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Helpful Content Dos and Don’ts for New Google Update

Digital marketing has evolved very rapidly in recent years. Along with it, there is a tremendous rise in the competition, making it extremely difficult for the newbies to take their site up in the rankings. Further, Google is making constant changes to maintain the transparency of this widely used platform. Thus, some are going up in the SERP, while others are getting de-ranked. The principal determiner of this activity is the content quality. You must be very careful regarding your content. In this article, we will elaborate on the helpful content dos and don’ts as per new Google updates.

Essential Content Dos Per New Google Update

It is compulsory to maintain and improve the site’s visibility by staying up to date with the new algorithms. Otherwise, you will not get the desired outcomes and will end up with your plans. Some helpful content Dos are present in the under-section. You must implement them for better performance.

1 – Audit Your Website 

Firstly, you should audit your website thoroughly to learn more about the content you want to remove from your site. Research your website completely to find the areas, such as pages, posts, and articles to identify poorly written content. In this way, you will have an idea of the significant changes you need to make in real-time. It also reduces your efforts by directing you to improve the stale or unhelpful content only.

2 – Create Quality Content

Next, you need to produce high-quality content relevant to your topic and resonate with the main theme of the topic in an engaging style. No matter how many backlinks you have, content is still the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. Google’s new updates have also prioritized that websites will offer valuable information to users. That’s why you should create content that best fits user intent and answer the questions to their queries. Additionally, you should look forward to incorporating multimedia elements, like images, videos, and infographics, to optimize the user experience.

3 – Monitor Keywords

Keywords are the main trump card that helps you rank higher in the search engines. You must greatly focus on them while writing your content to integrate them in the right place so the bots will quickly recognize them to rank your post higher in the SERP. Also, you need to monitor the competition on the integrated keywords to see if you can rank for the desired one. If it features a great difficulty, you need to discard it to maintain a perfect balance between the site’s authority and ability to rank in Google.

4 – Structured Data Markup

Structured Data Markup

Structure data markup is another important thing, according to recent Google updates. It helps you rapidly grow your website to help search engines understand the context of your site. Furthermore, it helps you appear in rich search results, like featured snippets, knowledge panels, etc. Properly structured data can enhance your site’s visibility and click-through rates by allowing users to reach you even with the help of voice search. You only need to optimize your content as per the criteria mentioned above. 

5 – Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed also matters when you want to rank at the top of search engine results. Otherwise, you will not be able to surpass your competitors. As per new Google updates, your content must be optimized with the latest criteria and load in no time to ensure minimal time wastage. The main purpose of this update is to enhance the user’s experience on the world’s largest search engine. You must add small-sized images or videos to your content to maintain the high page loading speed.

6 – Update Content Regularly

Lastly, you must regularly update your content to optimize it according to the current standards. Further, audit it regularly and follow these mentioned dos every day. It will not only improve your insights but also set your tone to work regularly for better outcomes. However, you need to be careful when updating your content. Make sure that the updated articles depict the same ideas and resonate with the central theme of the information. So, the visitors will find the same knowledge in an enhanced manner.

Content Don’ts Per New Google Update

In the following section, we have enlisted critical content Don’ts. You must avoid them to meet the new updates of Google for higher rankings.

1 – Keyword Stuffing

Adding essential and targeted keywords to your content is crucial. Nevertheless, you must avoid stuffing your articles or blog posts by using them in a large number. Google’s new updates revealed that this strategy will no longer be effective in helping you rank in the search results. 

2 – Duplicate Content

The next don’t, according to new updates, is that you must not post the same content again and again on your site. Google now captures duplicate content to maintain uniqueness for a better user experience. Therefore, if you have multiple articles on the same topic, you should remove them.

3 – Purchasing Links

In the recent past, people tended to buy the backlinks on their high-end posts to rank them in the results. But Google is now stringent regarding its policies and has started penalizing websites suspected of purchasing the links from high-authority sites.

4 – Neglect Analytics

Neglecting analytics is another critical don’t per new updates. You must work through data-driven insights to find the best direction to work in. As a result, you will take your experience to an advanced level. Follow the analytics properly alongside the metrics of the search console.

Final Verdicts

The online world is expanding readily, and it is compulsory for website owners to adapt themselves to the latest Google updates to take their site up in the rankings. Otherwise, you will not get the desired outcomes. To help you throughout your journey, we have enlisted the essential Do’s and Don’ts in this guide. By understanding and following them, you can direct yourself to generate helpful content that best suits your audience’s requirements. Also, it indicates to Google that you are following the latest standards, helping you surpass your competitors by reaching the top position.

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