one number at a time from your contact list. It will also skip busy numbers and unanswered calls, ensuring your agent is always on the line whenever a call gets connected.

Additionally, most power dialers will have an option to leave a prerecorded voicemail that reaches an answering machine. This means you can expect your agents to make multiple calls (up to 70 calls) per hour using a Power Dialer. This type of dialing system, therefore, can be one of the most efficient ways to reach a customer or prospect in the least amount of time. This makes it an excellent option for telemarketing firms and sales organizations and for conducting political campaigns.

  • Progressive dialers

A progressive dialer is similar to a power dialer. But unlike the latter, a progressive dialer is programmed to dial a number only when a particular agent is available to take the call. Once the agent picks up the call, it’ll automatically route the call to that agent and will stop dialing until the agent has disconnected the current call. It will start dialing another number once an agent is ready to take another call.

  • Preview dialers

This type of dialing system allows the agent to view brief information about the person they’re about to call. Because of this feature, a preview dialer is a great option for inside sales call agents as it provides some breathing space for them to prepare their script. Since they have the necessary information beforehand, the agent can have a more productive conversation with the customer, increasing their chances of making a sale.

  • Robo dialers

This dialing system is used for recording messages prior to sending them to your contact lists without having to wait for free phone lines. Since robo dialers focus on time efficiency, they’re mainly used to send product reminders or updates.

There are certain regulations when it comes to robocalls. It all depends on your region, so ensure to check applicable regulations before getting this type of dialing system.

How to choose the right auto dialer system

Choosing the right auto dialer for your organization is crucial since it can be the key to your business’ success. For your guidance, here are key factors to keep in mind when choosing an auto dialer for your call campaign.

  • Know the features you want

One of the first steps to ensure you’re choosing a dialer that suits your business is to know the features you want. Here are some standard features to consider:

  • Dynamic caller ID: This is perfect if your leads are in various locations. It can help increase the pickup rate.
  • Call scheduling: With this feature, your agents can set the best times to call customers and prospects.
  • Interactive voice response:This allows you to assist customers or redirect them to the right person in your company without relying on a live operator.
  • Live call monitoring: This feature allows managers and supervisors to monitor calls made by agents in real time, which is also useful in training agents.
  • Text to speech: If you opt for a robo dialer, this feature allows you to simply type the message instead of recording it, saving you time. 
  • Ensure it can easily integrate with your CRM

When it comes to features, one important aspect you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a dialer is whether it can easily integrate with your existing customer relation management (CRM) system. The ease of integration is important since it’s in your CRM where your customers’ data are stored. So the auto dialer you pick should provide straightforward and quick access to such data. You don’t want to spend hours or days transferring the data on the CRM to the dialer, which can be a waste of time.

Moreover, if the auto dialer is integrated with your CRM, it’ll show brief yet critical information about your customers. Hence, your agents will be able to see any important data related to your clients, such as past complaints, in a single place. This promotes better conversation with your customers, which can, in turn, boost your company’s customer service.

  • Assess the size of your company

If you have a large business with many established customers and several customer service agents, it’s best to opt for a power dialer. This type of dialing system allows you to reach plenty of individuals all at the same time in just a short amount of time. Also, you can rest assured your agents are always on the line since any idle time spent on dialing and waiting to be connected is cut down, preventing waste of company resources.

On the other hand, if you’re running a small or medium-sized business and you’re more focused on high-quality leads, you can choose a preview dialer. This type of auto dialer allows your agents to see the information you need about a customer before taking the call, ensuring every call they make is personalized. This can increase your chances of turning a lead into a customer.

  • Have a budget

Because of the different features that auto dialers have, they also come at varying prices. You can have one for USD$15 per month to around USD$160/user per month.

So if you don’t have the necessary budget but still wish to harness the benefits of using an auto dialer, it’s best to find one that meets your requirements. This means choosing a dialer with features your business would only use and need. If budget isn’t your problem, it’s still advisable to avoid features your company won’t need or use to avoid paying for unnecessary add-ons.

  • Conduct your research

Before choosing a dialer for your call campaign, don’t forget to do your research. This task is made easier nowadays since the internet provides all the information you need to compare various types of products. Try to widen your research and don’t only focus on popular companies. You can start browsing comparison websites to help you with your research.

Also, consider reading reviews and feedback from customers. However, try not to limit your research to customer reviews alone. Every business is unique, so if a particular dialer doesn’t work for them, it doesn’t mean it won’t do wonders for your campaign. So while reading reviews from verified customers, it’s best to keep in mind not only the feedback but also the features you’re looking for and the specific needs of your company.


Having an auto dialer that complements your call campaign is critical as it can be the key factor for your business’ growth. Also, it can guarantee that you’re one step ahead of the competition. With the detailed tips above, you now have the necessary information on how to choose an auto dialer for your campaign. Hopefully, this leads you to the right auto dialer that your business needs.

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